Nokia Flash Lab offers support an guidance to flash or root mobile phones. We provide various custom firmwares and step by step procedure to help one flash a phone successfully. The archives contains a vast collection of custom firmwares developed by various enthusiasts for the wide range of phones starting from Symbian Series 1 to latest Windows operating systems.

The site is an ultimate destination for  all mobile phone users and especially those who love to play with their phones. We help you not only tangle with the normal applications and memory but also go deep into rom level tweaking and altering the basic attributes and principles on which your phone work.

However , we have concentrated on Nokia phones until now, we are looking to further our reach and fame. We are trying and developing expertise in various other streams like Android, iOS and Blackberry these days. So it is not gonna be a surprise if you see those custom ROMs here tommorrow.

We also appreciate and support brilliant minds coming forward with new ideas and contributions. 


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