Tuesday 19 February 2013

Custom Firmware: RM- 609 Nokia E6 Belle Refresh Updated

Nokia E6-00 v3 - 111.140.58 -Belle Refresh Enhanced by Luna Updated

I have made a custom firmware for the Nokia E6-00.

Important: I have just updated the firmware, if you have the second version please update for the ultimate experience. If you have the old version and want to know the differences; fixed issue were n9 fonts disappear after reboot, removed quickoffice ms office and languages,added theme effects base pack so you can install custom effects from E:, added an awesome theme effect enabled by default

This time I think I got it right so I won't update the firmware unless a very interesting mod comes out or a new OFW from Nokia.

To be on the safe side in terms of App checks and updates, I have taken great effort to ensure that the version information is identical to original firmware so there is no "Created with Nokia Cooker" or anything when you press *#0000


##Usability and Customisability improvements##
Hacked (Latest installserver for Belle Refresh)
Send protected files like signed sis files via bluetooth.
Music Folder Search
Disabled OVI signin after flash
Custom log age setting
Kinetic Scrolling
Reboot from menu
LED Notification (Charge light blinks instead of D-pad for notifications)
Profile Name editing
Metadata editing (Edit Album, artist etc in music player)
tactile feedback (3 short vibrations when call picked or dropped)
Browser Download Resume after close
Camera Sound Off even if you have a non Europe handset (Normally camera sound can only be disabled on Europe variants)
Read Theme effects from E:/effects for custom effects

##Performace / Energy Saving#
UI Speed boost (reduce delay and increase max cpu usage from 70% to 90%)
Battery Saver mod
Keylock vibration off
No boot animation (Disables handshake animation resulting in fast startup)

Using Meteor effects by Jin Hao by default
Theme effects on like default. (Normally all belle phones have it on except e6)
n9 fonts

#Space Saving#
Only English and French present
Remove QuickOffice
Remove F Secure
Remove Vlingo
Remove Microsoft Apps
Remove MS Lync
Remove MS Shared
Remove MS Communicator
Email cache to E:
Browser Cache to E:
Around 320mb free space on C:

Note: Dolby mod and Gallery search mod were not included. Dolby causes voice recognition, notification and camera sounds to not work. Gallery search disables searching non camera folders and makes it difficult to chose wallpapers etc.


Install an office suite like Quickoffice 6 or Pixel Smart Office on drive E
Install a fast PDF reader like PDF Eagle or use Pixel Smart Office as PDF reader
If you love the Anna theme on the e6 like me, search for the mignight silver theme and use that.
Remove excess homescreens for better battery life and less memory usage E.g Email widget is not really needed as E6-00 has an email button on keyboard.
Use attached Blackbery Bold Wallpapers I found.
Use Battery Info for E Series widget for a rather accurate battery monitor.
Avoid installing stuff on C: when they are compatible on E:
Do not install Microsoft Apps Update.

Note: Normally theme effects are off by default on E6 firmware, this is because they increase loading time because of the e6 has a higher resolution but same cpu and gpu as n8. With this firmware however theme effects are fast enough even on the E6.

Posted screenshots of my homescreens arrangement later but note that my firmware looks exactly like stock except for n9 fonts. The "Belly Jean" theme has been applied to the phone.
Flash with Phoenix preferably with Refurbish

Thank You Guys... Happy Flashing...

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