Friday 26 April 2013

Custom Firmware: RM- 505 Nokia N97 Galaxy Nexus CFW by Adodade

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N97 RM-505 Galaxy Nexus CFW + New Anna Icons BY Abdodade

The most important new features of the Software:
1 - We have successfully added browser Nokia browser v7.3.1.31
2 - Added new Nokia Email is a wonderful work of making sure
3 - deleted all Nokia Themes and add a Theme
Galaxy Nexus + New Anna Icons
Should you like too.
4 - has been added Menu Switch to change the existing 3X4 and 4X4's and 5X4 made the situation with the horizontal is always fixed on the 6X2
5 - Added Rom patcher program did you see it internally before
6 - make transparent widget with the ability to delete time
7 - has been added Swipe to unlock
8 - to people who complain that the phone connection Balent automatically ...... Added Patch Lock internet and also other patches .
9 - Hdv Nokia store for the program that it is better to download was added after the soft Download Link Albroosr
10 - Added Arabic language with full support for full keyboard and mini full thing was frankly tired. But it was necessary to do without the FM transmitter from my Zjhh does not have any interest at all.

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Custom Firmware: RM- 807 Nokia 808 Modified FW Updated v5.1 by PVN913

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Nokia 808 RM-807 (113.010.1508) - Modified v5.1 By PVN913 (Update 10/01/2013)

I made this cfw to my specifications. If you share this anywhere or posting a modified version of this cfw please don't forget to give credits to me and all the people I have mentioned here.

Change-log v5.1:

- Removed unwanted Startup items from Ecom files.
- Fixed the lag issues.

Change-log v5:

- Based on 113.010.1508
English and Hindi Only

- 295+ MB Free RAM On Boot.
- 650+ Mb Free on C Drive (More free space on UDA If your using a cleaned UDA)
- Anna Notification Widget Added
- A lot of Toggle Widgets, Clocks and Splash screen are modified
- Dark Background for Keyboard (Now even In landscape mode)
- Evolve Pro Edition Theme (Many custom Icons) set as Default. Source:Evolve Qt 3.0 for Fp2 by SLAYER33 and Drop Down Items from MeeGo by Blade
- Music Player, Animation and Slideshow screensavers added from N8.
- Theme Effects are off by Default (Copy from z:\resource\effects to C:\resource\Effects & Reboot to enable)
- Theme effects location C:\resource\Effects
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Sunday 21 April 2013

Custom Firmware: RM- 675 Nokia C7 Euro3 Awakening Refresh v5.2 Updated

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Nokia C7 RM-675 111.40.1511 Euro3 Awakening V5 Refresh | Update 03.02.2013 v5.2

Updated the Awakening! 
Release: 111.40.1511 RM-675 EURO3
CUSTOME VERSION: S^3.1 Enigma Awakenint v5

Changelog 5.1:

Nokia - Original S ^ 3
Marco Belina - Nokia Cooker
freaxs_r_us, Strategist, Coderus, Taylor, Schklan, Kalininvs, iextras7, dhdesigner, Ancel, Wook, Caren, Alexandro aka esc10sive
and many others!!!!!!!

Language list:

25 Czech
01,d English
03 German
17 Hungaryan
27 Polish
37 Arabic

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Custom Firmware: RM- 697|815|816 Nokia C5-03|C5-05|C5-06 DM FINAL PRO Mod

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Nokia c5-03| C5-05|c5-06 v23 - DM FINAL 24.02.2013 PRO|MODv2.4 ^_^

24.02.2013 PRO|MOD c5-03| c5-03.2 |C5-05|c5-06 v23 NOW Release!
(Coolest & fastest CFW for Symbian )

1. green light charging rectified by me (for 356 only)2. gallery junk fix by me
3. busy circle mod change by me
4. pop up sliding txt changed by me
5. startup animation changed by me
6. start up image changed by me
7. change font to benguiat font modded by me
8. change default mpc (thanks to tol zetzu for base)
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Thursday 18 April 2013

Custom Firmware: RM- 807 Nokia 808 Pure-view Final by ivo777

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808 PureView RM-807 113.010.1508 FINAL by ivo777 [13.01.2013]

This is my Custom Firmware for Nokia 808 PureView RM-807 Firmware 113.010.1508 Nokia Belle Feature Pack 2.

Full Changelog [13.01.2013]:

1. Phone and writing languages:English and Bulgarian only
2. Cleaned UDA:all pre-installed apps without Nokia Maps,Ovi Store and Video Pro
3. Free memory in C - 640MB!!!
4. Free RAM - more than 300MB!!!
5. Tactitle feedback in calls
6. Added MemCheck application
7. Active Diverts Notes in calls is disabled
8. Theme effects is disabled
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Custom Firmware: RM- 356|625|588 Nokia 5800|5233|5230 PRO MOD v2.4 with N97 elements

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2-24-13 RM-356|625|588-=PRO|MODv2.4=- CFW v60c6 port w/ n97 elements

thanks to ALL the members of the FB group (Symbian Touch Screen (s60v5 and s'3) users Tambayan) where i am a member and admin. thanks guyzz for boosting up my knowledge in terms modification. you help me a lot in this release guyzzz! 

how to install:

1. reformat c:/ via *#7370#

2. delete e:/data

*now flash using my flash file****DO NOT TICK FACTORY RESET IN JAF**

***FOR RM-356 v2.4***
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Tuesday 16 April 2013

Custom Firmware: RM- 774 Nokia 701 Decent Belle by 777

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Nokia 701-Rm-774-v111.020.0307-Decent Belle V.3.1 by friend777[24.10.2011]

First Nokia-701 Decent Belle V.2.1 with only installserver.exe added version.

This version is tested on my Nokia 701 silver

This uda file is from updated version RM-774 111.020.0307 with added installserver.exe for installing unsigned apps.

Special thanks to CodeRus for installserver.exe

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Monday 15 April 2013

Custom Firmware: RM- 596 Nokia N8 Vir Belle Refresh v1.1 by Viral

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Nokia N8 RM-596 Vir Belle Refresh v1.1 (111.040.1511) By Viral316 [3-10-2012]

CFW For Nokia N8 [RM-596]
Vir Belle Refresh v1.1 [111.040.1511]
Cooked Firmware Based on Nokia Belle Refresh v111.040.1511
Note Update Link Without Backup And Restore Please Download It And Replace it With Older One

Catalog For Vir Belle Refresh v1.1 :

-5 Page Symbols in Messageing
-New Comic Font
-New Meego Style Conversation By Cahjoss
-Backup and Restore Apps From Delight By nicesoni_ash Removed
nicesoni_ash wanted to remove this from this cfw
May be in next update i will put my own
-22 New Equalizer Added (14 are my own creation)
-VPN And Small DLAN Widgets Added
-12 Hour Clock By Default
-Some New Apps Are Added
-Menu Arrengment Little Chang
-Domainserver add to rompatcher (i forgot to add in v1.0)

Catalog For Vir Belle Refresh v1.0 :

- English Language Only
- Homescreen Setting and Arrangment [Max HS-100]
- More icon in power button with reboot
- Browser cache to E
- 4 page message symbols
- custome Profile [rename all profile names]
- New Camera Settings
- Hindi language For Nokia Dict.
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Sunday 14 April 2013

Custom Firmware: RM- 356 Nokia 5800 DayLight 11 based on C6-00 port

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{UPDATED}Nokia 5800 RM356 v60 DAYLIGHT 11 based on C6-00 port v42 by Paul Vity


Daylight CFW 11 New Edition Nokia 5800v60, 5530V40/Port C6v42
Major improvements in this CFW:

New Mod-speed increases to 600 Mhz CPU, thanks to vova1609.
With this new mod, which does not affect at all on the phone, the CPU runs faster and helps applications, games open faster, like folders and Navigation, I amazed how quickly the phone with this CFW and not false, this tried and tested by me on my own phone.
-Mod to improve system performance, helping to get more free RAM for demanding apps and making the phone more fluid.
-Appearance Belle almost to the Belle itself with app Belle topbar (Autoinstaller), clock with new skins Belle and Belle Navibar Symbian.
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Saturday 13 April 2013

Custom Firmware: RM- 670 Nokia 700 Belle FP2 Pure Edition II by SymbianFan

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Nokia 700 RM-670 - Belle FP2 PURE Edition II by SymbianFan (updated 05-03-2013)

PURE Edition II


Menu & optics:
icons for internet and navigation changed (see screenshot!)
icons in logs colored (see screenshot!)
BugFix: unwanted folder in menu can you now delete
startup animation changed (Now: S60 logo Animation)

Mods added in c:\data\.Mods\:
Multimenu 3.4.1

Java Permission by Coderus

Default date is 05.03.2013 after a refurbish flash or hardreset

rofs2 increased of 4 mb
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Friday 12 April 2013

Custom Firmware: RM- 596 Nokia N8 Xtension Belle Beta 1.1 Updated

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Nokia N8,RM-596 - Xtension Belle | beta 1.1 available for download

Welcome to official Xtension Belle - Release Board
I am sure many of you have tried out Xtension CFWs that were available for S60v5 models (specially Nokia 5800)
This is my next release of Xtension which is for Symbian^3 (Symbian Belle, RM-596, Nokia N8)
Xtension Belle - Simplicity Matters
A firmware designed to be simple. Open source. All modifications on just a 4.07 MB rofs3 file. UDA is absolutely not required.
A firmware designed to be powerful. All possible modifications to increase performance and mods are added along with important customizations. I have removed any mod that causes lag or slowdowns. Try it. have a look.

Beta 1.1

1. Minimum graphical changes added.
2. Total performance boost with all *important mods required for day to day functioning.
3. Minimum number of apps added
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Thursday 11 April 2013

Custom Firmware: RM- 697 Nokia C5-03 OFW Reinvented Belle Shell Beta

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Nokia c5 03 RM 697 - OFW ReInvEnteD -Belle Shell^beta !!!!!

note : this CFW replaces default homescreen and menu with BELLE SHELL.
since belle shell is a paid app you will have to BUY IT FROM HERE

*well all usual bla bla........... stuff like ram cache change, gui acceleration , edited starters, smooth KS etc etc are present(not all though as you can simply add many of those cenrep mods to c:\ and restart for them to take effect)
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Wednesday 10 April 2013

Custom Firmware: RM- 807 Nokia 808 Belle FP2 Awakening 8 Updated by M4C35

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Nokia 808 RM-807 113.010.1508 Belle FP2 Awakening 8 By M4C35 [03.12.13 !UPDATE!]

Belle Awakening 8.2 Feature Pack 2

I uploaded a music player update, which is the Metadata contains edit mode and 

1. In your phone, make a backup of the file manager as contacts, messages, bookmarks and
Calendar events.
2. Download the file, unzip it and copy the Phoenix \ Products \ RM-807 folder.
Copy it to the rest of FW files except the old Rofs3!
3. Connect your phone to NokiaSuite mode.
Start the Phoenix, choose the USB connection, and then File-> Scan Product, when
finished, you can click on the Flash-> Firmwareupdate, you should select the firmware, 
click Options, and delete the EMMC file and click OK.
Then click on UPDATE!
If everything is successful, then the phone settings before the update, start keeping!
Now you can enjoy even bigger freedom it provides for Symbian 
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Friday 5 April 2013

Custom Firmware: RM- 807 Nokia 808 v3.1.1 Updated

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Nokia 808 RM-807 (113.010.1508) by huellif v3.1.1 [22/02/2013]

I provide my CFW for Nokia 808 with offical FP2 (113.10.1508.01.01), product code 059M7J6.
It's working fine and it's completly tested by me.

Changelog v3.0:
- English and German only (I cleaned out really everything)
- added Installserver_log
- added Rompatcher 3.1 FP2 (all possible patches are in e:\patches)
- added some mods to c:\data\mods
- EnableDefaultThemeEffects.sis
- MifPatch.sis
- Nokia Big Screen 10.03(2).sis
- Quickrestart_incl0MOD.sis
- SIS Editor v2.00.sisx
- SIS Editor v2.01.sisx
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Wednesday 3 April 2013

Custom Firmware: RM- 675 Nokia C7 K2^jadhav by led forEver Updated

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Nokia C7 RM-675 K2^jadhav by led For Ever os

Nokia-C7-K2^Jadhav software version 111.040.1511

All mod's working are perfectly
language: English

Final Updated v3.2 [19/10/2012]
#avkon2 Changed 611 Items.

#Toggle class Skin by Kang Sha
White Font:-Calendar,Notes,E-mail,RSS Feed.

#MeeGo style with avatar Conversation.
-Put your avatar images in e:/resource/avatars/ with following rules:
*The avatars must be in .jpg format.
*Size of jpg image can be any, but I recommend to 64px x 64px.
*Name the image same as contact name.
*For your own avatar, name it as "me.jpg".
*If you changes the avatar images to new one, restart phone to take effect.
Rofs2+Rofs3 Downloaded and flash (New user downloaded All files)
Updated v1.0 to v3.1
#Domainserver added to rompatcher.
#Evolve Qt 2.8.2 Theme Default.

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