Monday 31 December 2012

Custom Firmware: RM- 625 | 588 Nokia 5233 | 5230 Affection MT 4.2

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Nokia 5233 - Nokia 5230 - Affection-MT updated to 4.2 aka IMT 4.2

Nokia Affection-MT, the fastest CFW for Nokia 5233 and Nokia 5230/5235 phones is updated to version 4.2.

Here are highlights of Nokia Affection-MT
All common mods
No Belle navi bar#
Center Text

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Sunday 30 December 2012

Custom Firmware: RM- 596 Nokia N8 Pro Edition v8 Final updated

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Nokia N8 Pro Edition V8 Final 111.040.1511 (2012.08.31)

Refresh V8 Final!

-Search name in phone number fixed.
-Radio widget fixed.
-Slideshow screensaver fixed.
-Connect Nokia Suite, Phone drive name: Phone memory fixed.

Nokia Evolve theme not compatible old Belle!


Marco Bellino Nokia Cooker
CodeRUS - A lots of mods..
Sklchan - Few cenrep mods
Ancelad - Tactile Feedback and few other mods.
andrenlsbr - Effects.

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Saturday 29 December 2012

Custom Firmware: RM- 807 Nokia 808 113.010.1507 by huelif v2.9.2 updated


Nokia 808 RM-807 (113.010.1507) by huellif v2.9.2 [18/12/2012]

I provide my CFW for Nokia 808 with offical FP2 (113.10.1507.01.01), product code 059M956.

It's working fine and it's completly tested my german forum (, thanks to the users and testers.
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Friday 28 December 2012

Custom Firmware: RM- 807 Nokia 808 The One Reloaded v3.4.0 updated

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Nokia 808 RM-807 The One Reloaded v3.4.0 (18.12.2012)

This is my Custom Firmware for the Nokia 808!

You will find all informations about Mods and the base version I used in the Changelog.

I was aiming for a slim and fast version, without loosing the touch of the original one.
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Thursday 27 December 2012

Custom Firmware: RM- 718 | 601 Nokia C6-01 The Black

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Nokia C6-01 RM-718 & RM-601 111.040.1511-"The Black"-(4-12-2012)

C6-01 RM-718 & RM-601 Belle Refresh(111.040.1511) CFW "The Black" (4-12-2012) By me.

I have tested RM-718.
Please someone test RM-601 for me and reply.

Details and Changelog
Nokia C6-01 RM-718 & RM-601
Custom Firmware
The Black
Belle Refresh(111.040.1511)
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Wednesday 26 December 2012

Custom Firmware: RM- 555 Nokia N97 mini Super Final

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Nokia N97 Mini RM-555 CFW C6v20 SUPER FINAL by nxhoang90-Bug Fixes,Fastest...

Fix some bugs and Add more Mod:
+ Fix charging usb via cable PC
+ Fix Compass
+ Fix key mapping Symbol 

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Custom Firmware: RM- 596 Nokia N8 Greek Belle Refresh Slimlight

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N8 RM-596 GREEK Belle Refresh 111.040.1511 SlimLight & SlimModed v2 01.09.12  

Greek Belle Refresh 111.040.1511

Slim Moded v2 !!!!! 01/09/12

- Notification Widget FIXED
- Comms Launcher Added ( New favorite contacts launcher )
- New toggle widgets
- Metadata Song mp3 EDITING
- EQ presets AND EDITING !!!
- Landscape screen added
- No menu button light removed
- Nokia Panorama added
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Sunday 23 December 2012

Saturday 22 December 2012

Custom Firmware: RM- 356 Nokia 5800 PRO|MOD v2


RM-356 -=PRO|MODv2=- CFW v60 c6 port w/ n97 elements 18.dec.2012

*BOOT animation, images and sounds*
all in e:/nevar27/boot

phone memory = 76mb-78mb
ram = 56-58mb

114.99mb disk partition
port of c6 with n97 elements and repartition by me

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Friday 21 December 2012

Custom Firmware: Rm- 555 Nokia N97 Mini v30 SCL^5

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Nokia N97 Mini | RM-555 | v30 | SCL^5 | 12 Languages Available

This is the 5th Release of SCL Firmware for Nokia N97 Mini (RM-555) based on the Official Firmware 30.0.4.
Tested by me (Nokia N97 Mini | RM-555 | Arabic).
MODS carefully selected to cater SPEED!


English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Polish, Arabic, Tagalog, Estonian, Greek, Vietnamese

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Thursday 20 December 2012

Custom Firmwares: RM- 356 Nokia 5800 v60.0.003 Optimist by Gaurav

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[UPDATE][6-6-2012]Nokia 5800 v60.0.003 | RM-356 ONLY! | Optimist| by gaurav_24

Here comes the Beast(Updated)
Touch sense improved feel the change and be amazed

Fall In Love With Your 5800
Here i present my cfw based on ofw for nokia 5800 v60
Amazingly fast + Awesome Performance

Start-up optimized 
Greatest and exclusive mods(with respect to modders)
Ram at startup-75~78mb
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Wednesday 19 December 2012

Tuesday 18 December 2012

Custom Firmware: RM- 807 Nokia 808 Euro1 113.010.1507 Belle FP2 Awakening 7

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[UPDATE 12.17]Nokia 808 RM-807 Euro1 113.010.1507 Belle FP2 Awakening 7 By M4C35

Belle Awakening 7 Feature Pack 2 [Donna]

The Nokia 808 CFW RM-807 113.10.1507 Euro1 Belle fw-FP2 version is built.

Thank you: Nokia, Marco Bellini, Strategist, Chris Joshlog, iExtrax7, Coderus, dcdarbar, nicesoni_ash, syarmwawa, SkullATOS, iChris701, M4C35


Changes of V.: 7.3:

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Custom Firmware: RM- 356|588|625 Nokia 5800|523x|5228 FeelIt v5.1

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Nokia 5800/523x/5228 - RM-356/588/625 - C6 v20 | FeelIt^5.1 : 100% bug-free FW!

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Monday 17 December 2012

Custom Firmware: RM- 356 Nokia 5800 v60 Xperience v5 by FurCom

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Nokia 5800 v60 | C6-00 v41 | RM-356 ONLY! | Xperience v5 | by FuRCoM | [!FIXED!]

This is a CFW wich looks like original Firmware but feels like a CFW, because i haven't added any Custom Splash-/Shutdown screen, Cutom themes, etc... This CFW is fully modded, fast, stable and with lot of new functions and extras !!! I hope you'll like it and have fun with it 

And it is bugless !!!! 

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Sunday 16 December 2012

Custom Firmware: RM- 469 Nokia E52 v80.003 final by Aftab

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[CFW] RM-469 E52 81.003 Final BY Aftab Khatri (+100MB phone Memory)

Major Changes

+ Contact Bar (Working Images ON HS)
+ Orange HS (Total 6 HS)
+ Nokia Theme Old + New
+ Lite Theme Effect
+ Installserver in ROM (Permanent Hack)
+ JAVA Apps & Games Always Allow

Apps Integrated

+ RP+ 3.1(with working auto-start)
(39 Working Patches...Like c2z,e2z,Call beep Off,Mega bass, Noclear log,More Symbol,Save Clipboard After Reboot, etc....)
+ ShutDown-Restart
+ MemCheck
+ OpLogoChanger
+ Rotate me 1.5 (Repacked)
+ Nokia Store Latest
+ Nokia File Browser


+ Gallery Mod
+ Music Player Mod
+ 5800 Audio Codecs
+ Menu Can Rename or Anything
+ BlueTooth Can Send All Files
+ Browser Cache to 'E'
+ Cache Optimization
+ SWI Policy Modified
+ Call-waiting on Default
+ Caller ID Display Number And Name
+ Camera Save Ram
+ Battery Increased
+ Improvement in CPU, Graphic, Gaming Improved
+ Startup Sound Changed Like C5-5MPX
+ Filemanager Extra Function(Like Private Folder etc)
+ Default Call Volume Full
+ Delivery Reports On
+ Disable Nokia SMS at Boot
+ Hindi Lang For Dictionary
+ Improved Heap Size
+ Disable Fota
+ 999 Sent Message
+ Real player icon changes with themes
+ Reject call with sms off
+ Resume broken download
+ Silent pics when warning tones off
+ Summary after call
+ WIFI more sensitive
+ Memory Card Icon ON
+ Audio Recording Improved
+ Installation Like S^3
+ Unique Splash of Shutdown And Startup

+ Many Changes That I've Forgot

100MB Phone Memory
57MB Ram After Boot

Flash only with core and uda delete other files from phoenix in options

For More Detail Visit My blog



Thank You Guys... Happy Flashing...
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Saturday 15 December 2012

Custom Firmware: RM- 750 Nokia 500 UPM Belle Refresh updated

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Nokia 500 RM-750 UPM BELLE REFRESH CFW v111.021.0028 [V4.0 updated on 16/11/12]

- language: English
- improvement: mods, widgets, and some apps
- based from belle refresh v111.021.0028
- credit to widget designers for the cool customized widgets
- credit to Asad Ali for helping me modding my CFW
- credit to modders for the cool mods that I used in this CFW
- thanks to kartik and syarmwawa for the cool mods and widgets
- refer to this topic for flashing guide
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Friday 14 December 2012

Custom Firmware: RM- 612 Nokia C6-00 v42 Topaz v2 Updated

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Nokia C6-00v42 [RM-612] ToPaZv2 -Belle and Non Belle versions![Updated!]


Thanks to arpanshukla17 , paarthdesai for always being there when needed and Excel for beta testing.
symbianize legend
[ For his awesome Nitro cfw]
[ For C6-00 v42 port]
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Thursday 13 December 2012

Custom Firmware: RM- 750 Nokia 500 Horcrux v2.1 by Tiqs


Nokia 500 - RM-750 - Symbian Horcrux V2.1 by Tiqs - Belle Refresh[ENGLISH ONLY]

If you have files of Symbian Horcrux V1/V1.1 already then you can use:
-Same CORE for flashing because NO changes are made in V2 CORE.
-Same UDA for flashing because only some rompatcher patches are added in V2 UDA.
-Who are flashing with Symbian Horcrux first time should use all files to flash.

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Wednesday 12 December 2012

Custom Firmware: RM- 588|625|356|559|504 Nokia 523x|5800|X6|5530 Protocol^1

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Nokia 523x,5800,x6,5530 - All RMs - Protocol^1 based on N97v30

CFW Name: Protocol^1
CFW Creator: AbhiTheRacer
Team Protocol: Pushkar Dua,Rushi1607, Makwanamilan96, PalikOn
Model : Nokia 5233, 5230,5800,X6,5530
Supported RM's : RM-625, RM-588,RM-356,RM-559,RM-504
Base Firmware : N97V30.0.004
Languages Present : English Only

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Tuesday 11 December 2012

Custom Firmware: RM- 718 Nokia C6-01 Belle Refresh 111.040.1511 Flawless

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[ NEW ]Nokia C6-01 Belle Refresh 111.040.1511 Flawless CFW [ Fast,Basic,Stable ]

i made a cfw for a faster & smoother belle refresh are the mods & tweaks i apply to it
- rompatcher added and installserver included to core,it's auto hacked ( all patches working fine)
- fm radio and music player sounds increased (use changesoundparameters patch)
- Fp1 keyboard & multi task added
- Tactile feedback & kinetic scrolling added
- Sound recording on high quality mode added
- music player become volume heap 100 32 mb cache 
- customize mod for music file details added
- wi-fi sensitivity mode added
- Equalizer mode added (you can customize how you want)
- all languages are removed (except Turkish and English)
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Monday 10 December 2012

Custom Firmware: RM-596 Nokia N8 Epis Belle v1.3 Belle Refresh

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Nokia N8 RM-596 (Belle Refresh) - Epis Belle V1.3  

This is my CFW for Nokia Belle Refresh namely Epis Belle.
DO NOTE that this CFW is English only.
Thanks to Freaxs_r_us cause I use his CFW as a base..
The Firmware has (+-) 215MB free space on C:\ 

RM-596 Nokia N8
Custom Firmware
Epis Belle
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Sunday 9 December 2012

Saturday 8 December 2012

Custom Firmware: RM- 356 Nokia 5800 v007 v101 v60 STEALTH Reloaded

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Nokia 5800 RM-356 v007 v101 v60 STEALTH^RELOADED

CFW Name: Stealth^Reloaded
CFW Creator: Leftrand
Model : Nokia 5800
Supported RM's : RM-356
Supported Version : V52.0.007 V52.0.101 V60.0.003
Base Firmware : N97v30
Languages Present : English+Indonesia

- Default theme uses STEALTH^2
- All Lags in Menu removed
- Optimized to run fast and smooth (Tweaked Kinetic Scrolling in Menu)
Not very fast but not slow as to keep more battery.
- Videos and TV folder edited to "VideoTV"
- 3x4-3x5-4x4-4x5 Grid in Potrait (Just press menu switch to change)
- No scroll bar at menu by Drakulaboy
- 6x2 N8 landscape layout for Menu
- 4x5 potrait as default
- Mixed Belle navibar 
- Fake 5G/LTE Signal icon by wzx11 

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Friday 7 December 2012

Custom Firmware:RM- 356 Nokia 5800 TRINITY based OFW Stealth Reloaded

No comments :


Phone : Nokia 5800
RM support : RM-356
Product versions : V52.0.007 v52.0.101 v60.0.003
Language Present : English And Indonesian

Credit to PNHT for everything
Binh24: For C6-Ports 
LPHS, Team 008Rohit n Envy team for making the C6-Structure for OFW
Upakul for his mod
BLAZE for his mod
And all DM modder
Sorry if i miss some of them

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Thursday 6 December 2012

Custom Firmware: RM- 697|816 Nokia C5-03|C5-06 Excellent Mod v2 v23

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Nokia C5-03 RM-697 v.23 and C5-06 RM-816 v.23 Excellent Mod v.2.0 by igor302

Integrated applications:
• RomPatcher + 3.1
• Conversations
• MemCheck
• Kill Me
• Autoinstaller
• In the folder E\ThinkChange\E such programs:
- Opera Mini Next
- DzMuiscKey
• domainRp
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Wednesday 5 December 2012

Custom Firmware: RM 588|356|625 Nokia 5230|5235|5233|5228|5800 DARKmoon^1 [Released Final Fixed]

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Nokia 5230\5235\5233\5228\5800-RM-588,356,625- DARKmoon^1 [Released Final Fixed]

Immortal Yash for his help
apex666 for his splashscreen 

Performance Upgrades:
- Highly Increased Application/Gaming frame rates
- Increased Response Rate (Now touchscreen will be more responsive)
- CPU frames render was increased.This will result in a smooth phone experience.
- Graphical Complexity reduced. Performance Booster without any side effects.
- Music Player response highly increased (Instantly pauses/plays on clicking the buttons)
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Tuesday 4 December 2012

Custom Firmware: RM- 774 Nokia 701 FP2 Clean and Original 113.010.1506 NEW UPDATES

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Nokia701 RM-774 FP2 (113.010.1506)NEW UPDATES :Clean & Original: By Mukesh

this is tested by me and found no bugs.
it has no personalize 
using all basic mod in this FW if you like my work then click on green arrow
Firmware Highlights
Core cleaned and it has no dummy files of rompatcher, symntech and unlock also.
Phone always hack ,, install serever into rof2
Change theme effect path from core U can use theme effect from e>resource>effect 
Change the charging light path to red light and battery low warning time to 15 sec.
camera improvements 
Call on Vibrate added and also Vibrat on Call waiting
No personal theme added 
No profile & bluetooth name change
Clean UDA only unused software removed 
KS very fast
New Equilizer mod and edit mod
install Rompatcher directly no need safe manager
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Sunday 2 December 2012

Custom Firmware: RM-697 Nokia C5-03 Revolve v23.0.015 Latin Moon Gold Final


[C5-03] Revolve v23.0.015 CFW Latin Moon Gold Final [09.16.2012]

Apps deleted:

Adobe Reader
Quick Office
My Nokia
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Saturday 1 December 2012

Custom Firmware: RM- 625|588|356|504 Nokia 523x|5800 PalikOn Black EditiOn

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Nokia 523x,5800 Rm-625,588,356,504 PalikOn Black EditiOn Based N97v30 Updated

CFW Name: PalikOn Black Edition (Feel The Speed)
CFW Creator: Qamar Ahmad (lOve stOne)
Model : Nokia 5233,5230,5800,5530
Supported RM's : RM-625,588,356,504
Base Firmware : N97v30
Release Date : 26-02-2012
Languages Present : English

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