Sunday 31 March 2013

Custom Firmware: RM- 612 | 624 Nokia C6-00 Belle & Non Belle Vs

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Nokia C6-00 RM-612|RM-624 -ToPaZ v3 Belle & Non-Belle versions!


Exclusive Modifications
- Pure QT integrated into cfw. [No conflicts with other applications]
- New Installserver by me. [No bugs whatsoever in installing Qt apps or Nokia drop]
- Python integrated in the cfw. [Run python apps from both drives]
- Myra Pro Fonts [Bold Support]
- Mixed icon pack. [Complete with colourful submenu icons and mailbox icon fixed]
- Working ovi maps after flash. [Updatable]
- Startup animation and sound after flash and also customizable.
- Completely new and bugless belle navigation bar.

-Smooth User Interface for heavy loading.
-Fast, Quick and Stable performance. [Even when the ram is low]
-Personally edited the starter files.[None of the necessary apps have been disabled]
-System cache moved to C:
-Frames rate per second improved
-Good battery life.
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Friday 29 March 2013

Custom Firmwares:RM-588|625|356|559 Nokia 523x|5800|X6 Blaze Lite/Vanilla

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Nokia 523x|5800|X6-RM-588|625|356|559-Blaze Lite/Vanilla- Project Files Released

CreditsPNHT: For building a platform, for the mods, for the apps, for Everything!
Binh24: For the C6-Ports and icon packs!
LPHS and Team Envy-Unleashed: For making the C6-Structured OFW!
Special thanks to: swapnilwajpe, deeps_17[/b] and all others, who helped in making and creating Blaze v2 a hit!
Mods: Upakul, NP, Alex393 and other Great Modders from DM
Special Thanks to Amarjit: For always supporting us!
Team Blaze Ultimate:
All those who contributed and DailyMobile Forum!

MAX RAM: 77.70 MB! - Highest Value ever recorded in the History of Nokia S60 v5 Touch!
Stable RAM after heavy usage: 68 MB
RAM Management in Blaze Lite(Thanks to aghavamol for the SS)
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Thursday 28 March 2013

Custom Firmware: Rm- 588 Nokia 5230 Photon New

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Nokia 5230 RM-588 Photon C6-05 ROFS2 based on C6 v41  

replace menu arrangement with 4v4
replace shutdown and restart with icon
replace rompatcher default icon
replace swipe to unlock with tap to unlock
replace notification with symbian anna style
latest Nokia Browser with bottom bar
video calling completely erased in menu
change theme effects
change font
removed open apps on menu

I used new core and rofs2 for RM-588 by binh24 and put the project files on the rofs2 folder and after that here is what i did...

Applications Removes:

welcome, my nokia, about, notes, ovi maps, here and now, ovi store, ovi music, ovi sync, ovi contacts
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Monday 25 March 2013

Custom Firmware: RM-429|356|504|594|559|551 Nokia 5800|5530|5230|X6 Symbian Anna

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Nokia5800/5530/5230/X6 RM428/356/504/594/559/551 Symbian Anna7.9 bySymbianlatino

This new version fixes all errors that we reported in the previous version, we updated all native applications to their latest version and after reading lots of documentation we present the best firmware we have created the most focused on the phone with a excellent handling of the RAM you will notice instantly, additionally you can enjoy all the features that have the new Nokia devices through the new Symbian v7.9 Anna.

New optimization of the RAM (Exclusive)
Modification of Symbian OOMonitor fixes several bugs in the handling of RAM (Exclusive)
Processor speed increased to 536 Mhz really (Exclusive)
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Saturday 23 March 2013

Custom Firmware: RM- 675 Nokia C7 Peace Belle by 4peace Updated


C7 - RM-675_111.040.1511-Peace™ Belle by 4peace

Peace ™ Belle Custom Firmware for the Nokia C7 by 4peace released on 04.01.2013
Keep simple as official firmware

* +430 free memory on C after flash
*All apps and mods will remain after a hard reset
*All widgets will be there even after a hard reset.
*Ability to remove first Home Screen if more than one Home Screen available
*Removed language files for English only
*Apps removed from startup
-phonebook, messaging, calendar, clock, log
*MyNokia is disabled
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Friday 22 March 2013

Custom Firmware: RM- 750 Nokia 500 UPM Belle Refresh Updated

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Nokia 500 RM-750 UPM BELLE REFRESH CFW v111.021.0028 [V4.0 updated on 16/11/12]

- language: English
- improvement: mods, widgets, and some apps
- based from belle refresh v111.021.0028
- credit to widget designers for the cool customized widgets
- credit to Asad Ali for helping me modding my CFW
- credit to modders for the cool mods that I used in this CFW
- thanks to kartik and syarmwawa for the cool mods and widgets

- Nokia bubbles integrated
- Nokia sleeping screen integrated - works best with lights on
- new theme

- based from Nokia Belle Refresh v111.021.0028
- new theme effects
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Thursday 21 March 2013

Custom Firmware:RM- 750 Nokia 500 DolBeat Muzik Edition Updated

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Nokia 500 RM-750 Dolbeat Muzik Edition(Limition Version)Released (Belle refresh) by Sourabh Nandan  

CHANGE LOG AND MODS Dolbeat Limiting
- My location widget (Very exclusive and highly demanded) 1st time in any cfw of nokiaa 500 this mod is present
- nokia bubble lockscreen (it is even better then fp2 lockscreen)(Exclusive)
- New and owesome splash screen(Exclusive)
- Music player sound modified Huge difference and easily notisable more perfect and accurate(Exclusive)
- 100 mb ram free
- Super fast cfw
- New and better theme effect
-Nokia belle fp1 multitasking
- UI improvements
- New Skin for coming next widget
- metadata is editable for mp3s
- start up optimized
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Wednesday 20 March 2013

Custom Firmware: RM- 675 Nokia C7 Delight Belle by nicesoni Updated

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C7 - PR3 - Delight Belle by nicesoni_ash - v5.2 released on 06.04.2012


-439+ MB free in C drive after flashing.
-EmulOFF v1.00 in CORE (Can be removed).
-RomPatcher+ 3.1 (Can be removed from application manager)
-Nokia Maps Suite v2.0 v3.00(95) (Only in English version)
-Check-In added as an extra component with Latest Maps.(It's not available in latest Nokia Maps) (Only in English version).
-New Mail application from Microsoft Business Apps bundle.
-Backup and Restore. A separate document is available for more explanation about it.
-New tool called Delight Resolver that will help you to sort out minor/major problems yourself. (It will also gives you an option to backup your registry so once you hard reset or flash your handset, your apps in E drive won't be gone). A separate document is available for more explanation about it.
-Guardian app (Free Edition) in CORE. Protection from removing it after a restart or even after a hard reset (called shadow copying, not available in official release). Also disabled checking for updates after 15 days (Restriction in Free Edition in official version) - For more info, check FAQ.
-Photo Editor and Video Editor (Moved to rofs)
-Nokia Ovi Maps (Moved to rofs)
-Shazam removed.
-Youtube Launcher removed.
-Topapps removed.
-Microsoft Communicator removed. 
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Tuesday 19 March 2013

Custom Firmware: RM- 675 Nokia C7 K2^jadhav Updated

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Nokia C7 RM-675 K2^jadhav by led For Ever os

Nokia-C7-K2^Jadhav software version 111.040.1511
All mod's working are perfectlylanguage: English

Final Updated v3.2 [19/10/2012]
#avkon2 Changed 611 Items.

#Toggle class Skin by Kang Sha
White Font:-Calendar,Notes,E-mail,RSS Feed.

#MeeGo style with avatar Conversation.
-Put your avatar images in e:/resource/avatars/ with following rules:
*The avatars must be in .jpg format.
*Size of jpg image can be any, but I recommend to 64px x 64px.
*Name the image same as contact name.
*For your own avatar, name it as "me.jpg".
*If you changes the avatar images to new one, restart phone to take effect.
Rofs2+Rofs3 Downloaded and flash (New user downloaded All files)

Updated v1.0 to v3.1
#Domainserver added to rompatcher.
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Sunday 17 March 2013

Custom Firmware: RM- 612 Nokia C6-00 v42 Topaz v2 Updated

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Nokia C6-00v42 [RM-612] ToPaZv2 -Belle and Non Belle versions![Updated!]

-Smooth User Interface for heavy loading.
-Fast, Quick and Stable performance. [Even when the ram is low]
-Personally edited the starter files.[None of the necessary apps have been disabled]
-System cache moved to C:
-Frames rate per second improved
-Good battery life.
-Very fast Screen Rotation.

General Modifications
-Extra Sensor settings - Tapping controls Added.
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Friday 15 March 2013

Custom Firmware: RM- 750 Nokia 500 Symbian Carla Updated

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Nokia 500 RM-750 - Symbian Carla CFW for 500 by zoleetag [UPDATE v2.0.1]

UPDATE! New Symbian Carla CFW for 500 - More smoother, more faster! UPDATE!

Symbian Carla CFW for Nokia 500 (111.021.0028)

v2.0.1 (Beta) - 04-09-2012
-based on: 111.021.0028
-English, Hungarian languages
-full hacked
-new task manager
-new music player without new Now Playing UI (Now Playing UI from the older music player version)
-new browser
-max. 10 homescreen
-Belle FP2 theme effects
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Thursday 14 March 2013

Custom Firmware: RM- 779 Nokia 603 Hazan Edition v4.1.1 Arabic version

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Nokia 603 FP2 Hazan Edition v4.1.1 [113.010.1506] - ARABIC VERSION ADDED!!!


It is ready. I hope you will like. Thanks to all modders for their works (Huellif, Somin.n, iChris701, G.L, Normas, Bhavin Gandhi and more)
I tried to make simple this CFW so i didn't use many mods.

Hazan Edition v4.1.1 release notes

(-)Belle Ghost removed
(-)Belle Joshlog Removed

(+)C: 495mb
(+)Added Installing apps when flash (MiniCMD)
***X-Plorer is installing E automatically (with some apps )

(+)Phyton Added
(+)Phyton apps added (Surprise )
(+)Matrix menu folder Icons fixed (Better then v4.0.1) (If you don't want to use Folder icons you have to delete resourceIcons folders and private\200113dd from Rofs3.)
(+) AVKON Cyan
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Wednesday 13 March 2013

Custom Firmware: RM- 675 Nokia C7 Euro3 Awakening Updated

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[Update 03.02.2013 v5.2!!]Nokia C7 RM-675 111.40.1511 Euro3 Awakening V5 Refresh

updated the Awakening!
Release: 111.40.1511 RM-675 EURO3
CUSTOME VERSION: S^3.1 Enigma Awakenint v5

Changelog 5.1: 
Nokia - Original S ^ 3
Marco Belina - Nokia Cooker
freaxs_r_us, Strategist, Coderus, Taylor, Schklan, Kalininvs, iextras7, dhdesigner, Ancel, Wook, Caren, Alexandro aka esc10sive
and many others!!!!!!!

Language list:
25 Czech 
01,d English
03 German
17 Hungaryan
27 Polish
37 Arabic
31 Chinese
57 Hebrew
18 Dutch
96 Vietnamese
-Animations folder added to Drive c:\data\Anim\
-Effects folder added to Drive e:(only copy your effect and activate theme effect)
-default light timeout 30 sec
-Added Xplore 1.58 (free)
-Added Tweaks 1.12
- C. drive 356 MB free space
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Tuesday 12 March 2013

Custom Firmware: RM- 596 Nokia N8 S^4 Xeon 3.4.1

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Nokia N8 RM-596 S^4 Xeon 3.4.1 (111.040.1511)

S^4 Xeon Cooked Firmware
Cooked Firmware based on Nokia Belle Official Version

Changelog 3.4.1
S^4 Xeon 3.4.1

111.040.1511 - S^4 Xeon 3.41 - 25/09/2012
-Update Reboot engine S&R 
-New patches per RP+
-New plugins TweakS
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Monday 11 March 2013

Custom Firmware: RM- 588|625 Nokia 5230|5233 GingerDust v2


Nokia 5230 / 5233 RM-588/625 GingerDust v2

ChangeLog:GingerDust v2 Change Log :

- 808 PureView Codecs By Djraz, Dolby Digital Ported From Belle FP2 By BladeFire.
- Unique GingerDust WallPaper Pack By Raunaq93.
- Completely Shortcut Bars mod By DjRaz. No Matter What Theme You Use, your Shortcut bars will always be Transparent
- Long hold 0 in dialer bring up BTSwitch instead of Browser.
- Better staticfeatures.dll
[523x] Removed video call, power switch button like OFW etc
- New RingTones
- Modded Anna Icons by Aky and BladeFire. Meego Style.
- Remodded installserver.exe to support Nokia Smart Installer
- Swipe HS Clean mod
- Better Menu Arrangement
- Belle Notification widget icon
- 3 Row qwerty instead of 4 row, as the latter reduces speed of typing.
- [523x] Replaced flash with video camera
- [523x] Blank Widget instead of WLan widget
- Default Theme : GingerDust v2 ( JellyBean Style)
- Tweaked starter*.rsc that results in better RAM management.
- New Startup and Shutdown screens By Raunaq93.
- All mediabar related issues are now completely fixed.
- New ROMPatcher Plus v3.1 integrated.
- ICS Dialer Icon
- Smileys support in messaging.
- Complete N8 Landscape By Symonk And Dan-av.

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Sunday 10 March 2013

Custom Firmware: RM- 588|625|356|504|612 Nokia 5230|5233|5800|5530|C6 Nitro Chrome by MAC

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Nitro Chrome CFW For Nokia 5800 V60 , 5233 V50 ,5230 V50 , 5530 V40 and C6 v41 | By Symbian MAC!

Amazing Cfw with Nitro Boots Speed and UI.
Nitro^™ Chrome for 5800v60, 5530v40, 5233v50, 5232v50, 5228v50, 5230v50 and C6-00 

Whats is New :-
Change Log_
-new input indicator on messaging
-ram 61mb
-ram after heavy usage = 50 to 56mb
-Perfect Shiny Anna and N9 icons
-integrated file browser
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Saturday 9 March 2013

Custom Firmware: RM- 356|551|588|559|625|684|504 Nokia 523x|C6|X6 Skyfire Redefined Updated


Nokia 523x/C6/X6 RM-356/551/588/559/625/684/504 SkyFire Redefined On>N97

Summary :This is a New Upgrade To SkyFire Belle CFW which is Now more Better in Performance and Good Looking CFW based On N97v30 (Binh24s Port) Which has All New Features Like QT FIX, No Smart Installer Error, All New Themes, A Closer Look To Belle OS and With Dolby Sound Effect…..
Hope You Will Like The new feature-rich SkyFire!

--Auto RAM Cache Management
--Smooth User Interface & Fast, Quick and Stable performance.
--Rectified Nearly Total Major System files.
--All Drives will load System Cache & With Increased Capacity
--High Frame Rates per Second for Gaming and running Applications Smoothly
--Increased & Stabalised Battery Life [We got 27 Hours when Testing and Heavy Loading!]
--Improved Rotation.

General Modifications:
--Nokia Suite In The USB Mode Instead of Ovi Suite
--No vibration while Locking and Locking using the Side Key.
--Tapping controls Added.
--Java Permissions Fixed.
--Widgets Security is now Disabled.
--Ovi Contacts Completely removed and Disabled.
--Tap to Unlock Added with working Notifications.
--Press and Hold '0' to Launch Killme.
--BT Headset Bug is now Fixed for N97 v30 Ports! [Credits To Devilyazden]
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Friday 8 March 2013

Custom Firmwares:RM- 609 Nokia E6 P.A.S Latest Updated


Nokia E6 P.A.S (RM-609 111.140.0058) By ZahidAina Latest

Firmware RM-609 (111.140.0058) Bella Refresh (Euro versions)
Language English Only... New Features Added By Mohd Zahid and Nur Fajrul Aina... 

- Left soft lock key
- Red LED mute blink when have a sms or misscalled
- Edit softwares name in menu
- Conservation with avatars
- New wallpapers added
- songs and pictures only drive E & F
- RomPatches in built (RomPatcher+install server)
- Blackberry sms ringtones

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Wednesday 6 March 2013

Custom Firmware:RM- 588 Nokia 5230|5235 OFWbased updated

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[Update] nokia 5230/5235 RM-588 51.6.002 OFW, belle navibar, anna theme

nokia 5230/5235 RM-588 51.6.002 Original FirmWare, No Branding
for original firmware lovers super fast, stable.
some modifications by me to make OFW fast and stable
All Apps open still 36mb free ram (See screen shots) Average free ram 55mb

keep pressing '0' on dialler to on/off bluetooth.
replaced shareonline to accelswitch in mediabar with icon
gallery only reads e:\images folder
music player only reads e:\music, player heap size increased, volume set to 100%.
extra icons in menu like c6.
no vibrations on call/lock/unlock.
nokia theme white (best nokia theme for me) and next theme added.
5 homescreens vodafone, orange, fingeruse (my favourite), full page, navigation added.
original keyboard layout (for properly functioning of swype keyboard)
browser cache moved to e:\. browser not crashed yet and most of the sites opening properly.
no lagging on browsing, menu, messaging, songs list.
Tap to unlock added.
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Tuesday 5 March 2013

Custom Firmware: RM- 750 Nokia 500 Full Refresh Ultimate by Juampy

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[Nokia 500 - RM 750] Full Refresh Ultimate By Juampy CarLegui & W@lter P. F.


Expected and new custom firmware made by Walter and Juampy ... Highly optimized in all aspects, without bugs and advanced! Last generation!

Features & Changelogs* FIRMWARE LANGUAGES: Spanish - English
* .Mif ported to E
* 306.3 MB IN C
* Added mod editing the song details
* Added the Permanent Hack
* Added Digital Clock Screen Saver
* Added the MOD to search images and music on their respective folders C, E, F
* Added MOD Mod Max Battery Life
* Added the MOD to Rename Applications
* Added MOD for kinetic scrolling
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Monday 4 March 2013

Custom Firmware: RM-555|356 Nokia N97 mini| 5800 Balcan CFW

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BalcanCFW: Nokia N97Mini RM-555 (v.130223); Nokia N5800 RM-356 (v.130223)

Nokia N97Mini RM-555 v30 BalcanCFW (v.130223)Model : N97 MINI RM-555
Base Firmware : N97 MINI V30.004
Phone Languages : English (default), Serbian, Croatian, Slovenian
Writing Languages: English (default), Serbian, Croatian, Slovenian

Nokia Pure Font, Beautiful Anna Icons, Belle Ringtones
Belle Browser (with proper rss reader)
File Browser 5.0 (14.05.2011)
Conversation and Emoticons in Messaging
Notification widget
Dolby Surround and 808 Audio Codec
No Camera sounds when Silent profile is used (or Warning Tones are Turned Off in any profile)

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Sunday 3 March 2013

Custom Firmware: RM- 356 Nokia 5800 rs^8 final Core N8 icons

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Nokia 5800 - RM-356 C6 v20.0.043 - rs^8 final v52.0.101 Core N8 Icons!

rs08 C6 Custom Firmware for Nokia 5800 XpressMusic [RM-356]
based on self-ported C6 v20.0.043 firmware
the cleanest and fastest CFW ever

rs08 CFW aims to provide great and efficient custom firmware for nokia 5800 xpressmusic WITHOUT losing original nokia look and feel.

^8 changelog:

-based on C6 v20.0.043 firmware
-built from v52.0.101 converted rom files
-n8 icons
-custom keyguard timeout
-uniform middle key light brightness
-simpler, n8-like theme effect
-integrated latest nokia maps 3.06
-added restart on long power key press without patch
-improved lights & touchscreen fix (still have fading button lights; no theme effects bug)
-no more N97 mini identification
-integrated notifications 1.05
-centered text on bottom bar
-auto-switching keyboard from alphanumeric-qwerty based on orientation
-nokia ovi start-up and shutdown screen
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Saturday 2 March 2013

Custom Firmware: RM- 555 Nokia N97 mni Thunderstruck

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Nokia N97mini - RM555 V30 - Thunderstruck 1.0

Hello everybody!! this is my CFW for n97mini v30 cooked from Nokia OFW RM-555 v30.0.004!

This screen is in Italian just because I took it from a friend of mine's phone who wants Italian!The CFW is fully english also!

New updates & fixes are marked in bold!


-Icons ed eliminated apps:
My Nokia
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