Monday 23 September 2013

Custom Firmware: RM- 596 Nokia N8- 00 CFW eLwhite by iFox Updated Anew

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N8-00 RM-596 111.040.1511 CFW eLwhite v2.9 By iFOX-G03 (update 18-07-2013)

Big Thanks For:

-Il.Socio - for The best Tools NokiaCooker & ROMPatcher-JNX_R - for Guide editing Frimware..-CodeRus - For A lots of mods and Tools-iChris701-Ancelad-Taylor-iExtraX7
-allstar12345-kartik bose-Daeva112-BladeX-Huelif-and all Modder
also thanks For My Best Friends
OmJek, ANDY, Ryan, Afrin, Imam, Yudy and Friends in the grup,
for Help and Support

Phone Model: Nokia N8-00
Base: OFW APAC1 111.040.1511 RM-596
CFW Name: eLwhite iAN v2.9
2 Language (English-Indonesia)

Changelog v1:
-No App on UDA (CWRT_Core Only) Just Add apps where you want..
-Hacked With Installserver.exe (Anna log)
-ROMPatcher+ 3.1 (add More PATCH)
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Thursday 19 September 2013

Custom Firmware: RM- 697 Nokia C5-03 v 23.0.015 new updated

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CFW C5-03 v23.0.015 + mini qwerty full belle

Change log:

- Drive C up to 105 Mb, up ram and smooth touch
- hs tsunami belle
- belle Navibar
- Hack permanently installed impartial pm
- Turn off the Java software
- Integrated Rompatcher, automatically apply the open4all patch
- Mute photograph, film
- Rearrange menu
- Cache to e Shipping
- Returns the Ram out cameras
- Save 100,000 SMS
- Rename the normal configuration Vip C5-03
- Improved of the recorded audio files, photos, video
- Improved start wifi
- Scan music in E: \ Sounds \ and E: Music \ \
- Gallery does not scan the folders you want
- Connect common drives default
- Increase heap size 
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Sunday 15 September 2013

Custom Firmware: RM- 697 Nokia C5-03 Symbian Belle Lite v4.1 23.0.015 Updated


Nokia C5-03 RM-697 v23.0.015(updated) Symbian^Belle Lite v4.1 CFW


Nokia C5-03 RM-697 v23.0.015 Symbian^Belle Lite v4.1(updated)
(Same as Symbian lite v4.0 --UPDATED--Maximum BUG Fixed for Smooth Running)

Bugless Symbian^Anna Icons
Enhanced data rate and RAM transfer speed mod
Prehacked with Super Installserver. You can now install everything without the need for signing and no more package built in errors.
RAM Cache and Speed Optimized (Note: This RAM optimization is only exclusive for C5-03)
Read Music files from E:/Music/
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Friday 13 September 2013

Custom Firmware: RM- 697 Nokia C5- 03 SuperLite v23.0.015 New

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NOKIA C5-03 (RM-697) CFW SuperLite (v23.0.015)


Startup Memory is 121mb+
Startup Ram is 50mb+
New Splash screen
New Icons
Added applications :
New themes added:
Black Anna and Belle by AJ23
8 Homescreens:
Contact bar
Shortcuts bar
Navigation bar
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Tuesday 3 September 2013

Custom Firmware: RM- 807 Nokia 808 The One Reloaded v4.2.0

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Nokia 808 RM-807 The One Reloaded v4.2.0 (19.07.2013)

This is my Custom Firmware for the Nokia 808 Pureview!

You will find all informations about Mods and the base version I used in the Changelog.
I was aiming for a slim and fast version, without loosing the look & touch of the original firmware.

Release Notes
The One Reloaded v4.2.0 is based on Belle FP2 v113.010. 1508.
It comes with ~655MB free space on C:\ and ~300MB free Ram at startup.

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Custom Firmware: RM- 601 Nokia C6- 01 DroidDrops v2.0 Updated

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Nokia C6-01 RM-601|RM-718 DroidDrops v2.0(111.040.15) by RokingVinu (18-5-2013)

Hello friends, There are too few CFWs available for Nokia C6-01. So I decided to leave mine one. DroidDops is my second CFW for Nokia C6-01. I have added almost all useful Mods without affecting system performance. Hope you will like that. I will add some more functionalities in future versions.

How to check whether device is RM-601 or RM-718??
-Just dial *#0000# on your mobile. The list will open displaying device code either RM-718 OR RM-601. Download firmware files and flash with them according to these device codes. Do not try to flash with either device code firmware files,you will endup with bricked device :p

DroidDrops v2.0 (iDroid) :

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Custom Firmware: RM- 555 Nokia N97 Metro Revision Beta Updated

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N97 mini RM- 555 Metro Revision Beta CFW based OFW

The languages supported by this CFW:
01- English (default language)
02- French
03- Arabic
The applications added in this CFW:
01- Theme From Metro Revision by Daeva112
02- Nokia Maps v 3.06
03- I-Sms (Make sure Download Version 1.18)
04- ROM Patcher Plus v 3.01
05- Bluetooth Switch
06- ScreenSnap
07- MemCheck
08- Quick Lock
09- Bright Light v 1.0
10- Timer Pro v 1.0
11- Google Maps
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Custom Firmware: RM- 774 Nokia 701 Experia v3 Updated Anew

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Nokia 701 CFW RM-774 111.030.0609 Experia V3 All Widgets++ 5/01/12 Updated

Nokia 701 RM-774_111.030.0609 Custom Firmware Hacked Clean Install

Friends, This is my Experia update 3 CFW for Nokia 701 and i have tested it on my Nokia 701 Steel Black
Change-logs from original Firmware:-

Included All new Widgets From N8's leaked Firmware By Taylor A Big Thanks to him For providing Us with the Release.


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