Saturday, 29 June 2013

Custom Firmware: RM- 718 Nokia C6-01 Sahera CFW english only

Nokia c6-01 Rm-718 nokia sahera cfw(belle refresh) english only

About the cfw:
Nokia Sahera(based on belle refresh)

Change-log for the cfw(12/6/13):

8 pages symbols in messaging
Fast theme switcher
Equalizer editor is added
added symbols to power menu
changes in Custom Profiles
ROFS2 Connection GPRS and Wifi on log
Java Permissions Mod
Heap Size and Closing
UI,CPU & GPU mod
Full Shutdown System Apps (contacts, log, messages, clock, calendar)
Fast Rotation
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Monday, 24 June 2013

Custom Firmware: RM- 807 Nokia 808 The One Reloaded v3.4.0 Updated anew

Nokia 808 RM-807 The One Reloaded v3.4.0 (18.12.2012)

This CFW comes without Nokia Store preinstalled (for now and for future updates).

All Store prerequisites are installed, you can install the latest version of the store by only one file, it is as easy as updating!

About hard resets
No need to do that after flashing your phone...
But if you feel like you have to do a hard reset, it is easier to reflash your device again.
Format E:\ and F:\ for best results and then reflash the CFW again, that way you won't lose all apps and mods on C:\.
That saves alot of time.

The Firmware has ~570MB free on C:\.


RM-807 Nokia 808
Custom Firmware
The One Reloaded

-default settings changed
-homescreen settings/mods
-unlimited homescreen mod (max. 100)
-first homescreen can be deleted
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Saturday, 22 June 2013

Custom Firmware: RM- 596 Nokia N8 The One v6.2.0 Updated

Nokia N8 RM-596 The One N8 v6.2.0 (11.01.2013)

 photo Scr000047.jpg

RM-596 Nokia N8
Custom Firmware
The One N8

-default settings changed
-homescreen settings/mods
-unlimited homescreen mod (max. 100)
-first homescreen can be deleted
-widget arrangement for three homescreens
-arrangement for portrait and landscape
-menu arrangement (matrixmenudata.xml)
-added The One background images
-to "c:\data\_tools\backgrounds" fully removable
-predefined settings for
-screen saver
-mod to rename all profile names
-handset and speaker volume
-clock & calendar

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Friday, 21 June 2013

Custom Firmware: RM- 718 | 601 Nokia C6-01 The Black Updated

Nokia C6-01 RM-718 & RM-601 Belle Refresh [111.040.1511] CFW The Black By Mahindar [8-3-2013]

Details and Changelog

Nokia C6-01 RM-718 & RM-601
Custom Firmware
The Black
Belle Refresh(111.040.1511)
Change log v2.1 [Updated on 08-03-2013]:
- 5 pages symbols in messaging
- Fast theme switcher
- Equalizer editor is added
- added symbols to power menu(to profiles,switch off and restart
- Small changes in Custom Profiles
- ROFS2 Connection GPRS and Wifi on log
- Java Permissions Mod
- Heap Size and Closing Delay by huellif
- UI,CPU & GPU mod by huellif
- Full Shutdown System Apps (contacts, log, messages, clock, calendar)
- Removed Speed rotation mod
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Thursday, 20 June 2013

Custom Firmware: RM- 807 Nokia 808 Belle FP2 Awakening 8.4.1 Updated

N808 RM-807 113.010.1508 Belle FP2 Awakening 8.4.1 By M4C35 [05.29.13 !UPDATE!]

The Nokia 808 CFW RM-807_113.010.1508_04.01_Euro3 Belle fw-FP2 version is built.

Use Only the Phoenix_Service_Software_2012.24.000.48366 or Phoenix Service Software 2012.16.004.48159

I made a non-binding version.
Fixed a few annoying bugs.

Awakening 8.4.1 Exclusive

- Removed all Updates (Bugly)
- Added Only Camera updates!
- Removed Folder Menu Layout (Download abd install, when you like this)
- Fixed InternetRadio Bug
- Fixed Keypad bug
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Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Custom Firmware: RM- 601|718 Nokia C6-01 Droid Drops v2.0 by Vinu Updated

Nokia C6-01 RM-601|RM-718 DroidDrops v2.0(111.040.15) by RokingVinu (18-5-2013)

How to check whether device is RM-601 or RM-718??
-Just dial *#0000# on your mobile. The list will open displaying device code either RM-718 OR RM-601. Download firmware files and flash with them according to these device codes. Do not try to flash with either device code firmware files,you will end up with bricked device.

DroidDrops v2.0 (iDroid) :

ChangeLog For DroidDrops v2.0 (iDroid)Added Mods:

Solved Bugs from previous version:

1. Opera products are now able to run smoothly.

System Mods:

1. New Clock Settings (12 Hour Clock+Auto update timing).
2. Lock screen in landscape.
3. Max battery mod.
4. Messaging style changed to - Iphone
5. New system sounds
6. Send Protected Files by Def FB
7. 22 equaliser set by viral.
8. Active call divert disable
9. Disabled Fota
10. Disabled NFC by default.
11. Disabled OVI sign in at startup.
12. Full ShutDown Logs,Msg,Contacts.
13. Fixed Java Permissions.
14. FM Radio Landscape mode.
15. Tactile Feedback 1.1.
16. Battery extender Extender Mod
17. Ported FP1 Keyboard by strategist.
18. Unlimited homescreens.
19. H@cked InstallServer.
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Monday, 17 June 2013

Custom Firmware: RM- 588|525 Nokia 523x Xtension Legacy

Nokia 523x - RM-588/625 - Xtension Legacy by Upakul

Latest F/W = Xtension Legacy Final 1.0
Previous F/W = Xtension Legacy beta
Phone Model = Nokia 5230, 5233
Core = Nokia 523x v21
Base F/W = Original PNHT Nokia C6v20
Type: RM-588/625
Language: English

I finally present to you fastest CFW till date: Xtension Legacy

This firmware is built for speed and performance. I removed all unnecessary objects and focused on speed only
This firmware guarantees to deliver the best performance among all XTE CFWs or others
- PNHT,- Prakashkaran (Do visit his CFW HERE),- 008Rohit,- akks,- mara-,- muzicfreako69
- FuRCoM,- appleorangefruit,- apex666,- iwalkwithshadow,- LuziQ,- CoDeRuS,- RuL83
- grk007,- rayul_5,- dambulino,- jordan,- TaAndoor,- AJ23,- Varfolomey

Kinecting Scrolling is disabled in short lists for better handling.
The patch "installserver.rmp", "open4all.rmp" is already applied and set to autostart along with RomPatcher+
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Sunday, 16 June 2013

Custom Firmware: RM- 555 Nokia N97 Metro Revision Beta CFW New

N97 mini RM- 555 Metro Revision Beta CFW based OFW


The languages supported by this CFW:
    01- English (default language)
    02- French
    03- Arabic

The applications added in this CFW:

01- Theme From Metro Revision by Daeva112
02- Nokia Maps v 3.06
03- I-Sms (Make sure Download Version 1.18)
04- ROM Patcher Plus v 3.01
05- Bluetooth Switch
06- ScreenSnap
07- MemCheck
08- Quick Lock
09- Bright Light v 1.0
10- Timer Pro v 1.0
11- Google Maps
12- Bounce Touch
13- Notifications widget
14- KillMe
15- File Browser

The applications removed from the CFW:

01- All original themes
02- Boingo
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Friday, 14 June 2013

Custom Firmware: RM- 356 Nokia 5800 Pixel*1 New Xtension Updated

Nokia 5800 - RM356 C6v11 - Pixel*1 [New Xtension Soon]

I finally present to you my last - the latest and most stable firmware based on C6v11 for Nokia 5800 XM


F/W Name = Pixel*1
Phone Model = Nokia 5800
Base F/W = C6 v11
Type: RM-356

PNHT for the C6 Firmware port because of which the CFW can be made possible.
- 008Rohit - Giulio7g - Shadowninty - LuziQ - Pirates Killer - prakashkaran

I focused specially on stability and long battery life in this firmware streak [Pixel*1]

The patch "ReadCRoot.rmp" is buggy. I confirm it. When you apply the patch the computer fails to find the device when connected via USB.
You need to restart to get your phone connected to PC. So use this patch at tour own risk!
The UDA file supplied is blank. It will make sure you get 82MB+ on drive C:
The first boot configures the device and all optimizations come into play.So have patience during 1st boot!
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Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Custom Firmware: RM- 675 Nokia C7 Pro Edition v3 New Updated

Nokia C7 RM-675 Pro Edition V3 !!!New!!!

Nokia C7 Pro Edition V3

Marco Bellino Nokia Cooker::CodeRUS - A lots of mods..::Sklchan - Few cenrep mods
Ancelad - Tactile Feedback and few other mods.::andrenlsbr - Effects.
Symbiaddict : Rotation screensaver.::ivo777: Akku mod.
All Modders!

Phoenix fine!!!
Tested By nokiae668
-New task manager.-New Nokia Widget Pack!
-Special Pro Edition theme By AttisX: AXTHEMES My my order. Not be modified, extended!
-Wallpaper by zotyi79
-Installserver rom hack.
-Languange pack English, Hungary. Eueo3: Cestina-English-Deutsch-Magyar-Polski-Slovencina.
-Delete default wallpaper.
-Effect by: andrenlsbr
-Browser cache: E
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Monday, 10 June 2013

Custom Firmware: RM- 596 Nokia N8 Delight Belle Refresh v6.2 Updated

N8 - RM-596 - Delight Belle Refresh v6.2

N8 Delight v6.2

why v6.2? -
v6.1 was reserved for last release + the Delight theme
and since the translation for v6.099 was supposed to be compatible to v6.1,
which it is not anymore,
and now there are more mods and stuff included, so I decided to go to v6.2

Delight team:
- huellif - main cooker
- freaxs_r_us - translator and second cooker
Changelog N8 Delight v6.2:

single Contact communication widget
Webview widget
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Sunday, 9 June 2013

Custom Firmware: RM- 675 Nokia C7 Delight Belle Refresh v6.2 Updated

Nokia C7 - RM 675 - DELIGHT belle refresh v6.2

Update: v6.2

Changelog C7 Delight v6.2:

- single Contact communication widget
- new icons for Delight backup, restore & resolver
- Notification lights ON - Menu lights OFF mod
- WinRar v1.01
- Text under HS-Icons .sis installer (in C:/data, standard is set to no text)
- added simplified chinese writing files to traditional chinese set

- fixed web link in dialer by long press on 0
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Friday, 7 June 2013

Custom Firmware: RM- 625|588|356|504|559 Nokia 5233|5230|5800|5530|X6 Distro Unleashed Updated

Nokia 5233|5230|5800|5530|X6 - RM-625|588|356|504|559 - Distro [Team Unleashed]

Released! Check the Downloads Section!
BT Headset Bug is now Fixed! [Exclusive]
Fix Added below!
New Mirror Links Added! [Be Happy! ]
You can use them if Not for the N9 icons! 


Beta-Testing Team:
Bulletproof136 [Special Credits!],Bunto90,kitbor,F3AR,soulhackerreborn

Special Thanks to:

RM-356 Uploaded by: 1011054v and Swapnil Wajpe

## Performance:

--Smooth User Interface for heavy loading.
--Fast, Quick and Stable performance.
--Modified and Edited Many major System files.
--All Drives will load System Cache.
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Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Custom Firmware: RM- 807 Nokia 808 by heulif v3.1.1 Updated

Nokia 808 RM-807 (113.010.1508) by huellif v3.1.1 [22/02/2013]

CFW for Nokia 808 with offical FP2 (113.10.1508.01.01), product code 059M7J6.

Changelog v3.0:
- English and German only (I cleaned out really everything)
- added Installserver_log
- added Rompatcher 3.1 FP2 (all possible patches are in e:\patches)
- added some mods to c:\data\mods
- EnableDefaultThemeEffects.sis
- MifPatch.sis
- Nokia Big Screen 10.03(2).sis
- Quickrestart_incl0MOD.sis
- SIS Editor v2.00.sisx
- SIS Editor v2.01.sisx
- theme effects base package fp2.sis
- winRARv1.01.sis
- added black keyboard mod by me
- modded autostart (removed some apps like contacts, messages, log etc. and added Rompatcher)
- removed application caching (you can completly close apps like contacts and calendar)
- added Evolve Qt 3.0 as default theme (with little changes)
- ported FP1 widget skins
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Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Custom Firmware: RM- 807 Nokia 808 Pureview Final by ivo777 Updated

808 PureView RM-807 113.010.1508 FINAL by ivo777 [13.01.2013]

This is my Custom Firmware for Nokia 808 PureView RM-807 Firmware 113.010.1508 Nokia Belle Feature Pack 2.

Full Changelog [13.01.2013]:

1. Phone and writing languages:English and Bulgarian only
2. Cleaned UDA:all pre-installed apps without Nokia Maps,Ovi Store and Video Pro
3. Free memory in C - 640MB!!!
4. Free RAM - more than 300MB!!!
5. Tactitle feedback in calls
6. Added MemCheck application
7. Active Diverts Notes in calls is disabled

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Monday, 3 June 2013

Custom Firmware: RM- 670 Nokia 700 Belle FP2 PURE Edition II Updated by SymbianFan

Nokia 700 RM-670 - Belle FP2 PURE Edition II by SymbianFan (updated 05-03-2013)

PURE Edition II
Scr000002 Scr000007

Menu & optics:
icons for internet and navigation changed (see screenshot!)
icons in logs colored (see screenshot!)
BugFix: unwanted folder in menu can you now delete
startup animation changed (Now: S60 logo Animation)

Mods added in c:\data\.Mods\:
Multimenu 3.4.1
Java Permission by Coderus

Default date is 05.03.2013 after a refurbish flash or hardreset

rofs2 increased of 4 mb
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Sunday, 2 June 2013

Custom Firmware: RM- 609 Nokia E6 P.A.S by ZahidAina

Nokia E6 P.A.S (RM-609 111.140.0058) By ZahidAina_05/01/2013

Firmware RM-609 (111.140.0058) Bella Refresh (Euro versions)
Language English Only...

New Features Added By Mohd Zahid and my BFF that is Nur Fajrul Aina...


- Left soft lock key
- Red LED mute blink when have a sms or misscalled
- Edit softwares name in menu
- Conservation with avatars
- New wallpapers added
- songs and pictures only drive E & F
- RomPatches in built (RomPatcher+install server)
- Blackberry sms ringtones
- sms update components
- Send Protected Files via Bluetooth
- Custom profiles
- Enable hidden Menu icons ( WiFi, Connection managers, Themes, USB, Device manager)
- Restart on Power Button
- Improved CPU n GPU

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Saturday, 1 June 2013

Custom Firmware: RM- 625|588|356|504|559 Nokia 5233|5230|5800|5530|X6 LinsPirat LTS rev 2.1 Updated

Nokia 5233|5230|5800|5530 | All RMs | LinsPirat LTS rev2.1 | X6 released !!!

CFW Creator - tintinboss
28th March, 2012 - Linspirat rev 2.1 released for 5800 & 5530

-- Huge Performance Upgrade
-- QT Integrated
-- LinsPirat Music Theme Reworked
-- LinsPirat Plus Pack added with download. Contains All previous LinsPirat Themes and Wallpapers + Working latest Ovi Store
-- New Never seen before Sparkling swipe to answer and new Swipe to Unlock
-- Camera Hardware key fixed
-- Smoother KS
If you are a graphics freak n love your phone to look pretty, then this cfw is what you need..

So, here it is, I want to share you "what I had in mind while developing this" :
"LinsPirat LTS" is unlike "LinsPirat v1.0" - a more professional and sober looking OS. You can say - a fat-less LinsPirat . I tried to achieve a state where you feel different using your very known Nokia Device. Don't know if I failed or achieved tiny bit of success.
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