Thursday 30 May 2013

Custom Firmware: RM- 774 Nokia 701 Groove FP2 v1.1

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[NEW] Nokia 701 113.010.1506 - Groove FP2v1.1

CFW for Nokia 701. It's based on Belle FP2.

This is a very simple CFW, fore those ones that want to install their mods in mass memory, but want also some mods that cannot be installed after a flash. Thanks to all modders for this precious job.

Changelog v1.0
- added unlimited homescreen mod
- meego style conversation skin

Changelog v1.1
- new meego style toggles
- new theme added: Evolve QT3
- modified some phone info
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Wednesday 29 May 2013

Custom Firmware: RM- 779 Nokia 603 Belle FP2 Charon

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Nokia 603 - RM-779 - 113.010.1506 - Belle FP2- Charon™ CFW

Charon™ Team: Charon™-main cooker_ Dreams boy-designer_ TellFa Developers Team(Pureview)

Support:Sooren+(Special thanks from him)

Integrated ROMPatcher 3.1 (incl. Domainsrv autostart)
- Integrated hacked installserver
- Modded autostart (removed system apps), added ROMPatcher
- Full close system apps
- Added useful ROMPatches
- ID3 and EQ editor mods
- added ported Anna and S^3 screensavers (Animation, Slideshow and Music Player)
- Anna soundparameters and more volume
- No keylock vibration
- Tacticle feedback while calls
- animation and sound in C:\data\Animations\, you can replace whit you animation and sound
-Use startup.gif/.mp3 and shutdown.gif/.mp3
- Unlocked menu (create subfolders and rename apps)
- Akncapserver mod
- No USB popups
- theme effects on off + fast theme switching mod
- Reduced Qt popupfader
- No Ovi signup/SMS
- Filemanager extender mod
- Smilies across all applications
- Predic on E
-effects on e:\effects(you can put your themefx in this folder
-default effects created by Allstar12345,jin hao, slowpoke1705(Synthetic(
- Heapsize and Closing delay mod
- No active diverts
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Tuesday 28 May 2013

Custom Firmware: RM- 774 Nokia 701 Belle the Greatest v2.5.1 Updated

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Nokia 701 - RM-774 - Belle, the Greatest v2.51 - Belle FP2. UPDATED!

-New Avkon2 by ali30n with battery and signal modifications.
-Quickrestart using "0" key in dialer by silver.sandstorm723
-Max Battery Life by ivo777
-Menu Unlocks(by iExtraX7):
*Rename Apps
*Create subfolders
-Screensaver Music Player by SkullATOS
-MeeGo Style Conversations by Cahjoss
-Smileys Everywhere by iChris701
-File Manager Extender Mod by iChris701
-Memory Card Icon by gucio2607
-FM Radio Skin by 3mel, fixed by me.
-WP8 Keyboard by Bhavin Gandhi y chang143.
-12 Equalizer Presets:
*+5 Additi0nal Pumpin Beat Presets by Symbianize Legend.
*+4 Preset for Music EQ by Michalkepa
*+3 EQ Beats Series by STeeLuS.
-N9 Startup by ivo777
-WLAN Fix by BetaLabs Integrated.

-Dolby Surround On by default by huellif
-By defalut one homescreen.

-Mem Check, BelleIcon (own modification).
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Monday 27 May 2013

Custom Firmware: RM- 670 Nokia 700 Belle NXT Updated

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Nokia 700--RM-670--Belle NxT--112.010.1404[update]

Changelog PR 1.0
*Place iso Mount in E:\nxt.iso which is a back up of connect pc to net
*Tap-to-unlock autorotation mod (200159ed.txt,autorotateui_activate.rul)
*Cache Optimization 8x(ESTARTCOMP.TXT estartmagic.txt ESTARTTEXTSHELL.TXT)
*Increased Heap Size & Reduced App closing delay (sbeconfig.xml)
*Hacked installserver.exe (installserver.exe)
*More Ram for Apps update 6(goomconfig.xml,oomconfig.xml)
*Avkon2 (avkon2.mif)
*DLL mods menurenderer.dll
*Touch vibrations mod (2000b494.txt, folder-10003b20)
*Custom Profiles(101f8798.txt)
*wifi boost
*GPS Edit-faster lock (101f7a7f.txt,101fe999.txt)
*Versions Mod Folder->Resource/Versions/
*Unlocked FileManager (filemanagerengine.dll)
*swipolicy mod (swipolicy.ini)
*Unlimited Homescreen (rootconfiguration.xml)
*tactile feedback in calls (v2) ( tactile.rul)
*Any files sending over bluetooth (10003a3f.txt)
*Download resume on restart (101F861B.txt)
*Special Speed Mod
*Turbo Matrix Menu (matrixmenudata.xml,matrixmenudata.dtd,matrixmenudata.mif)
*Faster Startup {2000D75B}
*Level 2 tactile feedback Fixed {10003b20}
*Send Bluetooth all files {be9}
*Cache moved {be9}
*Folder Harvester for Music and Videos {be9}
*AppsBackground working disabled
*lockscreen auto rotation
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Sunday 26 May 2013

Custom Firmware: RM- 356 Nokia 5800 Xtension Legacy 1.0

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Nokia 5800 - RM-356 V52 - C6v20 Xtension Legacy 1.0

Xtension Nokia 5800 (RM-356)

The Speed you get is because of Optimized CPU and interactive RAM management that no other firmware can give Xtension Series is based on various speed mods that maximizes phone performance and stability

CREDITS (for Mods and Files):
- PNHT- Prakashkaran- 008Rohit- akks- mara- muzicfreako69- FuRCoM- appleorangefruit
- apex666- iwalkwithshadow- LuziQ- CoDeRuS- RuL83- grk007- rayul_5- dambulino- jordan
- TaAndoor- AJ23- Varfolomey
- Shadowninty- devilyazdan- Maler- paul013- shiva_nara
- dreaddd

New Release News:
Current release: Xtension legacy Final 1.0
Released Recently: Xtension Legacy Beta
Last: Nokia Pixel

Latest F/W = Xtension Legacy Final 1.0
Previous F/W = Xtension Legacy Beta
Phone Model = Nokia 5800 & Nokia 5233
Core = Nokia 5800v52
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Friday 24 May 2013

Custom Firmware: RM- 707 Nokia X7-00 KazySoft Belle Refresh 1.3 Beta Update

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Nokia X7-00 - RM-707 - KazySoft Belle Refresh 1.3 BETA (7.5.2012)

Name: KazySoft Belle Refresh
Version: 1.3 BETA (7.5.2013)
Author: MrKenkadze27 -
For Device(s): RM-707 - Nokia X7-00
Product Code: 059G5P8

Known Bugs And Limitations:
-When Pressing Power Button To Turn On The Phone, The Phone Doesn't Vibrate Or show Nokia Logo. After 5 Seconds, The Screen Turnes Complately White for A Second and Then Starts Loading. Complate Process To Turn On Phone Takes 30 Seconds. But Phones is working fine.
-ROMPatcher+ is Only Available in English Language.

MODS and Specs:
-Euro1 Languages UI
-Euro1 Languages TTS + American English
-36 Writing Languages
-Custom Equalizer MOD
-Beautiful MIF Graphics
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Thursday 23 May 2013

Custom Firmware:Rm- 596 Nokia N8 Pathum's Belle Refresh Updated

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Nokia N8 - RM596 Pathum's Belle Refresh 040.1511 CFW  

First off, this is the BELLE REFRESH firmware (Sri Lanka variant) with a VERY FEW mods. There are NO GPU/CPU tweaks, NO kinetic scrolling etc...

MODS in the firmware

1) NO "message sent to" delivery notification pop up (but you can still see the delivery status in the Delivery Reports folder
2) Equalizer can be edited
3) Song Meta data can be edited
4) FP1 style taskmanager
5) N9 fonts (please report any bugs in applications)
6) Installserve included (hacked) - so far i havent come across any errors, please report if you find any.

Languages - English and Phillipino

Nothing has been removed from the Official Firmware.
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Wednesday 22 May 2013

Custom Firmware: RM- 807 Nokia 808 Belle FP2 Awakening 8 by M4C35 Updated

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Nokia 808 RM-807 113.010.1508 Belle FP2 Awakening 8 By M4C35 [03.12.13 !UPDATE!]

The Nokia 808 CFW RM-807_113.010.1508_04.01_Euro3 Belle fw-FP2 version is built.
Belle Awakening 8.4 Feature Pack 2
The update arrived.

Enhancements and Changes:

Language Support: En/Hun, En/Chinese, En/Hong-Kong Chinese, En/Vietnamese, En/Arabic, En/Spanish, En/Turkidh, En/Polish, En/Slovakian, En/Aemrican English(with wifi tethering mod), English/Ukranian, En/Czech, En/Hindi, En/Danish,

- Rp+ autostart bug fixed and moved to C:
- MiniCMD added to rom
- Wifi Tethering mod yet only the American English Vezion (Thank's to huellif and The_one89)
- New Jolla Effect(slightly changed due to the disruption)
- Modified R1_Mobile_4_0_Factory Config (Improved Video Rebuffer)
- WeatherPublisher mod
- aknspasrv mod
- eikcoctl mod
- Wp8 Conversation
- Cian Togle Pack by Xratola
- Lumia Keyboard By arnab222
- Cian Avkon by ZulyD
- WP8 Walpaper
- Replaced all Wallpaper, Audio and many AvkonSystem Sound to the WP8
- New Default Theme (Awakening Blue by Me)
- New MenuLayout by Me(original ikon Layout with Windows8 Ikons)
- Improved Camer and Voice Recorder
- New Splashscreen by Me
- Cleaned UDA
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Tuesday 21 May 2013

Custom Firmware: RM-718|601 Nokia C6-01 CFW The Black Updated

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Nokia C6-01 RM-718 & RM-601 Belle Refresh [111.040.1511] CFW The Black By Mahindar [8-3-2013]

Details and Changelog
Nokia C6-01 RM-718 & RM-601
Custom Firmware
The Black
Belle Refresh(111.040.1511)
Change log v2.1 [Updated on 08-03-2013]:
- 5 pages symbols in messaging
- Fast theme switcher
- Equalizer editor is added
- added symbols to power menu(to profiles,switch off and restart
- Small changes in Custom Profiles
- ROFS2 Connection GPRS and Wifi on log
- Java Permissions Mod
- Heap Size and Closing Delay by huellif
- UI,CPU & GPU mod by huellif
- Full Shutdown System Apps (contacts, log, messages, clock, calendar)
- Removed Speed rotation mod
- Removed extra High level volume patch belle
- Removed Browser cache to E due to some problems with Default Browser.
- Removed Bubble Unlock

Change log v2.0 [Updated on 01-01-2013]:
- Fast Rotation
- sound Improvements 3.5
- 22 New Equalizer Sets by viral
- Fast Task Switcher
- Max Battery Life mod by ivo777 v4.0
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Sunday 19 May 2013

Custom Firmware: RM- 596 Nokia N8 Nightly refresh lite,elte,saline v. final updated

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Nokia N8 RM-596 Nightly refreh lite,elite and saline v1.0 Final (6/9/2012)

Nightly Builders Present Lite,Elite and Saline Version of Belle Refresh

download link for Saline added
Dowlonad link for saline super stable
saline is the best Version till now so dont go for other nightly belle elite,lite

older version
Nightly Builder Lite Version less moddy
Download link for elite high moddy

Nightly Builders Presents Nightly Refresh Saline

download link for saline

Complete Change log of saline
-Full Change log
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Saturday 18 May 2013

Custom Firmware: RM- 697 Nokia C5-03 DM- Final PRO|MOD v3 tres New Updated

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Nokia c5-03 - DM FINAL 27.04.2013 PRO|MOD_tres

27.04.2013 PRO|MOD c5-03 v23 NOW Release!
(Coolest & fastest CFW for Symbian )

--> THANKS CORNER <-- br="">
i would like to credit and give thanks to the following person in my FB GROUP
for sharing their wonderfull knowledge and contributions in belle-clock,Topbarbar,
and navi-bars:

1. Ramzkie
2. Zetzu
3. JFmark
4. Algie
5. Jhong
6. Christopher
7. to whom i missed (if ever xD)
i would like to give a special credit to tol Nivram for sharing his khnowledge in
watermark, boot animation and shutdown animation.

*Special thanks to the following for helping me test and fixed tres:
1. Jandinar
2. Nico
3. Nivram
* Special thanks also to Jeck-jeck for his ideas in "fixing light bug"


1. Navibar almost perfected with new symbols
2. press power key will now directly direct you belle refresh power menu
3. belle refresh power menu now have new symbols
4. added new sets of skins for belle clock
5. graphics ui now set to FASTEST
6. No. "Untrsted SW vendors" pop-up while installing
7. Added new mod for better voice recognition
8. Voice recognition is now set to max sensitivity
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Thursday 16 May 2013

Custom Firmware: RM- 684 Nokia 5250 OFW based CFW Updated

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Nokia 5250 | v30 | RM 684 | OFW based CFW (upddate)

This a new ofw based cfw for nokia 5250 v30.0.002

i have modified its rofs2 with following changelogs

Symbian Belle Navibar
Installserver Added In Rofs2(real Hack)
Newest Anna Icon Pack
Tap to Unlock Instead Of swipe to unlock
Broweser cache to E
Ram Saving Camera Exit
Flash Live Homescreen Support
(u can select your homescreen by putting "gadget.swf" in E:)
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Wednesday 15 May 2013

Custom Firmware: RM- 625 Nokia 5233 v51 FP1 by rajdeep

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Nokia 5233 RM-625 V51 S60v5 FP1 by rajdeep.uppal

RM-625 5233 V51

change log bug left
2.browser app added
4.belle icon
5.belle themes
6.mediabar full work
7.Rom patcher added
8.navi bar added
9.belle like music player
10.belle menu
11.touch rate very high
12. very good ks
13. phone speed on high rate
14.transparent widgets
15.belle rings added
16.belle effects added improvement tweek
18.default startup creadit of auther(rajdeep.uppal)
20.rollercoaster game in/z/data

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Monday 13 May 2013

Custom Firmware: RM- 625 Nokia 5233 v51 BA Simplicity Alpha Updated

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Nokia 5233 l v51 >>Now Updated<<

> BA Simplicity is my own firmware for Nokia 5233 users, I keep this version Simple with more stability and improved Features like Conversation in messaging, QT 7.3 in rofs2, Belle like menu but without navibar, Original NokiaSeries60 Sans font for better reading, Tap to unlock (C5-03) Restyled, pure ANNA Icons plus many more..

Music Player Smartly managed the music player file reading in Affection. You have to put your files in E:\Music Only, and rest the music player will do.

I Created This CFW with my taste to myself but later i think to share it with you guys.. Many thanks to Binh24, 008Rohit, DjRaz, babu.rajiv and ajay inderpure daily mobile's members who made mods & useful stuffs.

NOTE : Please reapply the theme after startup + all patches in rompatcher

Firmware Information : > BA Simplicity alpha is based on Latest Nokia's V51 for Nokia 5233 (RM-625) With
New Web browser v7.3.1.33.
Increased speed.
Stability Improved.
Increased Battery Backup.
Minor Bug Fixes.

> Nokia 808 Sound Codecs added for Dolby surround effect mod by DjRaz.
> Python superpack 2.0 included
> Nokia QT 4.7.3 Included
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Sunday 12 May 2013

Custom Firmware: RM- 596 Nokia N8 Epis Belle v1.5.1 Updated

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(UPDATE 04.02.2013) Nokia N8 RM-596 - Epis Belle V1.5.1 link updated

This is the latest release of Epis Belle.
I would like to thanks to ashok (nicesoni_ash) for let me use his Backup&Restore & Resolver from his Delight Belle. He has done a very good job in symbian with Delight Belle.

So, the change logs are :
Update to V1.5.1

FP2 search widget.
Meego Conversation.
N9 Fonts (as my first release).
Maps and store wont loose after hard reset (can be update).
Weather and message reader put back.
Fix voice command problem.
Domainserver also wont loose after hard reset.
Backup&Restore and Resolver (FAQ in this thread)
Adobe Reader FP2 (will loose after hard reset)

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Saturday 11 May 2013

Custom Firmware: RM- 596 Nokia N8 eLwhite SRv1 Updated by iFOX

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N8-00 RM-596 111.040.1511 CFW eLwhite SR-v-1 By iFOX-G03 (update)

Phone Model: Nokia N8-00
Base: OFW APAC1 111.040.1511 RM-596
CFW Name: eLwhite SR-v-1
2 Language (English-Indonesia)

-So Sorry No App on UDA (CWRT_Core Only) Just Add apps where you want..
-Hacked With Installserver.exe (Anna log)
-ROMPatcher+ 3.1 (add More PATCH)
-Speed Startup (MSG, CONTAC, LOG, CLOCK Remove from Startup)
-TaskSwitcher fp1 (fix theme effects, now effects on TaskSwitcher Already Work)
-Speed KS
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Friday 10 May 2013

Custom Firmware: Rm- 596 Nokia N8 Belle Refresh Euro1 Multi-Lingual

No comments :

Nokia N8 Belle 111.040.1511 * Refresh * Euro1 07/03/2013 [Spanish - English - Portuguese] By JHAM2005

Free memory in C: 272MB - 144MB free RAM at startup.

Changes in this release
* Added the Permanent Hack
* Added Digital Clock Screen Saver of N9
* Added the MOD to search images and music on their respective folders C, E, F
* Added Max Battery Life MOD Mod by ivo777 (4.0 updated 19/04/2012)
* Added the MOD to Rename Applications
* Added MOD for kinetic scrolling
* Added the MOD to vibrate when answering calls
* Added the MOD to display the 4 icons hidden (Gest. Conex. - Gest. Avail. - Usb - Wifi)
* Added the MOD to remove the names of the shortcut icons on the HS
* Added the MOD of the 100 home screens in the HS
* Added the Widget, Splashscreen, Avkon2 to E: \ resource \ apps (to change them to suit the user)
* Added Chris MOD Patch for Belle Refresh (To change. Mifs widgets, splashscreen, avkon2)
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Wednesday 8 May 2013

Custom Firmware: RM- 718 | 601 Nokia C6- 01 Belle Refresh The Black Updated

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Nokia C6-01 RM-718 & RM-601 Belle Refresh [111.040.1511] CFW The Black By Mahindar [8-3-2013]

Details and Change-log

Nokia C6-01 RM-718 & RM-601
Custom Firmware
The Black
Belle Refresh(111.040.1511)

Change log v2.1 [Updated on 08-03-2013]:
- 5 pages symbols in messaging
- Fast theme switcher
- Equalizer editor is added
- added symbols to power menu(to profiles,switch off and restart
- Small changes in Custom Profiles
- ROFS2 Connection GPRS and Wifi on log
- Java Permissions Mod
- Heap Size and Closing Delay by huellif
- UI,CPU & GPU mod by huellif
- Full Shutdown System Apps (contacts, log, messages, clock, calendar)
- Removed Speed rotation mod
- Removed extra High level volume patch belle
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Custom Firmware: RM- 559|356|588|625|504 Nokia X6|5800|5230|5233|5530 Skyfire Belle v2.1 Updated

No comments :

Nokia X6/5800/5230/5233/5530 All RM >SkyFire Belle v2.1< Based on N97v30 Updated



-- CPU speed Increased
-- Starter files Rectified and modded for a faster boot. Now more RAM on startup!(55mb)
-- Heap Size Highly Increased for heavy loading and Browsing
-- Kinetic Scrolling is now stabilized and modded. Now scroll thousands of messages with No problems in scrolling at all!
-- Many Speed mods added and CPU speed balanced with Battery usage!
Ram caching mod....
-- System Cache Highly Increased!
-- UI Highly Polished for Smoothness and Performance!
--Tv Out feature added...

Messages sent by you will be saved up to 500 messages

Delivery reports ON by default

Messaging application no longer lags when containing large number of messages

4x11 Qwerty Alphanumeric keypad added with Auto rotate QWERTY

Default memory assigned to C:/ for better performance

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Monday 6 May 2013

Custom Firmware: RM- 779 Nokia 603 Hazan Edition Updated & Online

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Nokia 603 FP2 Hazan Edition™ v4.3.1 - UPDATED & ONLINE!!!


Thanks to "Il.Socio, iExtraX7 , iChris701, Strategist, G.L, Huellif, Somin.n, Symbian Fan, Tipinaya, omkarkul, ivo777, Leminhai, Kang Shao, Bennyvon88 and more..."

***Please don't use your device when first boot.
***You have to wait for completing installation after first boot.
***Device will give you information and comfirmation messages.
***Please be patient

(+) Hazan Edition™ is updated "%98". (Camera, Gallery, Qt, 3G, etc.) (I didn't put all homescreenwidgets, just stopwatch and webview)

(+) UDA Apps (Maps, Store, Music, MS Office,etc.)

***Cleaned many apps (CNN, QuickOffice, etc.)
***Cleaned all unnecessary language files.
***Some Processes need to Restart so don't start when if there are background apps.

|---->[Effectmatic™] - (effect changer)
|*****(includes 1 effect style which name is Fully Zoom)
|---->[Mifmatic™] - (mif changer)
|*****(includes two mif packet and you can change whatever you want)
|*****(E:\Hazan\Mif\1\ and E:\Hazan\Mif\2\)
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Saturday 4 May 2013

Custom Firmware: RM- 750 Nokia 500 Symbian Horcrux FP4 Belle Refresh

No comments :

Nokia 500 - RM-750 - Symbian Horcrux FP4- Belle Refresh[ENGLISH ONLY][UPDATED]

This CFW is built upon Symbian Belle Refresh Firmware for Nokia 500.
If you find any bug or want to suggest something, please post it in comments i'll try my best to get it working in next update.
I didn't included custom widgets skins for most widgets because there are plenty of them available so you can just choose your own favorite skins for widgets using joshlog's patch also some people doesn't likes custom skins ,So they can live with default ones

Symbian Horcrux R Feature Pack 4 Update Instructions:
This update only contains ROFS3 file, you need to download and use other files from Symbian Horcrux R Feature Pack 1.
Download Horcrux R Feature Pack 1 and Replace ROFS3 with the ROFS3 provided in Horcrux R Feature Pack 4.
Users of Horcrux R Feature Pack 1 can download only Horcrux R Feature Pack 4 Update and overwrite its ROFS3 to Feature Pack 1 Package and Flash Using Phoenix and Refurbish Only.

Horcrux Feature Pack 4:
-Nokia Product Improvement Disabled by default.
-Contacts Group, Speed Dial (CommsLauncherWidget) added (Suggested by kazirahman)
-Digital Clock Small Widget added.
-System Apps now fully close on exit.
-MMS Size increased to 600KB (default 300KB).
-Updated WebView Widget.
-Calculator Widget added.
-Tweaks UI Acceleration Plugin bug fixed.
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Friday 3 May 2013

Custom Firmware: RM- 588 Nokia 5230/5235 v51.6.002 No Branding

No comments :

nokia 5230/5235 RM-588 51.6.002 based on c6v42, No Branding

once again for original feel lovers super fast, stable.
some modifications by me to make c6v42 FW fast and stable
Average free ram ~55 mb
keep pressing '0' on dialler to on/off bluetooth.
Mediabar changes with icon/texts (see screenshots)

replaced Images to settings
replaced shareonline to accelswitch
replaced video to calculator

nokia c6 notifications file provided.
some themes effects if u like.
original ovi maps 3.06 extracted from c6 rm-612 v42 ofw, QT 4.7.3 full
full transparent widgets (see homescreen screenshots).
music player only reads e:\music. Music player 15.2 with lyrics support.

I have 620 mp3 songs(320kbps 6~10mb per song size) with 16gb memory card running flawlessly. (see screenshot)

no vibrations on call/lock/unlock.
conversation icon hidden from messaging.
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Wednesday 1 May 2013

Custom Firmware: RM- 750 Nokia 500 Pink Floyd by Johny Updated

No comments :

Nokia 500 RM-750 Pink Floyd by Jhonny (Refresh Belle 111.021.0028)

Nokia N500 Refresh Belle 111.021.0028 Pink Floyd by Jhonny CFW
059G7C3 RM-750 (EspaƱol Latino,English,Neterlannds, Francais,Portugues refresh BELLE)


Latin Spanish language by default (cofiguraciones, telefono,Idioma,You can change the language by those mentioned above)
Free memory in C: 210MB - 100MB free RAM at startup.
New Theme MeeGo + series Next
Home screen by Walter
Added Permanent Hack.
Aggregate Effects Williamz.
Added RomPatcher + with auto start
Added Red Abstract Fm Radio skin by 3mel
MOD to optimize RAM at startup.
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