Thursday 8 August 2013

Custom Firmware: RM- 807 Nokia 808 Delight v1.1 New Release

Nokia 808 - RM-807 Delight v1.1 release  

Changelog from 808 Delight v1.0:

Updater app:

- added
- integrated v1.1 script
- integrated VPN script (will install VPN update, you can only run this once after hardreset/refurbish, else you get the error note "already installed")


- split the into 3 sub programms:
- classic resolver
- garbage and lanuage cleaner
- selector

- contains two new options for selector sub app:

a)full close system apps (Delight default)
b)keep only contacts and messaging in RAM (less RAM, but faster Messaging/Contacts)

- added FP2 widget skins to Selector


added log extender mod (999 days)


- added Updater to Xtras folder


- Updated, big thanks to Allstar12345


- added homescreenupdate .stubs to ROFS
- fixed fmradio widget mif by Kang shao
- fixed Delight cellular toggle mif
- removed unneeded language files:
german writing from english only version
some nonenglish TTS files
some writing TTS files

Translation fixes:

- internet radio fixed
- search widgets fixed
- mirror widgets fixed
- adaptiv search port fixed
- some other small fixes
- cleaned some files out
- added missing strings to QML mirror app

Other Changes:

- new Delight VPN toggle widget mif Kang shao style by Teom@n
- new Delight Operater widget mif Kang shao style by Teom@n
- moved operatorwidget to C:\
- moved nfc skin to C:\
- moved fmradio skin to C:\
- moved mirror skin to C:\

how to update?

a) if you flashed v1.0:
- flash via "Update Software" and without UDA
- after flashing run the app "Updater" from Menu und select v1.1 update.
Your device will restart twice and you will recive all changes.

b) you didn't flash v1.0 before:
you have to flash the whole CFW via Refurbish.

Delight 808 v1.1 direct download

Have fun and please share feedback

Thank You... Happy Flashing...

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