Thursday 9 January 2014

Custom Firmware: RM- 675 Nokia C7 Belle Refresh Performance v1.2.2 Updated

Nokia C7 Belle Refresh Performance V1.2.2 - 111.040.1511 (09.03.2013)

Nokia C7 Belle Refresh Performance V1.2.2 - 111.040.1511

Thanks to
Taylor, Golan7, Joe3, Marco Bellino, CodeRUS, Sklchan, Ancelad, andrenlsbr, Symbiaddict, All Modders!

Small Update:
- nfc disabled after flash
- widget hungarian language bug fixed and mini digital clock on z drive.
- comms launcher widget En-Hun language on c drive...
- More space on c drive
- small bug fix

Change logs:

-Delete apps: Shazam, F-secure, Communikator, Youtube, Ovi Music, wallpapers
-Belle FP1 Taskmanager
-installserver in Z (ROM hack)
-Anna style notification widget
-All .mif files on C drive, only copy a joshlog-patch to C/sys/bin and change to widgets mif or others mif (avkon2, etc.)
-English-Hungarian, default: Hungarian
-Java premission mod.
-Change effects, copy to E:\effects folder and theme effect Off/On
-Browser cache E drive
-Dictaphone 12 hours, 256 kbps
-Startup and shutdown image and sound: E:\\Animations\\startup.mp3, E:\\Animations\\startup.gif, E:\\Animations\\shutdown.gif, E:\\Animations\\shutdown.mp3
(Origianal Startup and shutdown images, sound: Delete this files: -C:\Private\10202be9\101F8763.txt, -C:\Private\10202be9\persists\101F8763.cre)
-Clear HS, max 10 HS
-All apps exit
-Message, clock, log, calendar, removed from startup to save RAM. Searc manual disabled options menu.
-FM transmitter: Nokia C7
-Galery folder mod
-Musicplayer folder mod
-Equalizer Edit + (Hype, Lite, Loop, Maxx Drive)
-Songmetadata edit
-All Apps rename and create subfolders
-Browser download resumed.
-Disable ovi start and sms
-Ui optimized and faster
-Rotation fast
-Tactile fedback
-Tap to unlock autorotation mod
-Landscape screensawer.
-Music player screensaver.
-USB OTG improved
-No HS icon text
-Unlocked filemanager (Full read C drive, please activate ReadFullC by xCape patch)
-FM Radio landscape mod
-General and offline profil rename
-Improved log, max 999 days.
-Sysapp (Újraindítás) (use to HighLevelVolumeFix.rmp patch.)
-Improved CPU and GPU
-Alfanumeric speed mod
-808 FP1 keyboard
-Send protected files (original filemanager)
-Hidden menu icons enabled
-Notifications Off on startup (Data, Wi-fi)
-kinetic scrolling fast
-Active diverts note disabled
-Enable Data Connection Logging & Enable Discreet Popup of Connection

English rofs2:
-sysapp: !Reboot
-english language is default

CFW Download


Thank You... Happy Flashing...

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