Monday, 15 June 2015

Original Firmware: RM- 832 Nokia 203 v20.52[Latest]

Nokia 203 RM-832 v20.52 [Latest]


Original Firmware files

Phone Name : Nokia 203
Product Type : RM-832
Firmware Version : 20.52
Variant ID : 7117250385
Varian Name : Rm-832 Euro h black greek gr
Product Code : 059M714

File Name : RM832 059M714 20.52 026.vpl
File Size : 3.1 Kb

File Name : RM832 059M714 20.52 026.dcp
File Size : 12.57 Kb

File Name : rm832 20.52.mcusw
File Size : 28.22 Mb

File Name : rm832 20.52.ppm h
File Size : 4.15 Mb

File Name : rm832 20.52.image h 059M714
File Size : 12.47 Mb

File Name : 059M714 simlock.sim
File Size : 7.07 Kb

File Name : P10521901dpi600.pcx
File Size : 12.25 Kb

File Name : P10521901dpi600 label layout.xml
File Size : 1.34 Kb

File Name : RM832 059M714 20.52 026.spr
File Size : 1.91 Kb

File Name : ccc 059M714.bin
File Size : 916 Bytes

File Name : hwc 059M714.bin
File Size : 216 Bytes

File Name : RM832 059M714 20.52 026 signature.bin
File Size : 2.85 Kb

NB:  For other versions and variants, comment below the details.

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