Saturday 20 July 2013

Custom Firmware: RM- 774 Nokia 701 Belle, the Greatest v2.51 Belle FP2 Updated Anew

Nokia 701 - RM-774 - Belle, the Greatest v2.51 - Belle FP2. UPDATED!

Hi there!
Note: This CFW is based on v113.010.1506 with 059K0X1 Product Code.

-New Avkon2 by ali30n with battery and signal modifications.
-Quickrestart using "0" key in dialer by silver.sandstorm723
-Max Battery Life by ivo777
-Menu Unlocks(by iExtraX7):
*Rename Apps
*Create subfolders
-Screensaver Music Player by SkullATOS
-MeeGo Style Conversations by Cahjoss
-Smileys Everywhere by iChris701
-File Manager Extender Mod by iChris701
-Memory Card Icon by gucio2607
-FM Radio Skin by 3mel, fixed by me.
-WP8 Keyboard by Bhavin Gandhi y chang143.
-12 Equalizer Presets:
*+5 Additi0nal Pumpin Beat Presets by Symbianize Legend.
*+4 Preset for Music EQ by Michalkepa
*+3 EQ Beats Series by STeeLuS.
-N9 Startup by ivo777
-WLAN Fix by BetaLabs Integrated.

-Dolby Surround On by default by huellif
-By defalut one homescreen.

-Mem Check, BelleIcon (own modification).
-ROMPatcher+ v3.1 FP2, BelleIcon (own modification).
-QuickRestart (authorized by author) by Lanternsoft.

-Bounce Boing Battle.
-Adobe Reader.
-Psiloc World Traveler.

+ Transparent by Carpenter's_Son
-Clima, now.+
-Clima, forecast.+
-Photo Wall (frameworks). by Joshlog
-FM Radio.+
-Clock, flip.+
-Clock, digital.+
-Clock, text (Spanish). *Includes mini. Translation by Josue Avelar, mini by Robo 3737
-Music Player (original, small and compact).+ compact by Robo 3737

-Wi-Fi *includes mini.
-Mobile Data.
-Offline Mode.
-Mobile Data Tracker.
-Operator Services.
-Servidor DLNA.
-FM Transmitter *includes mini.
... by Carpenter's_Son

-LATAM Spanish (Recommended)
-US English

Initial Memory:
-RAM: 296MB / 500MB
-C: 393MB / 613MB
*Updated Version with all languages included  No changes, just repacked all files with new ROFS2

Post your reviews, comments, bugs found or any suggestion
Enjoy it! Screenshots are in Spanish, but BTG has more languages available 
Please share your feedback! 

I won't add more languages by now, because ROFS2 available space is running out & the minor updates are making all updates [When important (soon) ] to look as irrelevant :/ hope you can understand me.


-Editable Equalizer Mod.
-Editable Song Metadata. [Only Spanish and English]
-Animation ScreenSaver.
-SlideShow ScreenSaver.
-More RAM for apps Mod.
-Remove USB Popups.
-Fixed Loading Bar by changing avkon (fixed again).
-WP8 Conversation replacing MeeGo one.
-More Preloaded Wallpapers...
-Added Power Key Menu Symbols [Only to Spanish and English language]
-New theme effects
-First Homescreen is removable
-You can add 10 homescreen pages.
-Last Store update integrated
-SMS Update preloaded
-Added mini Email widget
-Added Clock and Profile widget
-Enabled Hidden Websearch Icon
-Bluetooth is now "Nokia 701"
-Added Bookmarks
-Added Converter from s60v5
-Added Semitransparent Notes, RSS and calendar events widget
-Improved Kinect Scrolling (Slippery)

Download! (Updated to v2.51 15/04/13)

NOTE: If this is your first time flashing with this CFW download this one:

- Belle, the Greatest v2.51

- MEGA: Part 1 (200MB), Part 2 (92.6MB).

- Box: Part 1 (200MB), Part 2 (92.6MB)

Refursbish and enjoy...

NOTE: If you have v2.5 installed, download the one below and follow the next steps:

1. Download from any server below
2. Replace the old ROFS3 with this new ROFS3 you've just downloaded. (at ...Nokia\Phoenix\Products\RM-774)
3. Do not Hard Reset your phone, this is just a minor update, don't erase anything
4. When flashing press [Update Software] button instead of [Refurbish] button
5. Enjoy and post your feedback

Got some spare time and fixed the reported bug

*Extra Power Menu Key Icons now working on English language

- Rofs3 ONLY - Mediafire

- Rofs3 ONLY - BOX

- Rofs3 ONLY - MEGA

Thank You... Happy Flashing...

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