Saturday 13 April 2013

Custom Firmware: RM- 670 Nokia 700 Belle FP2 Pure Edition II by SymbianFan

Nokia 700 RM-670 - Belle FP2 PURE Edition II by SymbianFan (updated 05-03-2013)

PURE Edition II


Menu & optics:
icons for internet and navigation changed (see screenshot!)
icons in logs colored (see screenshot!)
BugFix: unwanted folder in menu can you now delete
startup animation changed (Now: S60 logo Animation)

Mods added in c:\data\.Mods\:
Multimenu 3.4.1

Java Permission by Coderus

Default date is 05.03.2013 after a refurbish flash or hardreset

rofs2 increased of 4 mb

Free space:
ram: ~ 304 MB
phone memory: ~ 501 MB

Please format the phone memory and the mass memory before flashing this cfw!
Flash this cfw via refurbish!

After the flash don't make a hardreset or format the phone memory! (You will lose the data in uda!)
This CFW has been created with NokiaCooker. Many Thanks to Aquarius for his helpful tool SisContents!!

Download(click on image):

PURE Edition

Belle FP2 V. 113.010.1506

German [Default]

Menu & optics:
folder added: Music, Media, Internet, Navigation, Office, Tools, Applications & Games
new installed apps moves to folder "Applications"
menu view adjusted
colored contact details! (see screenshot!)
Nokia Pure font added

My Nokia
all TTS-Voices - except the english voice
some ringtones
weather widget
Applications added:
Rompatcher 3.1 FP2 by Il.Socio with autostart (patches: Open4all)
Adobe Reader 10.1.300 moved to Rofs
X-Plore 1.58 in uda (preconfigured)
Quickrestart by SnakeSoft
Nokia store 3.30.018 (with sisregistry - no update after flash needed)


Widgets added:
Notification widget

Mods added in c:\data\.Mods\:
Multimenu 3.3

useless autostart apps and processes deactivated
clock, calender, messenger, logs and camera are closed completely after exit them
cpu & gpu modified
heap size & closing delay mod by Srategist
removed fota cache
sending protected files over bluetooth is possible
Music player search only E:\Music\ and F:\Music\
datalogging in logs activated
installserver.exe (with log) added in Rofs by coderus
phone memory repartitioned to 505 mb with Nokiacooker 3.3
song metadata mod
long press "0" will restart the phone with quickrestart
default folder for bluetooth renamed from "Received files" to "Bluetooth"
added betalabs wlan update to Rofs
possible to enable/disable the theme effects in options by omkarkul

Default settings:
homescreens adjusted (portrait and landscape! - it looks like the first 2 screenshots)
at first start are 2 homescreens activated
touch screen vibration off
summary after call on
call duration on
theme effects off
product improvement off

Default date is 07.02.2013 after a refurbish flash or hardreset

some settings adjusted
browser cache moved to E
removed default bookmarks and feeds
homepage: (Classic view)

german added in dictionary
in uda are only the Nokia store, X-plore and the homescreens wallpaper
Nokia sign deactivated

Free space:
ram: ~ 305 MB
phone memory: 505 MB

Thank You... Happy Flashing...

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