Tuesday 16 April 2013

Custom Firmware: RM- 774 Nokia 701 Decent Belle by 777

Nokia 701-Rm-774-v111.020.0307-Decent Belle V.3.1 by friend777[24.10.2011]

First Nokia-701 Decent Belle V.2.1 with only installserver.exe added version.

This version is tested on my Nokia 701 silver

This uda file is from updated version RM-774 111.020.0307 with added installserver.exe for installing unsigned apps.

Special thanks to CodeRus for installserver.exe

Install and use by your own Risk..

Decent Belle V.3.1 24.10.11
Decent Belle V 3.1

Decent Belle V.3 18.10.11

uda file version 111.020.0307 with installserver.exe

* RM-774 111.020.307 Rofs2 and core original files.

Notes :
1. Make RM-774 folder and put original Nokia 701's files in it. Download it from Navifirm.
2. Delete Rofs3 and emmc from List in option of phoenix while flashing.
3. Replace all three files rofs2,uda and core file with files given here.
4. Just use rm-774 instead of rm-596 if u read in flashing guide.
5. If u don't know flashing don't do that....
6. Flash and install this cfw at your own risk.
7. Use only rm-774 files to flash your nokia 701 phone.
8. If any problem just flash again without replacing or deleting any files from the option in phoenix.



Thank You... Happy Flashing...

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