Friday 26 April 2013

Custom Firmware: RM- 807 Nokia 808 Modified FW Updated v5.1 by PVN913

Nokia 808 RM-807 (113.010.1508) - Modified v5.1 By PVN913 (Update 10/01/2013)

I made this cfw to my specifications. If you share this anywhere or posting a modified version of this cfw please don't forget to give credits to me and all the people I have mentioned here.

Change-log v5.1:

- Removed unwanted Startup items from Ecom files.
- Fixed the lag issues.

Change-log v5:

- Based on 113.010.1508
English and Hindi Only

- 295+ MB Free RAM On Boot.
- 650+ Mb Free on C Drive (More free space on UDA If your using a cleaned UDA)
- Anna Notification Widget Added
- A lot of Toggle Widgets, Clocks and Splash screen are modified
- Dark Background for Keyboard (Now even In landscape mode)
- Evolve Pro Edition Theme (Many custom Icons) set as Default. Source:Evolve Qt 3.0 for Fp2 by SLAYER33 and Drop Down Items from MeeGo by Blade
- Music Player, Animation and Slideshow screensavers added from N8.
- Theme Effects are off by Default (Copy from z:\resource\effects to C:\resource\Effects & Reboot to enable)
- Theme effects location C:\resource\Effects

- Task Switcher will open faster
- Predictive data will be saved on E Drive
- Sound Parameters changed
- Java Permission Mod by Coderus
- Modified Meego messaging conversation
- Modified sysap.exe by iChris701
- Logs are saved even after SIM change.
- Unlimited sms retries
- charger notes disabled
- volume popups disabled
- browser queries and network queries disabled
- Power Saving Mode auto switch Disabled
- Power Saving Mode notes disabled
- Modified Pop Up fader and Qt Popup
- Installserver with Log from rofs (Helps in installing unsigned apps, upgrades etc)
- 12 Menu Mod (Original Mod witcher3, Modded by Me)
- Audio quality recording will be 256kbps while Video recording at 720p/1080p
- Recorder Audio at 256 Kbps
- All profile renaming ability
- Editable equalizer in Music Player
- Editable Metadata editing for Songs in Music Player
- Extra Widgets (Digital Clock Transparent, Profile Transparent, Contact Communications, Small DLNA Server, Small Wifi, Small Text Clock, Small Music Player, Mini Contact with Name, FP1 Search Widget)
- App renaming possible in Menu
- Create Sub Folders in Menu
- Disable Pop-Up when No Connection available
- Site Query Pop Up Disabled
- Renamed Widgets
- SMS sending to Nokia after flash is not removed
- Added ROM Patcher 3.1 with New Icon + All Working Patches (Copied to E:\Patches on first Boot)
- Added Kill Me, AppStop to ROM
- Read system folders from Default Browser
- Call Duration and Call After Summary On by Default
- Only English in Message reader
- Heap size & closing delay modified
- More ram for apps (v6)
- Modified swipolicy.ini (Improved RAM's cleaning speed)
- Phone as Modem moved to Rofs
- CPU & GPU modded for better Performance and Battery-life
- Tactile Feedback in Call (3 Vibrations)
- Vibrate on call waiting
- Send protected files from default file browser
- GPRS/Wifi Connection in Log
- Custom animation/sound from E:\Animation (Copied on First boot)
- Modified Gallery and Music folder scan Locations
- Unlimited Home screens
- Can delete default homescreen
- HomeScreens re-arranged, 6 Screens with beautiful wallpapers on First Boot.
- Replaced the existing fonts with N9 (Supports Hindi also)
- Cache Drivers Optimized
- Renamed a few widgets and Apps
- Modified startup programs
- Wifi Beta labs updated to Rofs
- Removed some unnecessary mods from rofs3
- Updated Nokia Store
- Log extended (999 Days)
- A lot of other settings like wifi off by default, Dolby on by default etc.
For Original Nokia Boot and sound:

Deleted files and restart:
- C:\Private\10202be9\101F8763.txt
- C:\Private\10202be9\persists\101F8763.cre
Removed Apps
- All Microsoft APPS
- JoikuSpot Light
- Psiloc World Traveler
- Nokia Recommends
- NFC Tutorials
- Wallpapers

The One (Daniel, a very big thanks to you), iChris701 (Many of these mods are done by him)
nicesoni_ash, Jnx_r, CodeRUS, iExtra, Sklchan, satiro, Ancelad, strategist, Red X, chillerhippie, Robo3737, M4C351, huellif (Impressive mods mate), Cahjoss, Blade, Slayer, selvasathyam, Sirrieq, dhdesigner
Recommended Patches to add to auto start in Rom Patcher+:
- High Level Volume Fix
- More Bass & Louder Voice v3.5

Download: RM-807 Modified v5.1 by PVN913
Note: If your already on 5.0, remove uda and just use flash update. That way you do not loose all your existing data.

Thank You... Happy Flashing...

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