Friday 21 June 2013

Custom Firmware: RM- 718 | 601 Nokia C6-01 The Black Updated

Nokia C6-01 RM-718 & RM-601 Belle Refresh [111.040.1511] CFW The Black By Mahindar [8-3-2013]

Details and Changelog

Nokia C6-01 RM-718 & RM-601
Custom Firmware
The Black
Belle Refresh(111.040.1511)
Change log v2.1 [Updated on 08-03-2013]:
- 5 pages symbols in messaging
- Fast theme switcher
- Equalizer editor is added
- added symbols to power menu(to profiles,switch off and restart
- Small changes in Custom Profiles
- ROFS2 Connection GPRS and Wifi on log
- Java Permissions Mod
- Heap Size and Closing Delay by huellif
- UI,CPU & GPU mod by huellif
- Full Shutdown System Apps (contacts, log, messages, clock, calendar)
- Removed Speed rotation mod

- Removed extra High level volume patch belle
- Removed Browser cache to E due to some problems with Default Browser.
- Removed Bubble Unlock

Change log v2.0 [Updated on 01-01-2013]:
- Fast Rotation
- sound Improvements 3.5
- 22 New Equalizer Sets by viral
- Fast Task Switcher
- Max Battery Life mod by ivo777 v4.0
- MOD Increased Heap Size Reduced App closing delay
- More Ram for Apps update 6
- N9 Start-up
- unlimited sms sender
- USB OTG Disable popup
- Screensavers
- Animation Screensaver
- Slide Show Screensaver
- Music Player Screensaver
- Nokia Bubble Lock added
- Adobe Reader added back
- Mini Contact Widget
- Wifi small
- Removed Dolby

Change log v1.0 [Updated on 04-12-2012]:
- Task Switcher from Belle FP1
- Dolby Headphone
- Unlimited Home screens(100)
- First home screen can be deleted
- Restart option added to the power button menu
- Custom Profiles mod to rename all profiles
- Nokia pure Harmattan‎ fonts added
- Theme Effects to E mod added
- Tactile feedback while connecting,Disconnecting,Second incoming call
- Hacked with yinstallserver.exe
- RomPatcherPlus 3.1 with Auto start
- Added some important patches(Enable the Installserver and open4all patches after flashing)
- Enabled Rename & Move to folder in main menu
- Create sub Folders in main menu
- Disabled Active Diverts
- Kinetic Scrolling Fast
- File manager extender mod added
- Song Metadata Editing mod added
- Display Brightness to minimum by default
- Light time out to 5 sec
- Browser Cache to E
- Browser Default home page to
- Camera-Image settings(Save location info selected to NO)
- Camera sound removed
- Disabled Ovi Sign in At First Start-up
- Removed SMS sending after Flash or Reset
- High Quality Voice Recording+3 Hours
- Data,WI-FI,Bluetooth,Silent in the notification bar turned off by default
- Notification Lights(Blink light for No limit)
- Power saving query disabled
- Predictive text is turned OFF
- Send Protected Files from default file browser
- Call duration is on By default
- Summary after call is on By default
- Call image is set to None by default
- Screen saver turned off
- Fota cache to 0
- Writing Language set to English by Default
- Ram UI Heap size System Cache,CPU and GPU,Battery Saver Extender mod added
- Removed all Feeds
- Removed all Bookmarks
- Bluetooth Default Name to The Black
- CFW name as The Black
- Boot-screen and Sound disabled
- Comms launcher widget
- Flip clock
- ZDSync Time
- Gallery widget
- mem check
- Kill me
- Easy key lock
- Notes FP2 widget
- Transparent notification widget

- Installing a custom Firmware can Brick Your Phone. So try it at your OWN RISK
- UDA is completely Empty. U can use Original UDA or mine
Original UDA NaviFirm LInk RM-718
Original UDA NaviFirm LInk RM-601
- Only Rofs2 is modified.
- This CFW is English only. Don't ask for other languages
- Not necessary (Even though UDA is Empty do a Hard Reset after Flash)

Thanks to:
Marco Bellinger, CODeRUS, freaxs_r_us, iExtra7, iChris701, Gonizah, Stephan020793, kryak, somin.n, strategist, speedy24 (for some translations), pvn913, mussiexxx, Slayer33, MoritzJT, Symbian Fan, wirer, Ancelad, SnakeSoft, Robo3737, varfolomey, Skull-ATOS, Joe3, M4C351, peoresnada, Motaz. LOVELAS, 7b, nicesoni_ash, RedX, omkarkul, BelleXDesigns,saikat mondol and Big thanks to huellif



- RM-718 v2.1 ROFS2
- RM-718 v2.0 ROFS2
- RM-718 v1.0 ROFS2
- RM-718 Common Files for all versions

- RM-601 v2.1 ROFS2
- RM-601 v2.0 ROFS2
- RM-601 v1.0 ROFS2
- RM-601 Common Files for all versions

Links For Important Apps
- Microsoft Apps 2.01(5616)
- Nokia Maps 2.0
- Social 1.6.32
- Nokia Store 3.30.18
- Search 3.2.7
- Nokia Music 13.2.24
- Video & Photo Editor 1.01
- SMS update 10.3.0
- Calendar update 10.3.7
- Upload to SkyDrive 10.2.17
- Messaging Fix 10.01.28
Flashing Tutorial
- Flashing(Normal)
- Flashing(Dead USB mode)
Note:Remove and reinsert battery when it prompts to do it

Try it only if u understand.. Installing a custom Firmware can Brick Your Phone. So try it at your OWN RISK

Thank You... Happy Flashing...

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