Friday 7 June 2013

Custom Firmware: RM- 625|588|356|504|559 Nokia 5233|5230|5800|5530|X6 Distro Unleashed Updated

Nokia 5233|5230|5800|5530|X6 - RM-625|588|356|504|559 - Distro [Team Unleashed]

Released! Check the Downloads Section!
BT Headset Bug is now Fixed! [Exclusive]
Fix Added below!
New Mirror Links Added! [Be Happy! ]
You can use them if Not for the N9 icons! 


Beta-Testing Team:
Bulletproof136 [Special Credits!],Bunto90,kitbor,F3AR,soulhackerreborn

Special Thanks to:

RM-356 Uploaded by: 1011054v and Swapnil Wajpe

## Performance:

--Smooth User Interface for heavy loading.
--Fast, Quick and Stable performance.
--Modified and Edited Many major System files.
--All Drives will load System Cache.

--Highly Increased System Cache.
--Very High Frame Rates per Second for Gaming and running Applications.
--Increased & Juiced Battery Life [We got 30 Hours when Testing and Heavy Loading!] 
--Awesome Screen Rotation.



## General Modifications:

--No vibration while Locking and Locking using the Side Key.
--Extra Sensor settings - Tapping controls Added.
--Java Permissions completely Removed.
--Widgets Security is now Disabled. No harassment!
--Ovi Contacts Completely removed and Disabled.
--Show open Apps removed [We don't like it! ]
--Tap to Unlock Added with working Notifications.
--Press and Hold '0' to Switch ON Bluetooth.
--BT Headset Bug is now Fixed for N97 v30 Ports! [Exclusive]

## Miscellaneous:

--Space reserved by Fota is cleared.
--Check for updates removed [Update Manually!].
--Multi language fix [Use Distro in your language! ].
--Swipe Homescreen to get all widgets cleared.
--Message tone 4 selected as default.
--Theme Effects are ON by default.
--Rotation is ON.
--General profile renamed to 'Distro'. [Come on, Give us some credits! ]

##Internet and Browsing:

--Browser Cache size increased to 32 MB.
--Browser Cache Drive changed to E:\ .
--Browser version is
--Belle bar in Nokia Browser.
--Bookmarks edited.

## Menu:

--Photobrowser, TTPod, Conversations and Realplayer are Hidden from the Menu.
--Themes and Profile now show in the menu.
--Extended Menu mod added.
--Center text added.
--2x6 Symbian 3 Layout in Landscape.
--Options menu pops up everytime Headset/Headphone is connected [Just like OFW].
--No Scroll Bar mod.
>> Thanks to: Drakulaboy.

## Graphics:

--Custom Menu Busy Circle [Gridroot].
--Symbian 3 Theme Effects [Fast and Good-looking! ].
--Colourful Anna Icons [Exclusive]
>> Thanks to: Binh24, Aky5233, Anti67. And ofcourse, Siscontents!
--Belle bar! [Exclusive]
>> Thanks to: n0tr3v3 and unknown25!
--Belle Symbols on HS!
--New Smilies in Messaging.
>> Thanks to: Riztra.

## Media and Music:

--Audio Codecs added from Allure [Exclusive]
>> Thank you Venu383. We Miss you.
--Symbian 3 Equalizer. One touch Equalizer.
--4 more equalisers added to Music Player.
--Radio RDS fixed. Listen to your local Radio.
--Music Player reads only E:\Music Folder. Move all your Music to E:\Music folder.
--Music Menu [Music HS]: TTPod & DzMusic Keys. [Exclusive]
--RealPlayer Added to Videos & TV menu [Videos HS] [Exclusive]
--RealPlayer hidden from the menu.
--Mpeg Codecs added! [Exclusive]

## Gallery:

--Photobrowser added to Photos menu. [Photos HS]
--Gallery contains Delete Button in place of Share Online.
--Gallery speed mod [Load Galleries faster]. [Exclusive]
--Gallery won't search "Distro" and "Wallpapers" Folders
--Photos App 1.0.1 by RKY added.

## Messaging:

--More pages of characters in the Symbols page. Press star in messaging to see.
--Smilies changed!  Check the screenshots.
>> Thanks to: Riztra and some chinese forum!
--Smiley size increased!
--Removed Messaging lag completely!
--Message Reader now works!
--Lady's Speech [Emily's] added to Message Reader.
--Conversations app added to Messaging.
--Added Conversation to Messaging
--Default Sent items set to 999.

## Fonts:

--Nokia Pure Bold fonts by n0tr3v3.
--Clock font changed to N8.
--Smiley Size highly Increased.
--Fonts contain the Exclusive Belle Bar. Copy if you like but not for Commercial/Official Use. [Personal Only]

## Keyboard:

--Auto Rotate Keyboard [Alphanumeric to Qwerty] Fixed.
--C5-03 Qwerty icons Added.
--Alphanumeric Keyboard Layout Changed.
>> Thanks to: Dan-Av and New-Cooller.
--N8 Qwerty Layout.
>> Thanks to: Dan-Av and New-Cooller.
--4 Row Qwerty Keyboard Layout [Numbers to the top].

## Date and Time:

--Digital Clock set as default.
--Clock is now 24 Hour format.
--Date is DD-MM-YYYY format.

## Lights and Keyguard:

--Light mods v3 by mara- and binh24 [for N97 v30 port]
>> Thank you mara- and binh24!
--Key Lights normal behaviour by Dan-av
--Light settings configured as:
>> 15 seconds - Lights will dim.
25 seconds - Lights out.
40 seconds - Lock! [Keyguard].
--Lights when wired Headset/Headphone is connected. [Screen will Light up].
--Breathing light off by default.
--Auto-Keyguard adjustment option added to Settings.

## Apps Added:

--RomParcher+ v3.1
--Installserver patch v1.4 by Vova1989
--No Scroll bar Patch by Drakulaboy.

## Changes in N97 Port:

--N9 Icons by Chris_Marsh [Beautiful Work!]
--Rearranged the Menu
--Fixed all N97 Light bugs
--DzMusic Keys Button Fix
--Press and Hold '0' in Dialler to load Bluetooth
--Removed Center Text [Users' demands!]
--BT Headset Bug Fixed!! [Exclusive!!]
--New Belle Symbols by masum52kk
Download Mods and Fixes used in Distro:


Belle Navibar used in Distro along with Extra WP7 Symbols

Thanks to: 1011054v, Matrix_skopje, casseer15, SwapnilWajpe and Lord_revan for uploading!

Mirror to all Distro C6 Downloads
Mirror to all Distro N97 Downloads

C6 v41 Port:
Mirror to all Distro C6 Downloads




RM-356 - Link by Matrix_skopje

N97 v30 Port:
Mirror to all Distro N97 Downloads

RM-559 Non-Belle
RM-559 Belle Rofs2 and Uda OR Mirror Rofs2 + Uda
Core - By Team Eclipse

RM-625 Non-Belle

RM-625 Belle - Updated on 4th August, 2012
Core - By Team Eclipse

v51.9 Core - Delete the rofs2 from this link, and rename Distro's rofs2 & uda to v51.9. - by vgp

RM-588 Belle - 04th May, 2012

Core - By Team Eclipse

RM-356 Rofs
RM-356 Belle - 3rd May, 2012

RM-356 by 1011054v. Better and Stable with more Apps. For help, ask in the thread.

Core for v60.0.003
Core for v52.0.101

Note v52.0.101 Users:
Download this: RM-356 Belle from above.
Rename the rofs2 to: RM-356_52.0.101_prd.rofs2.V01 and uda to: RM356_52.0.101_000_001_U001.uda
Use proper core provided!

RM-504 Belle
RM-504 Users:
Rename the RM-504 Rofs2 to "RM-504_40.0.003_prd.rofs2.V05"

For all those who have problem with the 'X' mark, kindly read the FAQ below.

Non-Belle version not posted for your RM Type? Use THIS LINK and copy everything to rofs2 and flash. This should remove the Belle Symbols. Credits to Droidz for posting!

-- Use of Proper Core is mandatory.
-- The new Link leads to the same result/RM/download as that of mediafire links. Both the links are mirrored.
-- X6 users must tick 'Factory Set' in JAF when Flashing. Splashes will be installed when AutoInstaller is run.
-- Check the 'After Flashing' Instructions below to ensure no bugs whatsoever.
-- If your confused on which port to choose, we recommend you go for the N97 port, Non-Belle bar variant; including newbies.

Flashing Guide:

Manual Flash Guide by Deeps_17
After Flashing:
--Don't touch the phone for 15 seconds when the phone boots and you see the bootscreen. Punch in your region details (date, time, country selection, region selection, lock code) after waiting.
-After finishing the details, wait for the Homescreen to completely appear and again, wait for atleast 4-5 minutes before touching the screen. Kindly note that this HAS to be done as we are using S^3 Clock on HS, which takes time to give its effects (You can see it after flashing). Plus, effects are switched ON by default.
--Now check the phone as you like. Go to kill Me, move mediabar.exe from removable to protected.
--Restart the phone.
--Restore Contacts in the same manner as instructed below, and not by restoring via PC Suite.

Thank You... Happy Flashing...

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