Tuesday 3 September 2013

Custom Firmware: RM- 555 Nokia N97 Metro Revision Beta Updated

N97 mini RM- 555 Metro Revision Beta CFW based OFW

The languages supported by this CFW:
01- English (default language)
02- French
03- Arabic
The applications added in this CFW:
01- Theme From Metro Revision by Daeva112
02- Nokia Maps v 3.06
03- I-Sms (Make sure Download Version 1.18)
04- ROM Patcher Plus v 3.01
05- Bluetooth Switch
06- ScreenSnap
07- MemCheck
08- Quick Lock
09- Bright Light v 1.0
10- Timer Pro v 1.0
11- Google Maps

12- Bounce Touch
13- Notifications widget
14- KillMe
15- File Browser

The applications removed from the CFW:
01- All original themes
02- Boingo
03- JoikuSpot
04- Qik
05- Vlingo
06- Music Store
07- Download!
08- Chat

Special modifications:
01- Belle Browser working perfect without any bug
02- 5 short-cut widget Working fine with all Languages
03- S^3 Landscape Mod added with extended menu,full screen qwerty,center text,alphanumeric mod
04- Smiles added with N8 style
05- S^3 Kinetic Scrolling MOD added edited by me 50 FBS
06- C6 Anna Effect By akshay edited by me working very smoothly and fast

Media modifications:
01- Voice recorder set to High-Quality
02- Camera Image improved
03- Gallery has been improved
04- Video Capture frame rate improved
05- Added Music player v 15.2 with lyrics function
06- N8 equalizer is added

Network modifications:
01- Downloads will continue, if phone accidentally turns off
02- Internet Browser Cache increased to 20MB and moved to MMC (E:\)
03- WiFi sensitivity increase

The bugs that have been fixed
01- The QT problem has been fixed
02- The Voice Commands app. has been fixed
03- Install & uninstall problems have been fixed

StartUp Screen

01- Isms Skin edited by me (make sure after install move C:\FreeiSMS to C:\Data\)

01- Real player icon don't support
02- Apps not arrange in right order
03- Any bug please report
04- No Belle Version
05- It beta Anything can happen. if you check *#0000# CFW show "created by nokia cooker"  i don't know how to fix it. tired all this thing.
06- Any suggestion please Comment below.

All in One.




Thank You... Happy Flashing...

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