Thursday 19 September 2013

Custom Firmware: RM- 697 Nokia C5-03 v 23.0.015 new updated

CFW C5-03 v23.0.015 + mini qwerty full belle

Change log:

- Drive C up to 105 Mb, up ram and smooth touch
- hs tsunami belle
- belle Navibar
- Hack permanently installed impartial pm
- Turn off the Java software
- Integrated Rompatcher, automatically apply the open4all patch
- Mute photograph, film
- Rearrange menu
- Cache to e Shipping
- Returns the Ram out cameras
- Save 100,000 SMS
- Rename the normal configuration Vip C5-03
- Improved of the recorded audio files, photos, video
- Improved start wifi
- Scan music in E: \ Sounds \ and E: Music \ \
- Gallery does not scan the folders you want
- Connect common drives default
- Increase heap size 

- Change the startup sound effects and edit by me
- new keyboard Mod
- Theme rays anna
- 1 of additional apps (see figure, except for screen snap and then cook speedy go is installed)
- lunar return with c5-03
- And many other things you find out!

Download: here...

Thank You... Happy Flashing...

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