Wednesday 4 December 2013

Custom Firmware: RM- 609 Nokia E6-00 Advance v2.0 Final New

Nokia E6-00 (RM-609) Advance v2.0 Final (01/10/2013)


- Mechanical Analogue Clock
- New Digital widget
- Mini Analogue Clock
- Digital Medium Clock
- Digital Small Clock
- WP7 Clock Big & Small
- New Digital Clock Widget
- Contact Widget From FP2
- Music Player Mini and Transparent
- Internet Connection Popup (From Anna)
- StopWatch
- No Startup Animation
- WebView
- New Fonts
- More RAM For Applicatios
- Theme Effect Changed
- Video App From Anna
- Left soft lock key
- Charging and Key Volume LED blink when have a sms or misscalled
- Red LED will open during Charging
- Edit softwares name in menu
- Original Conservation with small changes
- New wallpapers added
- Songs and pictures only drive E & F
- RomPatches in built (RomPatcher+install server)
- Blackberry sms ringtones
- sms update components
- Send Protected Files via Bluetooth
- Custom profiles
- Enable hidden Menu icons ( WiFi, Connection managers, Themes, USB, Device manager)
- Restart on Power Button
- Improved CPU n GPU
- Kinetic Scroling Improvement
- note widgets from FP2
- call logs in 356 days
- short vibrate in making a call
- screensaver from fp1


- Ovi Music
- Ovi store
- Mobile F-Secure Security
- JoikuSpot
- Psilic Word Traveler
- Vingo
- ExtendedPresenter
- Psilic Font Magnifer
- Microsoft Office
- Nokia recommandes
THanks To Mooders: Za8, Aina, Aniket and others..TESTED AND RUNNING GOOD

Part_1: here
Part_2: here (Password: laknatumno)


Thank You... Happy Flashing...

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