Friday 6 December 2013

Custom Firmware: RM- 774 Nokia 701 Belle, the Greatest v2.51 FP2 Updated Anew

Nokia 701 - RM-774 - Belle, the Greatest v2.51 - Belle FP2. UPDATED!

Hi there!
Note: This CFW is based on v113.010.1506 with 059K0X1 Product Code.

-New Avkon2 by ali30n with battery and signal modifications.
-Quickrestart using "0" key in dialer by silver.sandstorm723
-Max Battery Life by ivo777
-Menu Unlocks(by iExtraX7):
*Rename Apps
*Create subfolders
-Screensaver Music Player by SkullATOS
-MeeGo Style Conversations by Cahjoss
-Smileys Everywhere by iChris701
-File Manager Extender Mod by iChris701
-Memory Card Icon by gucio2607
-FM Radio Skin by 3mel, fixed by me.
-WP8 Keyboard by Bhavin Gandhi y chang143.
-12 Equalizer Presets:
*+5 Additi0nal Pumpin Beat Presets by Symbianize Legend.
*+4 Preset for Music EQ by Michalkepa
*+3 EQ Beats Series by STeeLuS.
-N9 Startup by ivo777
-WLAN Fix by BetaLabs Integrated.

-Dolby Surround On by default by huellif
-By defalut one homescreen.

-Mem Check, BelleIcon (own modification).
-ROMPatcher+ v3.1 FP2, BelleIcon (own modification).
-QuickRestart (authorized by author) by Lanternsoft.

-Bounce Boing Battle.
-Adobe Reader.
-Psiloc World Traveler.

+ Transparent by Carpenter's_Son
-Clima, now.+
-Clima, forecast.+
-Photo Wall (frameworks). by Joshlog
-FM Radio.+
-Clock, flip.+
-Clock, digital.+
-Clock, text (Spanish). *Includes mini. Translation by Josue Avelar, mini by Robo 3737
-Music Player (original, small and compact).+ compact by Robo 3737

-Wi-Fi *includes mini.
-Mobile Data.
-Offline Mode.
-Mobile Data Tracker.
-Operator Services.
-Servidor DLNA.
-FM Transmitter *includes mini.
... by Carpenter's_Son

-LATAM Spanish (Recommended)
-US English

Initial Memory:
-RAM: 296MB / 500MB
-C: 393MB / 613MB

Download:(Updated 30/03/13)*

- Belle, the Greatest v2 [(Languages Added) 288MB] - MEGA only


*Updated Version with all languages included. No changes, just repacked all files with new ROFS2

Hard Reset before flashing, Add to auto all ROMPatcher+ Patches.

Post your reviews, comments, bugs found or any suggestion
Enjoy it! Screenshots are in Spanish, but BTG has more languages available
Please share your feedback!

I won't add more languages by now, because ROFS2 available space is running out & the minor updates are making all updates [When important (soon) ] to look as irrelevant :/ hope you can understand me.


-Editable Equalizer Mod.
-Editable Song Metadata. [Only Spanish and English]
-Animation ScreenSaver.
-SlideShow ScreenSaver.
-More RAM for apps Mod.
-Remove USB Popups.
-Fixed Loading Bar by changing avkon (fixed again).
-WP8 Conversation replacing MeeGo one.
-More Preloaded Wallpapers...
-Added Power Key Menu Symbols [Only to Spanish and English language]
-New theme effects
-First Homescreen is removable
-You can add 10 homescreen pages.
-Last Store update integrated
-SMS Update preloaded
-Added mini Email widget
-Added Clock and Profile widget
-Enabled Hidden Websearch Icon
-Bluetooth is now "Nokia 701"
-Added Bookmarks
-Added Converter from s60v5
-Added Semitransparent Notes, RSS and calendar events widget
-Improved Kinect Scrolling (Slippery)

Download! (Updated to v2.51 15/04/13)

NOTE: If this is your first time flashing with this CFW download this one:

- Belle, the Greatest v2.51

- MEGA: Part 1 (200MB), Part 2 (92.6MB).

- Box: Part 1 (200MB), Part 2 (92.6MB)

Refursbish and enjoy

NOTE: If you have v2.5 installed, download the one below and follow the next steps:

1. Download from any server below
2. Replace the old ROFS3 with this new ROFS3 you've just downloaded. (at ...Nokia\Phoenix\Products\RM-774)
3. Do not Hard Reset your phone, this is just a minor update, don't erase anything
4. When flashing press [Update Software] button instead of [Refurbish] button
5. Enjoy and post your feedback

Got some spare time and fixed the reported bug

*Extra Power Menu Key Icons now working on English language

- Rofs3 ONLY  - Mediafire

- Rofs3 ONLY  - BOX

- Rofs3 ONLY  - MEGA


Thank You... Happy Flashing...

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