Tuesday 10 December 2013

Custom Firmware: RM- 750 Nokia 500 Full Refresh Ultimate Updated Anew

Nokia 500 - RM 750 Full Refresh Ultimate By Juampy CarLegui & W@lter P. F.


Expected and new custom firmware made by Walter and Juampy ... Highly optimized in all aspects, without bugs and advanced! Last generation!

IMPORTANT! Read and watch the video-tutorial before flashing ...

Features & Changelogs

* FIRMWARE LANGUAGES: Spanish - English
* .Mif ported to E
* 306.3 MB IN C

* Added mod editing the song details
* Added the Permanent Hack
* Added Digital Clock Screen Saver
* Added the MOD to search images and music on their respective folders C, E, F
* Added MOD Mod Max Battery Life
* Added the MOD to Rename Applications
* Added MOD for kinetic scrolling
* Added the MOD to vibrate when answering calls
* Added MOD unlimited screens
* Added Task swither MOD Fp1
* Added Landscape Mode Mod for FM Radio
* Added Dolby + 22 EQ Mod
* Added WIFI MOD Sensitive
* Added mod Resume Download
* Added Red Abstract Fm Radio Skin

* Increased volume and improved without saturating the end and without headsets patch.
* Changed the MOD The Best Boot screen for Belle
* Changed Conversations with avatars (Meego), in E / resource / avatars loading images
* Changed mod Notifications
* Changed By Juampy CarLegui avkon2
* Changed the Cache from C to E 32MB
* Changed the FM Transmitter Widget
* Changed widgets and rearranged the desks from the start to make them look perfect both in Portrait and in Landascape

* Changed the Toggle Widget
* Changed the effects for a simple and very fluid

* Removed the Home of the default Apps that start when you turn on the phone
* Removed the default applications that come to gain more space in C
* Changed Startup.gif (You can install that the user likes)

* Removed Ovi Registration
* Eliminated Store and Maps
* Removed Fota permanently to keep 20MB on C:

* Mod 8 pages of symbols in the message editor
* New default theme.
* Changed Sysap.mif

* New Splashscreen By Juampy CarLegui
* New Fonts with symbols
* Added the folder to the folder E to switch startups Animation
* Added Widgets folder to E, with some of your interest
* Added to E the Applications folder with all necessary applications + very interesting news as Editor of photos and videos of the Nokia 808 Pure view. (PLEASE CHECK THIS FOLDER)

* Sensitivity and responsiveness in increased Touch By Walter
* Much faster to open and close applications.
* And more than discovering


Video Tutorial:

And most importantly ... and waited ... after much reading

CFW Full Refresh Ultimate Link: here

Hope you enjoy, after hard work, thank you!
Juampy & Walter

Thank You... Happy Flashing...

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