Sunday 29 December 2013

Custom Firmware: RM- 718 Nokia Belle Custom Belle Sahera Updated Anew

Rm-718 Nokia sahera based on belle refresh(12/6/2013)


Firmware Name: Nokia Sahera
Based on: Nokia belle refresh(RM-718)
Product code of firmware: 059C1C2

changelog of the cfw(12/6/13):

Changes Calibrated/Unlocked
Removed My nokia,
Removed About,
Removed Help
Removed dictionary
Removed podcasting
All language files removed expect english

Removed My nokia(Left out files)
Removed About(Left out files)
Removed Help(Left out files)
Removed Ovi contacts
Removed Ovi Music
Removed Ovi sync
Removed Dictionary(Left out files)
Deleted some tones
All language files removed

Default theme changed to Tron blue theme
Simple avkon2 blue version by me
8 pages symbols in messaging
Fast theme switcher
Equalizer editor is added
added symbols to power menu
changes in Custom Profiles
ROFS2 Connection GPRS and Wifi on log
Java Permissions Mod
Heap Size and Closing
UI,CPU & GPU mod
Full Shutdown System Apps
(contacts, log, messages, clock, calendar)
Fast Rotation
sound Improvements 3.5
New Equalizer
Fast Task Switcher
Max Battery Life mod by ivo777 v4.0
MOD Increased Heap Size Reduced App closing delay
More Ram for Apps update 6
unlimited sms sender
USB OTG Disable popup
Animation Screensaver,
Slide Show Screensaver,
Music Player Screensaver
Mini Contact Widget
Wifi small
Task Switcher from Belle FP1
Dolby Headphone
Unlimited Home screens(100)
First home screen can be deleted
Restart option added to the power button menu
Custom Profiles mod to rename all profiles
Nokia pure Harmattan‎ fonts added
Tactile feedback while connecting,Disconnecting,Second incoming call
Hacked with installserver.exe
RomPatcherPlus 3.1 with Auto start and imp patches
Enabled Rename & Move to folder in main menu
Create sub Folders in main menu
Disabled Active Diverts
Kinetic Scrolling Fast
File manager extender mod added
Song Metadata Editing mod added
Browser Default home page to
Camera sound removed
Disabled Ovi Sign in At First Start-up
Removed SMS sending after Flash or Reset
High Quality Voice Recording+3 Hours
Data,WI-FI,Bluetooth,Silent in the notification bar turned off by default
Notification Lights(Blink light for No limit)
Power saving query disabled
Predictive text off by default
Send Protected Files from default file browser
Call duration is on By default
Summary after call is on By default
Fota cache to 0
Bluetooth Default Name Kumar
CFW name as Nokia Sahera
Boot-screen and Sound disabled
Comms launcher widget
ZDSync Time
Kill me
Notes FP2 widget
Transparent notification widget
New Clock Settings (12 Hour Clock+Auto update timing).
Default homescreen wallpapers changed
Theme effects added
Theme effects on by default
Default profile name to sahera
Fp1 keyboard

Nokia Store 3.30(18) for UDA by huellif


Removed all Qt languages expect english(en)
Removed all R?? languages expect english(r01)
Removed all Help language files
Removed all Quickoffice files
Removed all xHtml files expect english(01)

Removed MS office samples
Removed Natgeo
Removed India today
Removed Ovi Music
Removed Quick office
Removed F-secure
Removed Youtube
Removed Psiloc world traveler
Removed Cpix search
Removed video editor
Removed Microsoft communicator Tmi
Removed font magnifier
Removed urihandlerpkg
Removed CnnIntl
Removed Microsoft configure applications
Removed Nokia recommende
Removed Pixi components
Removed QTRLSupport
Removed qmlpicturmanagerplugin
Removed Microsoft apps
Removed Microsoft Lync
Removed Microsoft Shared
Removed joinplugins
Removed pinbaseddial

Note: Use at your own risk
At the first installation the theme might not change just tap on menu>settings>themes.
The screenshots my include some paid apps which are not included in the cfw

Thanks for reading the full descrption about the cfw
Hope you people like this.

Thanks to:
Marco Bellinger, CODeRUS, freaxs_r_us, iExtra7, iChris701, Gonizah, Stephan020793, kryak, somin.n, strategist, speedy24 (for some translations), pvn913, mussiexxx, Slayer33, MoritzJT, Symbian Fan, wirer, Ancelad, SnakeSoft, Robo3737, varfolomey, Skull-ATOS, Joe3, M4C351, peoresnada, Motaz. LOVELAS, 7b, nicesoni_ash, RedX, omkarkul, BelleXDesigns,saikat mondol and Big thanks to huellif,mahindar and vinu38 etc

here are the screenshots download link in txt file


password: sahera


Thank You... Happy Flashing...

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