Monday 9 December 2013

Custom Firmware: RM- 774 Nokia 701 Lumia v10 FP1 New

Nokia 701 (RM-774) LUMIA v10 FP1 (112.010.1404) CFW By KAPIL

Friends, This is My Lumia v6.0 CFW for Nokia 701(RM-774 112.010.1404) and i have tested it on my Nokia 701

Change-logs from original Firmware:-

Firmware Highlights
Core Unlocked, Installserverr put into ROFS3, means if you reset Your Phone Your phone will still remain Hacked and you can install unsigned Applications and Games.
Nokia 808 Effects Used, and location changed from Z to E. now you can put new theme effects in E:/Effects folder and enjoy these without flashing your Phone.
Added meego Belly themes
Restart on Switch off Menu
Default wallpapers Changed
Nokia N9 Screen saver
Battery & tower indicator changed
New ver. of Internet Radio added
Memory card icon in Top bar
Music and Gallery scan set to E:/Music and E:/Pictures only
Default web browser resumes downloads even after restart
Web Browser 8.3 with Html 5
Bookmarks integrated in default web browser
Browser cache to E : This mod moves the browser cache to drive E..
Tactile feedback in calls v2 : This mod enables single short vibrations when a call is made and disconnected
Name of General Profile Changed to Lumia
Default Bluetooth Name Changed to Lumia 701
Default Fm Transmitter Name Changed to Lumia 701
Transparent Music player
New Muisc player widgets & skins
New Digital clock Added
new Analog clock added
New Nokia Lumia, HTC, Samsung Galaxy SII Ringtone added
Clock alert changed
New transparent widgets
KS Improve
Rom patcher (with new patches) & Screen Snap added
Colorzit Application Added
Remove unwanted Application from Core file
Muisc player Screen Saver Added
Editable equalizer in music player are Enable & 4 New equalizer added
Analog clock lock-screen modding by chris
Message Delivery Default Yes
Character Encoding Set to full support.







Rofs3 & other files

WiFi, Sound & Battery Empty bugs are removed

try this new rofs3 file. Bug Free Rofs3

Last update on 24/09/2012 at 06.08 PM GMT+5.30

Thank You... Happy Flashing...

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