Sunday 8 December 2013

Custom Firmware: RM- 807 Nokia 808 v3.1.1 by huelif Updated Anew

Nokia 808 RM-807 (113.010.1508) by huellif v3.1.1 [22/02/2013]

Hi, a CFW for Nokia 808 with offical FP2 (113.10.1508.01.01), product code 059M7J6.
It's working fine and it's completly tested.

Changelog v3.0:
- English and German only (I cleaned out really everything)
- added Installserver_log
- added Rompatcher 3.1 FP2 (all possible patches are in e:\patches)
- added some mods to c:\data\mods
- EnableDefaultThemeEffects.sis
- MifPatch.sis
- Nokia Big Screen 10.03(2).sis
- Quickrestart_incl0MOD.sis
- SIS Editor v2.00.sisx
- SIS Editor v2.01.sisx
- theme effects base package fp2.sis
- winRARv1.01.sis
- added black keyboard mod by me
- modded autostart (removed some apps like contacts, messages, log etc. and added Rompatcher)
- removed application caching (you can completly close apps like contacts and calendar)
- added Evolve Qt 3.0 as default theme (with little changes)
- ported FP1 widget skins
- Nokia Pure as default font
- added Nokia GPS Data from s60v5 in Rofs (with anna icon)
- added Nokia Converter from s60v5 in Rofs (with anna icon)
- changed default settings (homescreen, screensaver, camera, dolby, product improvment, light and more)
- up to 15 homescreens

- added updates: SMS-Update (UDA), Compatibility fix(rofs)
- added hidden WebSearch button in search app
- added commslauncher widget
- added a lot of resized widgets from robo3737
- added anna notifications widget (with anna icon)
- added unlimited sms sending retries
- added filemanager extender mod
- added Smilies across all applications mod
- added SysApp 1.4
- added X-Plore with custom settings to UDA
- added ID3 and Eq editor
- added added Eq presets
- added compatibility fix update in Rofs
- added log extender mod
- updated nokia store to 3.30.017
- added MifEditor and Recognizer to Rofs (hidden from menu, because it won't work from menu)
- added Qt-IAP into Rofs1
- added In-App Analystics to Rofs1
- added predic to e mod
- added all english and german TTS speakers
- added german dictionary
- added modded menurenderer (you can rename apps create subfolders)
- removed Popupfader
- added Internet Radio to Rofs2
- added tactilce feedback for calls
- modded sbeconfig (heap and closing delay)
- modded swipolicy (all clapabilities and no more warning while installations)
- integrated SIP-VOIP settings to Rofs
- moved phone as modem to Rofs
- added domainsrv.exe and ynstallserver.exe to UDA
- anna sound parameters and more volune by default (original parameters are in c:\data\mods\
- repationized the FW (over 673 free space on c)
- added betalabs wifiupdate to Rofs1
- removed: Shazam, Youtube, Video Pro, Public Transport, Nokia Recommend, Nokia Music, Nokia BigScreen, Weather Widget and Social
- added purpose version: huellif v3.0

- added shutdown animation path c:\startup\shutdown.gif
- added power buttons
- added red loading LED (30%)
- added new widget: calendar small
- changed purpose version: huellif v3.0.1
- ported FP1's contacts widget background

- fixed empty sound (added nfc.wav by default)
- updated qt evolve
- ported really all FP1 widget skins
- resorted cfw (deleted double files)
- added correct base package to c:\data\mods
- added NoMenuLight.sis to mods
- added FM Transmitter small
- added tukish UI
- added hindi, turkish and arabic writing

- added full spanish
- added theme effects on/off option by omkarkul (on by default)
- repationized the CFW (now you should have really enough space for own mods or translations)
- added X-Plore belle icon from my friend BelleXDesigns
- updated QtWebkit to 4.8(2) (in ROFS1)
- updated ColorizIt

- added full chinese UI and writing languages BIG THANKS to freaxs_r_us
- disabed theme effects by default (enable them in options)
- changed effects path to e:\effects
- removed unnedeeded themeeffcts.sis files
- added multimenu installer in c:\data\mods
- weather widget installer is in c:\data\mods
- added shutdown.mp3 path c:\startup\shutdown.mp3
- added Rompatcher Anna icon by Moatz
- changed some widgetnames
- fixed ID3 and EQ editor in translated languages

- added Fast Theme Switch mod (for all languages)
- added Input Database To E mod
- added Remove USB popups mod
- removed arabic dictionary
- added installler to remove tacticle feedback for calls
- integrated Clock and Profile widget
- readded Weather widget (to rofs3) (removed .sis)
- added Places app from Maps Suite Beta
- added Maps Checkin
- added City Lens
- added update installer (for all shareui updates), just run MiniCMD from menu
- added my own folder config to multimenu installer

- added full Urdu (writing and UI)
- added Arabic UI (writing was already inside)
- fixed some Qt fader files in ROFS1 (tweetian and WebSearch Ultimate should work fine now)
- updated Qt popupfader mod (in 3.1 it was only for symbian 1.0, not for 1.1)

- you can hardreset this CFW without bugs
- TTS shows a error after frist start (Restart the app), but it's working fine after a restart
- Please flash via refurbish
- DON'T restore your old settings, this will slow down the phone and brick some cenrep mods
- Feel free to share, mod and extract my CFW, but credit me
- If you want some mods or how to's: ask me!

Thanks to:

Marco Bellinger, CODeRUS, freaxs_r_us, iExtra7, iChris701, Gonizah, Stephan020793, kryak, somin.n, strategist, speedy24 (for some translations), pvn913, mussiexxx, Slayer33, MoritzJT, Symbian Fan, wirer, Ancelad, SnakeSoft, Robo3737, varfolomey, Skull-ATOS, Joe3, M4C351, peoresnada, Motaz. LOVELAS, 7b, nicesoni_ash, RedX, omkarkul, BelleXDesigns
and BIG thanks to the_one.89 and to all I forgott.

!!! YOU HAVE TO USE PHOENIX 2012.24 !!!


Thank You... Happy Flashing...

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