Saturday, 2 February 2013

Custom Firmware: RM- 356 Nokia 5800 Metro 8 OFW based CFW

Nokia 5800XM v60|RM-356 - "Metro 8" - OFW based CFW

Dust-off that old Symbian phone of yours and try Metro 8!
We all know that Nokia has abandoned symbian and moved on to Windows Phone, so why not move also to Windows Phone? Well, there might be many obstacles why we can't - so we find ways, like modding
Metro 8 brings up the new Windows Phone look to your old phone.
Metro comes from the words Modern-UI and Retro, or simply from Microsoft's UI.
Enough said, let's go to the changes.

Custom Features
[+]Windows Phone 8 Homescreen by XtronStudios
[+]Colorful - Blue, Red, Green, Pink, Violet and Yellow - just change the theme
[+]Fast theme effects made for Metro
[+]Menu names changed + layout reorganized to match Metro
[+]Fonts modded for Metro
[+]Boot+Startup+Shutdown screens made for Metro
[+]Startup+Shutdown sounds (c) Microsoft [95,98,2000]
[+]Ovi Suite renamed to Sync

[+]Mass Storage renamed to SD Storage
[+]Belle Navibar thanks to Caciones
[+]Default iconpack is Gado^Gado
[+]Stable RAM: ~55Mb+

Tweaks and Mods
[+]Removed unecessary ofw apps
[+]Removed help files
[+]Startup apps disabled
[+]Useless apps disabled
[+]FOTA Cache Removed
[+]System Cache Increased
[+]Browser Heapsize and cache increased to 64mb and moved to E:\System\Cache
[+]MusicPlayer Heapsize increased to 8mb
[+]Camera persistency fixed(no more RAM eating camera)
[+]Send all file types from File Browser
[+]Inbox limit set to 3000
[+]Conversations and Messaging will stay in background for fast access
[+]Tap to Unlock
[+]Kinetic scrolling - fast and sensitive
[+]Camera + Microphone recording qualities increased
[+]Removed MyFolder in Messaging + Reorganized
[+]And many other mods I forgot to list.

Predefined Settings
[+]Backlight time set to 45 seconds
[+]Power saver time set to 20 seconds
[+]Autolock time set to 60 seconds
[+]Bluetooth name set to "Metro 8"
[+]Call recording off
[+]Recording set to high
[+]Recording save location set to E:\
[+]Recording max. time set to 24Hours
[+]General profile name set to Metro
[+]Restart on powerkey options
[+]Conversations app in Messaging
[+]USB Mode set to "Sync", or Ovi Suite, Automatic
[+]Ovi Store v1.30.008
[+]Ovi Maps v3.06
[+]Nokia Browser v7.3.1.25

Apps included
[+]Autoinstaller (put all installers in E:\thinkchange\e\ or E:\thinkchange\c\ and start Tools->AutoInstaller)

Exclusive Addons
[+]Facebook link in main menu

This is a direct link to a Facebook App created by yours truly.
It needs your permission, of course, if you wish to use it.
It updates your status or simply post on your profile, but with a style.
It will display "via Windows Phone 8"

[+]Twitter link in main menu
[+]Circles - Game
[+]Facebook - App
[+]MOLOME - Instagram for s60v5

[+]Download the files needed: CORE + ROFS + UDA Download links below
[+]Before flashing, backup your files! (Messages,Settings,Calendar&Contacts)

MANUAL How to flash using 3 files
[+]Store the 3 files(CORE+ROFS+UDA) to a folder
[+]Run JAF, select the BB5 tab
[-][] Manual Flash
[-][] Dead USB
[-][] Normal Mode
[+]Untick others
[+]Turn off and connect your phone to PC using the USB Cable
[*]Click MCU, wait for 1 minute or press the power button on your phone for 1 second
[-]A browser window will appear, locate the CORE. *Filename: Metro.v1.CORE.c0r
[-]Click PPM, same method.
[-]Browse for the ROFS. *Filename: Metro.v1.ROFS2.V01
[-]Click APE Variant, same method.
[-]Look for the UDA. *Filename: Metro.v1.UDA.fpsx

[+]Click FLASH, click YES, and look at the console window below.
[+]Once it messages: PRESS POWER ON NOW! - press the power key of your phone for 1 second.
[+]It will start flashing the files to your phone
* - if not renamed

[+]After flashing, if the phone is not started or stuck in Local Mode, take off the battery and put it back.
[+]Turn on the phone.
[+]Select your country, and set the Time and Date.
[+]Once the homescreen appears, wait about 30 seconds.
[+]Go to Menu->Tools->Rompatcher+
[-]Do{ Options->Add to Auto } to Patches with a (+) Sign before their name.
[-]Close Rompatcher+
[+]Go to Menu->Options->ChangeMenuView->List
[+]Go to Menu->Settings->Personal->Home Screen->HomeScreenTheme and set it to Flash Live
[+]OPTIONAL:Go to Menu->Settings->Phone->Display and set the font-size to Large
[+]Wait for about 5-10 minutes until a message wants you to restart your phone.
[+]After your phone has restarted, wait for BelleTopbar to appear.
[+]Select your desired skin, SwipeType=Belle, Visibility=Hide
[+]Select Exeptions, find "Home Screen" and check it, click ok.
[+]Select Options->Exit. Open it again in Tools->Belle Topbar
[+]You may do what ever you want to do - Enjoy

Personal Notes
[+]Since this is my first CFW release, i'll take all the damage you might give, lol.
[+]Thanks to all authors of mods and blog posts, this CFW would have never been made without you.
[+]Thanks to Binh24 and Blaze Team for the core and OFW Structure
[+]Thanks to PNHT for the tools and mods
[+]Happy Modding


[!]RM-356 Core+ROFS+UDA

Explore my SkyDrive for Addons

Thank You Guys... Happy Flashing...