Monday 11 February 2013

Custom Firmware: RM- 555 Nokia N97 mini S^3 Hot and New

Nokia N97mini - RM-555 - S^3 CFW by Soumya Samanta [HOT&NEW]


* S^3 menu (6x2 menu in landscape)
* Android fonts
* C6 Smart Dialer
* C6 Swipe to Unlock
* OVI Maps 3.06(637) Latest
* Nokia Music Player 15.2 with Lyrics Support
* OVI Suite will recognize your phone as N97 Mini

1) Fixed Camera 'Already in Use'
2) Fixed Menu Opening on Music Player Exit
3) Fixed TV-Out
4) Fixed Camera Zoom
5) Fixed Music Scrolling Bug
6) Fixed USB Charging

7) Fixed Messaging Lag
8 ) Device can now charge via USB when it is turned off.
9) Mass Storage & Memory Card Drives can now be accessed when the device is turned off.
10) TTPOD installing successfuly and patch does not show component already inbuilt error.
1) System
* Additional Shortcut Bars in Homescreen
* All Drives Cached & Cache Increased
* Application Policy Modified
* Automatic Keyguard Time in Settings Menu
* Automatic Rotation Enabled by Default
* Background Applications Disabled
* Bluetooth Hotkey
* Restart button added
* Center Text
* Default Themes Changed (rainbow theme with symbian anna icons)
* Extra Tapping Sensors
* FOTA Cache Removed
* Improved Heap Size
* Improved Rotation Speed
* Improved Startup
* Improved UI, CPU, & Games Performance
* Improved WIFI Sensitivity
* Increased Free Space Memory in C: Drive
* Increased Startup Sound Volume
* N8 Icons
* N8 Kinetic Scrolling
* N8 Theme Effects (DDSv3)
* OVI Splash screen
* Removed Check for Updates
* Removed Show Open Apps
* Send Protected Files in File Manager (sis, sisx, jar, mid, & etc.)
* Smooth Brightness Adjustment
* Very FAST Startup
* Writing Speed Set to Maximum

2) Messaging Application
* 4 Rows Keyboard
* Automatic Rotation of QWERTY-Alphanumeric
* C5-03 QWERTY Integrated
* Conversation in Messaging
* 'Sent Items' Set to 999 Messages

3) Contacts & Log Applications
* Removed OVI Contacts
* Log Set to 365 Days

4) Media & Camera Applications
* Photos Reads "E:\Images" and "F:\Images"
* RealPlayer Reads "E:\Videos" and "F:\Videos"

* Camera Exits RAM After Close
* Longer Recording Length for Voice Recorder
* Higher Quality for Images (Removed JPEG Compression)
* Higher Quality for Voice Recorder (Stereo Recording)
* Improved Video Capture
* Integrated Nokia 3D PhotoBrowser in Photos Suite
* No Camera Sounds (Select 4th Option to Enable This)
* True 5 MP Camera Quality
* Added TTPOD in Music Player

5) Web Browser
* Browser Landscape Option
* Removed Unwanted Bookmarks
* Browser Cache Moved to Drive E:\
* Resume Downloads on Restart

1) Bounce Touch
2) Global Race Game (Plus 11 Tracks) (Accelerometer Game)

1) RomPatcher+ 2.6 Including Several Patches (AutoStart Working)
2) Music Player 15.2 (Supports Music Lyrics)
3) Nokia Photos 1.00(1) (Latest)
4) OVI Maps 3.06(637) (Latest)
5) OVI Store 1.09( 8 )
6) Adobe Reader 2.5 (Full Suite)
7) QuickOffice 6.2 (Full Suite)
8 ) Nokia File Browser 4.5
9) Google Maps 4.0 (Latest)
10) Strobe (For LED Flashlight)
11) MemCheck (For Memory Check)
1) Drawing
2) Welcome
3) My Nokia
4) About
5) Message Reader
6) Active Notes
7) Online Support
8 ) Share Online
9) OVI Music
10) OVI Sync
11) OVI Contacts
12) Help
13) Podcasting
1) English
2) JAVA Runtime Beta 2.1
* This has not been included in this release because someone as this conflicts
with Opera Mini 4.5 which would keep reinstalling everytime the application is opened.
3) Qt 4.7.3
* In this release, you can successfully install Qt 4.7.3.
4) AI.txt
* Please don't delete this from the C:\ Drive or else, AutoInstaller will reinstall OVI Store.
5) Although the Software Update in the phone would show updates in OVI Maps, Music Player, and Photos;
you don't really have to update as it is already integrated in the CFW. Even if you try to update, the update will
also fail (for these applications only). But as I've said, the features above are already in the CFW.
6) At first boot up, PLEASE WAIT for the AI (AutoInstaller) to finish installing OVI Store. Just wait for about
1 minute and the installation is done. You can see the progress of the installation as it is not silently installed.
Afterwards, ENJOY!
7)HARD RESET AFTER FLASHING as most of the problems arise because of not hard resetting your phone.


1) sercczionelabus AS THIS cfw IS BASED ON SCL^3

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Thank You Guys... Happy Flashing...