Thursday 14 February 2013

Custom Firmware: RM- 625|588|356|504|559 Nokia 5233|5230|5800|5530|X6 LinsPirat LTS

Nokia 5233|5230|5800|5530 | All RMs | LinsPirat LTS rev2.1 | X6 released !!!

-- Huge Performance Upgrade
-- QT Integrated
-- LinsPirat Music Theme Reworked
-- LinsPirat Plus Pack added with download. Contains All previous LinsPirat Themes and Wallpapers + Working latest Ovi Store
-- New Never seen before Sparkling swipe to answer and new Swipe to Unlock
-- Camera Hardware key fixed
-- Smoother KS
If you are a graphics freak n love your phone to look pretty, then this cfw is what you need..

Before you give it a go

This's not any elementary work either.
Build upon and with ideas and even files from great mods and CFWs (view credits).
Special thanks to Die2mrw007 & Shashwat from Gizmolord for helping a lot every now


Whats in it ?

-- Fast and colorful (60mb+ ram at start up , loads of color in LinsPirat theme).
-- NEW! LinsPirat LTS (Music) Theme!
-- NEW! LinsPirat LTS (Music) Walls.
-- NEW! LinsPirat LTS theme.
-- NEW! 5 LinsPirat Ringers (Personally edited from fav tunes).
-- LinsPirat v1 theme Revamped (will be available for autoinstaller).
-- New! 6+2 LinsPirat HD walls.
-- Music Player Supporting Karaoke with any .lrc (15.2 default).
-- NEW! -- Windows Phone 7 Giant font minified by me! (Have a plan to release giant version in future.) 
-- New and reworked ANIMATED LinsPirat LTS bootscreen (mbm file for smooth animation).
-- LinsPirat v1 Theme included - (colorful and with anna pop icons)
--5 Extra equalizer presets.
-- Glossy swipe to unlock.
-- Common good apps cooked within CFW.
-- Rompatcher with proven patches.
-- Personal Server Links.
--Effects : Android Theme effects by nhelske.

ABOUT MEDIABAR : Please read:
The accel switch icon is not for accel switch. Rather it will rotate your screen permanently until you press that again ( WORKS ONLY WHEN SENSOR IS OFF - LOGICAL right?).
We actually need that kinda rotation while browsing the web (lying on bed ) or reading a PDF.
HOWEVER - Accel switch is integrated.

Installation Notes:

If you hard reset or factory set your device, please flash again to get the 5 new equalizer preset.
--Use provided UDA (Otherwise you wont get 5 equalizer presets).
--Use v50 core for RM-625 by binh24
--Format memory card from within phone before you give it a go.
--Restart device after

Credits :
PNHT Team, 
Mayank (For his fabulous WP7 theme! (Edited by me to suit my CFW))
mara ,
dan-av ,
Szakalit ,
Rawand Kurdy,
Saminder (For reporting issues and helping in the solving process too!)
Neutron v12 team (Abhitheracer and Gaurav619) for the mediabar (I edited using Newcooller's mediabar editor tool ).

SPECIAL THANKS TO Xtreme.Infinity for doing fabulous job and hardwork in Porting the CFW to other RMs! Thanks my little brother

A BIG THANKS TO Tristar2 for Porting the CFW RM559 and testing it too! You are always special to have in the LinsPirat Projects! A reliable arrow in the arsenal to say the least!

Thanks to Parasavaitor for not only beta testing, but analyzing like a professional and suggesting a lot of things Thanks bro

A BIG THANKS TO Ivcha90 for Porting LinsPirat LTS Rev2 to other variants

Thanks to Aki07 for his hard work in making LinsPirat LTS Special Edition using N97v30 as base!!! Really gr8 bro! Thumbs up!
Raman (for helping with V60 core version of RM356)
and all good modder friends 


REV2.1 Download Section - Updated

Nokia 5233 RM625 - DOWNLOAD

Nokia 5230 RM588 - DOWNLOAD

Nokia 5800 RM356 - DOWNLOAD

Nokia 5800 RM428 - DOWNLOAD

Nokia 5530 RM504 - DOWNLOAD

Nokia X6 RM559 c6v41 - DOWNLOAD

Nokia X6 RM559 n97v30 - DOWNLOAD LinsPirat LTS SPECIAL EDITION (N97 PORT ) BY Aki07

Password for LinsPirat Plus Pack is "tintinboss2012" (without qoutes)
Note for X6 users : Don't forget to format (or at least delete folders private,resources etc) you memory card. Use a blank UDA if HS doesn't show up.


Download the attachment and extract
Copy the Private Folder inside it
Open the LinsPirat LTS rev2 ROFS2 using NFESTD
Browse the extracted ROFS2
Paste the Private folder u copied.
Replace existing file when prompted.

Reload from HDD in NFESTD
Delete the original ROFS2 and Rename the Rebuild ROFS2
Flash with it!
Thank You Guys... Happy Flashing...

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