Tuesday 12 February 2013

Custom Firmware: RM- 779 Nokia 603 fp2 Hazan Edition v4.1.1

[UPDATED-07-02-2013] Nokia 603 FP2 Hazan Edition v4.1.1 [113.010.1506]


I hope you will like. Thanks to all modders for their works (Huellif, Somin.n, iChris701, G.L, Normas, Bhavin Gandhi and more)
***You can edit ROFS3 whatever you want. I tried to make simple this CFW so i didn't use many mods.

"I didn't test it completely, everything seems good.i hope you will like it."

Hazan Edition v4.1.1 release notes
(-)Belle Ghost removed
(-)Belle Joshlog Removed
(+)C: 495mb
(+)Added Installing apps when flash (MiniCMD)
***X-Plorer is installing E automatically (with some apps )
(+)Phyton Added
(+)Phyton apps added (Surprise )
(+)Matrix menu folder Icons fixed (Better then v4.0.1) (If you don't want to use Folder icons you have to delete resourceIcons folders and private\200113dd from Rofs3.)
(+) AVKON Cyan

After flash please wait confirmation message to restart.

Hazan Edition v4.0.1 release notes
(+) At the opening of the phone memory C: "505 MB"
(+) Phone language -En-Fr-Tr-

(+) Belle Ghost 1.4 (1) the
(+) S-Cleaner database improved
(+) Keyboard mod applied
(+) Kinetic scrolling
(+) Some Tools added
(+) Belle Joshlog - One click Joshlog installation and removing (You have to put your MIF files into F\MyMIF)
(+) New Matrix menu icons by me
(+) Startup animations and sounds moved E
(+) Performance improvment
(+) Delivery Report ON & Character Support
(+) Nokia Product Improvment off by default
(+) Transparent widgets renewed
(+) Rom Patcher added
(+) N9 startup
(+)(+)Sound Improvment 3.5
(+) Effect path E: \effects
(+) AVKON Blue
(+) Sign Ovi canceled
(+) Installserver (unsign Enjoy your practices)
(+) Aborted resume downloads
(+) Browser Cache "E"
(+) Menu items can rename.
(+) Gallery scans E / F image folders
(+) Music player, only E / F scan your music folder
(-) Quickoffice
(-) Adobe Reader
(-) The Nokia Music
(-) Psiloc WT
(-) Vlingo
(-) Bounce Boing Battle
(-) Shazam
(-) Nokia Recommends
(-) CNN
(-) Microsoft Apps & Components
(-) Phone as modem
(-) MS Office Samples
(-) Some wallpapers deleted
(-) Language files removed (NL, DE, IT, PT, ES)
(-) Nokia Maps
(-) Social
(-) ...

Hazan Edition v4.0.1-DOWNLOAD

Alternative Link by omkarkul

Hazan Edition v4.0.1-DOWNLOAD



Thank You Guys... Happy Flashing...