Wednesday 20 February 2013

Custom Firmware: RM- 625|588 Nokia 5233 Quanta Infinity

Nokia 5233 RM-625 | RM-588 | Quanta ∞ | Infinity

Credits :Special Thanks : 
CODeRUS, Marco , PNHT team , etc for their tools & etc
All Other :
Akshay , Dan-av , New Coller , Alex363 a.k.a DjRaz , RAZ1911 , Operator_555 , Binh24
Aerolinu , Measma , Drakulaboy , etc

Change Log :
Integrated applications:
• Ktask 2.1.9 (As Default Task Manager)
• RomPatcher + 3.1 (With DOMAIN SERVER)
• MenuSwitch
• Auto Installer
• Un Install King
• BTSwitch
• Kill Me
• KeyLock
• Accel Switch
• MemCheck
• Nokia Notification V 1.05 with true Anna icons


• Other Language

• Help files + click "Help" in all applications (the application itself is removed)
• Chat
• Voice commands
• Adobe Reader
• Quick Office
• Welcome
• My Nokia
• Read posts
• Music OVI
• OVI Sync
• Search
• Update (with E-Mail works)
• Share Online
• WiFi / Wlan
• Video Call
• Video sharing
....................................Much More

Graphics :
 • Best Graphical Mod Ever Built is added in this CFW (Mod made by Me)
• Auto S60 Logo
• Auto Belle Caller Image
• Repainted & Remade the XM bar
• My Belle Special Mix Theme Effects
• RomPatcher + has new graphics (thanks unntim & Akshay)
• RealPlayer icon will now change themes
• Added Automatic Sort for about 60 applications !!!
• Added more than 300 icons for applications outside
• Changed the icons for some folders

System changes:

• Qt Integrated in ROFS1 , ROFS2 , ROFS3
• Best Installserver.exe with all fixes is added
• Faster launch of the phone
• Faster input for alphanumeric keyboard
• Media player upgraded to version 2.15 (1034)
• Appendix OVI Maps updated to version 3.06 (637)
• Nokia Browser updated to version
• Removed items "Go to the Music Shop" and "Find in Music store. Store" in Music. Media player. (Thanks to Dan-av)
• Removed some startup processes
• Removed request "Enable Bluetooth?"
• Removed the Send Protected Items
• Removed the word "Message" in SMS editor
• Disable caching of all the programs
• Disabled notification of change profiles
• Disable the message "Warning! Diverting" (Thanks NewCooller)
• Disable security applications a message when you install
• Disabled message - Install the application from an untrusted source? - When installing applications
• Disabled Notice "text copied to the clipboard"
• Disabled requests widgets
• Disable compression of images
• Added auto-sort for some applications
• Disabled request to exit from the autonomous mode
• Information on the same key in the QWERTY raised to 20 pixels
• USB Type the default - Drive
• Swipe to unlock replaced Tap to unlock
• The magazine keeps a history of 365 days instead of 30
• The size of the custom T9 dictionary is increased by 2 times (Thanks to Dan-av)
• "Share Online" is removed from the "Gallery" (Thanks to Dan-av)
• Added "Reboot !!" Button with icon (Thanks to CodeRus)
• From the menu, the application adds the ability to rename
• "Video and TV" in the menu is now called "Video"
• In the QWERTY keyboard in the mode of lowercase letters - a comma, in the regime of large - a point
• Added a contact picture if you default on it is not worth Photo
• SIP telephony works in the EDGE (Thanks to dan-av)
• App. files show system files / folders to E :/ /
• New XM Bar is made
• Disabled all the requests at the first startup
• Disable SMS sent when you first start
• Number of saved msgs. 750 posts
• Full rights for JAVA applications and SIS
• Added a selection box sets
• StaticFeaters.dll made from scratch
• To call log is stored in the SIM is changed
• Improved the scanning application photos
• The recorder moved to the Music menu (available all localization)
• Bluetooth , can we swtiched on in OFFLINE MODE to.
• Smilies are across all applications (Thanks to Dan-av)
• Disabled USSD "Done !" Note (Thanks NewCooller)
• File Manager shows the real names of folders & all drives (Thanks NewCooller)
• Hidden 3D calls (Thanks to Dan-av)
• Fixed an error "Component is already built," is now the one component that interferes with the installation - is replaced(thanks CODeRUS)
• Improved ECOM
1. Equilizer+Dolby Performance Audio By DjRaz
2. Porting Dolby Sound C6 By DjRaz
3. Mod Codec Audio Nokia 808 For Nokia S-1&C6 Porting V2 By DjRaz
4.Tap To Unlock Restyle By DjRaz

Thanks to Jeet108 for the screenshots.







Mediabar Fix :
Mediabar fix for Quanta

Extras :

This is an light mod , actually it is not an fix just an additional feature.
Those, Guys who wanna test it can test.
This is another amazing mod from RAZ1911 & Me.

Light Mod

Quanta ∞ for Nokia 5233 by Akshay

Download Quanta ∞ for Nokia 5230 RM-588

This ROFS2 have Media Bar Fix
Good Work Saurabh & Thanks for helping me.I don't know how this CFW will work, because I have not ported it. But, I think that it will work almost similar to MINE QUANTA
Symbian Much More Perfected !!!!!!!!!

Thank You Guys... Happy Flashing...

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