Monday 4 February 2013

Custom Firmware: RM- 505 Nokia N97 Galaxy Nexus + New Anna icons

N97 RM-505 Galaxy Nexus CFW + New Anna Icons BY Abdodade

The most important added features of the firmware:
1 - We have successfully added browser Nokia browser v7.3.1.31
2 - Added new Nokia Email is a wonderful work of making sure
3 - deleted all Nokia Themes and add a Theme
Galaxy Nexus + New Anna Icons
Should you like too.
4 - has been added Menu Switch to change the existing 3X4 and 4X4's and 5X4 made the situation with the horizontal is always fixed on the 6X2
5 - Added Rompatcher program did you see it internally before
6 - make transparent widget with the ability to delete time
7 - has been added Swipe to unlock
8 - to people who complain that the phone connection Balent automatically ...... Added Patch Lock internet and also other patches .
9 - Hdv Nokia store for the program that it is better to download was added after the soft Download Link Albroosr

10 - Added Arabic language with full support for full keyboard and mini full thing was frankly tired. But it was necessary to do without the FM transmitter from my Zjhh does not have any interest at all.
11 - was confirmed that the program of SW Updater, Maps and the program works well because in most of the CFU amended noticed that she sometimes does not work.
12 - Added Arabic and French Dictionary.
13 - make the program Adobe Reader and Quick office full
14 - has been added isms and File Browser and screen Snap ego and Qicklang Chivu amazing program hard, and the program and Kill me and can be deleted without any problems.
15 - free space in the C program even after the use of Auto installer 62MG
16 - the speed was increased to improve the phone and touch and sound in a very significant and I wait your comments on this part specifically.
17 - Maud has been added to improve the camera 5mp
18 - Added Effect is very beautiful, and fast and make it work automatically when the phone started
19 - Added new tones with some tones Galaxy Nexus
20 - have been making the music palyer read only files in E :/ music to speed up the search process
21 - Added a great line that I hope you like it receives.
22- Added Flash Lite v3.2  And realy its working very good

The most important thing:
Before you download soft clear these files from the Mass memory
recourse, sys, system, private
And also the first thing down the Software program go directly RomPatcher and do
Install server RP + v1.4 and Open4All
Auto and let them benefit of all phone features
Congratulations to you and N97

Download Link
Password For Extraction rar


Thank You Guys... Happy Flashing...

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