Sunday 10 March 2013

Custom Firmware: RM- 588|625|356|504|612 Nokia 5230|5233|5800|5530|C6 Nitro Chrome by MAC

Nitro Chrome CFW For Nokia 5800 V60 , 5233 V50 ,5230 V50 , 5530 V40 and C6 v41 | By Symbian MAC!

Amazing Cfw with Nitro Boots Speed and UI.
Nitro^™ Chrome for 5800v60, 5530v40, 5233v50, 5232v50, 5228v50, 5230v50 and C6-00 

Whats is New :-
Change Log_
-new input indicator on messaging
-ram 61mb
-ram after heavy usage = 50 to 56mb
-Perfect Shiny Anna and N9 icons
-integrated file browser

-now mp3 files can be only read in E: Music
-superb start up
-gallery delete button fixed with sbelle navibars
-now opening on apps are much faster.
-now you can make your own bootscreens
put your startup.gif, startup.mp3, shutdown.gif and shutdown.mp3 on e:boot
-reserved 5mb space on c after flash
-message viewer is set to small by default
-java permission mod (always allow)
-Touch vibrations is back Exclusive edited to make battery friendly.
-brightness option mod by dan-av
-press”0″ to make bluetooth on
-new notification widget Anna Icon
-new calls person backgrounds (alien chrome) Exclusive!!

Files Required :-
For 5800 v60 Latest Firmware or Below
Nitro CFw Chrome 5800 RM-356 v60 Core and R0fs2

For C6-00 v41 latest Firmware or Below
Nitro CFw Chrome C6-00 RM-612 v41 Core and R0fs2
Nitro CFw Chrome C6-00 RM612 v41 R0fs2 (11-26-11)
For 5530 v40 Latest Firmware or Below
Nitro^CFw Chrome 5530 v40 RM-504 COre and Rofs2 (BETA)
For 5233, 5232, and 5228 RM-625 v50 and Below
NitroCFw Chrome 5233 Rm-625 Core and R0fs2
For 5230 Rm-588 v50
Nitro^™ Chrome 5230 Rm-588 Core and R0fs2

JAF 1.98.64 FULL Updated 10/11/2012Thanks To AwaisXdX,Therick, Ermsk8r, 000
rohit, Vova, Areku, Ind190, Binh24, NP, Notr3v3, awaisdbz, Syed asjad.
Tutorial on Flashing Nitro^ or with CORE and R0fs2 only FOR Newbies
Click Here MUST!
I hope you find it useful.



Thank You... Happy Flashing...

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