Saturday 23 March 2013

Custom Firmware: RM- 675 Nokia C7 Peace Belle by 4peace Updated

C7 - RM-675_111.040.1511-Peace™ Belle by 4peace

Peace ™ Belle Custom Firmware for the Nokia C7 by 4peace released on 04.01.2013
Keep simple as official firmware

* +430 free memory on C after flash
*All apps and mods will remain after a hard reset
*All widgets will be there even after a hard reset.
*Ability to remove first Home Screen if more than one Home Screen available
*Removed language files for English only
*Apps removed from startup
-phonebook, messaging, calendar, clock, log
*MyNokia is disabled

-no Nokia Account activation at first boot

Taylor - For Belle leaks.
Il.Socio - Rompatcher, Nokia Cooker and a lot more.
CodeRUS - A lots of mods.
Somin.n,Sklchan,the_one.89,Ancelad,witcher3,freaxs_r_us,kalininvs ,dude2009,iExtraX7,ichris701,strategist,xCape,Lovelas,nicesoni_ash,
Shizzls,allstar12345,Jinhao,Missgestalt ,7b & users

Peace Belle Core -Here
Peace Belle Rofs2 -Here
Peace Belle Rofs2 without map -Here
Peace Belle ROFS3-Here
Peace Belle UDA -Here

*Phone_as_modem.iso should be rename mount.iso and put it in F:\Iso\
Rename any ISO you want to mount on your PC and name it as mount.iso and put it in F:\Iso\ then connect your handset in "Use phone as modem" mode and that new ISO will be mounted.

*Removed preinstalled apps
-Ovi Music
-Adobe Reader LE
-video photo editor
-Microsoft Communicator

*Cleaned up core/rofs2/uda
*Removed unnecessary files
*Rearranged files
*Added Latest Map includes Check in
*Added Nokia Belle FP1 Taskmanager

*Added widget
*Wlan small
*Music player-compact
*Comms Contact
*My Location
*Check in after open the App
*Text Clock Small
*Note-all widget were from Nokia

*4 Homescreen settings with 12 max
-First homescreen can be deleted
-Widget arrangement for 4 default homescreen
-Menu arrangement (matrixmenudata.xml)

*browser mods
-resume downloads on browser-restart
-set as default homepage

*music player search E:\Music, F:\Music
*music player heap to 32MB
*increased max. volume for speaker-85%

*"Nokia C7" is sent via RDS

*equalizer mod,
metadata editor,
java permission mod,
installserver.exe (with log),
disabled active diverts,
gprs/wifi connections in log.
-by coderus

*added screen saver
*Theme effect-Jinhao
*voice recorder mod
*kinetic scrolling improvement
tacticle feedback in calls
-by ancelad

*rename apps in main menu,
create subfolders in mainmenu
-by iExtraX7

*more symbols mod (4 pages)
-by contrinsan
*send protected files from default filebrowser
*CPU & GPU modded for better Performance and Batterylife
*heap size & closing delay modified
*improved ram management
*Charger Light Blink on new message
*Theme effect path change to E:\data\
-So put your effect into it and restart.
Thanks to Namit for testing.

03.11.12 updated
*Notification not open--fixed
*Ovi signin---fixed


11.11.12 updated
Small bug fix esp nokia store reported issues

27.12.12 updated
Small bug fix NO voice on talking cat,map wtf reported issues
Also Added
Gps data
Faster GPS mod
Digital clock-small

04.01.13 updated
fix email not open issues

If you have downloaded previous version,you only need to download Rofs2 and Rofs3.
But for first timer Download all.

Thank You... Happy Flashing...


  1. thank you so much but how do i flash

    1. follow some tutorial or go to my first post in this blog.