Sunday 17 March 2013

Custom Firmware: RM- 612 Nokia C6-00 v42 Topaz v2 Updated

Nokia C6-00v42 [RM-612] ToPaZv2 -Belle and Non Belle versions![Updated!]

-Smooth User Interface for heavy loading.
-Fast, Quick and Stable performance. [Even when the ram is low]
-Personally edited the starter files.[None of the necessary apps have been disabled]
-System cache moved to C:
-Frames rate per second improved
-Good battery life.
-Very fast Screen Rotation.

General Modifications
-Extra Sensor settings - Tapping controls Added.

-Java Permissions completely Removed.
-Widgets Security is now Disabled. 
-Ovi Contacts Completely removed and Disabled.
-Tap to Unlock with working Notifications.
-Press and Hold '0' to Switch ON Bluetooth.

-S^3 automatic transparent effect for widgets.
-Symbian belle theme effects [With original symbian loader in menu and personally mixed by me].
-New Anna Pro icon pack used [Including submenu colourful icons]
-Default theme is WP7. 
-Belle Navigation Bar [Like original belle without bugs]
-Belle Symbols on HS.
-Lock icon added to Tap to Unlock.
-Battery Electric icon from djraz
-Better user friendly viewing of web feeds from the browser. [Check the screenshot]

arpanshukla17 , paarthdesai for always being there when needed and Excel for beta testing.
symbianize legend
[ For his awesome Nitro cfw]
[ For C6-00 v42 port]



Camera [With Belle Bar]
-Video Quality set to maximum
-Video Stabilization
-Already In Use Bug Fixed
-Camera Touch Capture Button fixed

-Web cache moved to E:
-Complete with belle bar
-Browser version [All bugs removed in navigation bar]

-More pages of characters in the Symbols page. Press star in messaging to see.
-Removed Messaging lag completely!
-Message Reader now works!
-Added Conversation to Messaging

-Digital Clock set as default.
-Clock is now 24 Hour format.
-Date is DD-MM-YYYY format.
-S^3 clock fonts.

-Mini Qwerty Completely reomved with no red key bug and light sensor preserved.
-Alphanumeric Keyboard Layout Changed.
-N8 Qwerty Layout.
-4 Row Qwerty Keyboard Layout [Numbers at the top]

Lights behaviour
-Light mods v3 by mara.
-Breathing light off by default.
-Auto-Keyguard adjustment option added to Settings.
-Tap to unlock supports autorotate.

-Put all your songs in E: music.
-Equalizer by vova1609 [Full screen and one tap change equalizer]
-Music player fix. [Stops opening of menu when you exit from widget]

-Ability to rename any application within the menu by going to options organize and renaming it. [Check the screenshot]
-You can now have two startup boot screens and a shutdown screen. [Volume tone also increased for them]
-Keep Startup.gif, Startup2.gif and Shutdown.gif in E:\Boot [Install my N9 boot file if you want]
-Keep Startup.mp3, Startup2.mp3 and Shutdown.mp3 in E:\Boot [If it's not present create it]
-Nokia black splash screens added. [Like belle]

-Send protected items via default file manager.
-Necessary process will be automatically moved to kill me protected list after flash.
-Custom menu & homescreen arrangement.
-Swipe screen to clear the screen
-5 additional shorcut bars on HS
-Removed centred text in potriat mode.
-Gallery delete button
-Reserved 5mb space on c after flash
-Added option to configure autolock time
-Latest installserver by Vova. [ No Qt bugs while installing Qt based applications from ovi store]
-Blank UDA included

Integrated Applications
-Rompatcher plus 3.1
-File browser
-Kill me

NOKIA C6-00 RM-612
Core file
[You can use original V42 core downloaded from Navifirm or use the one downloaded from here]

Belle navigation bar Version || Belle Navigation bar version [Now with calendar fix]

Non - Belle Version || Non-Belle [Now with calendar fix]

Calendar Fix
[ It's for the users using new update only and no need to select Uda or tick factory reset while flashing for this fix only.]

For users using the previous version and are not upgrading, use this new starter files.
[ No need to select Uda or tick factory reset while flashing for this fix only.]
P.S :- If you want to change your version from Belle to Non-belle or vice versa than you will have to hard reset after flash or text on the homescreen will not change.

Thank You... Happy Flashing...

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