Friday 29 March 2013

Custom Firmwares:RM-588|625|356|559 Nokia 523x|5800|X6 Blaze Lite/Vanilla

Nokia 523x|5800|X6-RM-588|625|356|559-Blaze Lite/Vanilla- Project Files Released

CreditsPNHT: For building a platform, for the mods, for the apps, for Everything!
Binh24: For the C6-Ports and icon packs!
LPHS and Team Envy-Unleashed: For making the C6-Structured OFW!
Special thanks to: swapnilwajpe, deeps_17[/b] and all others, who helped in making and creating Blaze v2 a hit!
Mods: Upakul, NP, Alex393 and other Great Modders from DM
Special Thanks to Amarjit: For always supporting us!
Team Blaze Ultimate:
All those who contributed and DailyMobile Forum!

MAX RAM: 77.70 MB! - Highest Value ever recorded in the History of Nokia S60 v5 Touch!
Stable RAM after heavy usage: 68 MB
RAM Management in Blaze Lite(Thanks to aghavamol for the SS)

-- CPU speed Increased but Lightened
-- Starter files Rectified and modded for a faster boot. Now more RAM on startup!
-- Heap Size Maintained and Rectified for heavy loading and Browsing
-- Kinetic Scrolling is now stabilized and modded. Now scroll thousands of messages with No problems in scrolling at all!
-- Many Speed mods added and CPU speed balanced with Battery usage! Maximum RAM n best Battery backup recorded here on DM !!
-- No app will stay in background at all! Get maximum RAM !
-- System Cache Highly Increased!
-- UI Highly adjusted for Performance!
-- Not using any Staticfeatures.dll file! - This will give you NO problem with brightness whatsoever!

-- Custom Icons by Sir Apex666
-- Beta Version contains Gado Gado Icons by Goodness
-- Premium Characters by Drigz added to Symbols
-- Nokia Splashes added.
-- No Belle Navibar Crap.
-- Changeable Splash and Shutdown screen

Just place your desired splash and shutdown in mif format in C:\resource\apps

Splashscreen: Splashscreen.mif
Shutdown: SysAp.mif
You will have to apply Open4All Patch to copy. Use Xplore or Filebrowser.

Blaze animation added to E:\Boot\ folder
Now add two boot screens and two tones to your device! In gif and mp3 format !!
Just rename your gif(s) and put in E:\Boot\ folder as follows:

Boot animation 1: Startup.gif
Boot tone 1: Startup.mp3

Boot animation 2: Startup 2.gif
Boot tone 2: Startup 2.mp3

Shutdown animation: Shutdown.gif
Shutdown tone: Shutdown.mp3
-- Custom Theme Effects by Allstar12345

-- C5-03 Tap to Unlock Added
-- Breathing Light while charging ON (Middle White Light)
-- Ovi Maps 3.06 with Latest updates

-- Modded the Menu layout and added a few important folders
-- Conversations icon hidden from Menu
-- Profile and themes now show in 'Tools' folder

-- Center text
-- Extended Menu [Menu looks Elongated]
-- Alphanumeric Keyboard by dan-av - Apply the Patches in RomPatcher.
-- N8 Qwerty Layout by dan-av - Apply the Patches in RomPatcher.
-- 4 row qwerty

Music Player
-- Voice Recording Quality increased [HQ]
-- Voice Recorder will record up to 1 hour now!
-- Music Player searches only E:\Music\ Move all your Music files here
-- Symbian 3 Equaliser

-- Gallery won’t search Hidden and Wallpapers folder. Store all secret stuff in those Folders.
-- Gallery will search only E:\Images Folder

-- Nokia Browser (Fastest and Latest Browser by Nokia)
-- New overall Browsing Experience by Nokia!
-- Internet and Browsing Cache moved to E:\
-- Browser Cache increased to 35 MB

-- Video Camera Frame Rates Highly Increased
-- Camera image quality set to max for all the Models
-- Disabled Camera RAM. Now camera won’t stay in the background and eat RAM after you exit it.

Clock Settings [Exclusive Mods]
-- Clock set to 24 Hours by default
-- Digital Clock set as default

Light Settings:
-- Light Intensity: 30%
-- Light Time-out: 15sec

Themes added
-- NuLight Theme by IND190
-- FireBird Theme

-- Bluetooth renamed to ‘Blaze!’
-- Profile name is just ‘General’ now.
-- Extra Sensor: Tapping Controls added
-- Kinetic Scrolling is much smoother!
-- Custom Versions changed! Check *#0000#
-- "Restart!" key in place of "Lock Screen and keys" ! Press the Power button n check!
-- No vibration while Lock/Unlock

-- Kill Me list added [Advanced]
-- Messaging setting: 999 Sent as default
-- 96 Languages support added to Conversations app
-- Auto Creation of folders after flash - Blaze, Boot and thinkchange
-- Default Startup time (setting) after Flash changed!
-- Flashing/Formatting won't ask for Country Selection and Date-Time Input.
-- X6 users need to have a folder "Received" in E:\ in order to receive contents from Bluetooth.

5 HS added:
-- Contacts HS
-- Basic
-- Finger Use
-- Full Page
-- Navigation Bar

-- Basic HS set to default
Applications added to Rofs2:
-- File Browser
-- Conversations app in Messaging with support for over 96 Languages
-- Kill Me v1.36
-- BTSwitch
-- Autoinstaller
Applications added to AutoInstaller:

These apps are optional. Run AutoInstaller after flashing to install these apps. To check the apps before/after install, go to thinkchange folder in memory card.

-- RomPatcher+ v3.1 with AutoStart
-- DzMusic Keys v2.00

-- Welcome
-- My Nokia
-- Ovi Store
-- Ovi Sync
-- Ovi Contacts

>> HACK:
-- Real Hack! Installserver Patch by Vova1989 added. Now no QT and Ovi Store bugs!
-- Application Policies for all Apps Rectified
-- All Widgets Security Disabled
-- All Java Permissions removed
-- System File Manager will show all System folders in E:\
-- Nokia Welcome SMS is completely stopped
-- Ram – Eating Ovi Contacts Removed
Other Useful links, TTPod, QT and Extra Packs below!

Read the Note Carefully. If you don't understand something, Feel free to ask questions in the thread. All instructions are clearly listed.

Project Files Final

-Icons pack separated.
-All Themes & Wallpapers that we worked on in an other folder.
-Codec Pack by DjRaz added in a separate folder.
-Uda added.

Vanilla Final Version
>> RM-625

Core - Will be updated.
Rofs2 + Uda Final. March 2013.

>> RM-356
Rofs2 + Uda Final. March 2013.

>> RM-588 -- Released!

Core OR Core by Team Eclipse
Rofs2 + Uda
Fix for Nokia 5230 RM-588: HERE. Copy to rofs2 OR use c2z patch.

>> RM-559

Rofs2 + uda Final. March 2013.

Vanilla Beta Version

>> RM-588

Core OR Core by Team Eclipse
Blaze Lite Beta (Rofs2 + Uda)
Fix for Nokia 5230 RM-588: HERE. Copy to rofs2 OR use c2z patch.

>> RM-356

Rofs2 + Uda

>> RM-625

Rofs2 + Uda

>> RM-559

Core OR Core By Team Eclipse
Rofs2 + Uda

Blaze Ultimate Download [January 2012, third Release]


Blaze v2.1 Download [November 2011, Second Release]


Blaze v1.0 Download [April 2011, First Release]


-- Use of Uda is mandatory! Delete the one from the core n use the one in the rofs2.
-- Password for Core files: binh24
-- No need to download core if you have it already.
-- If need be, apply these patches: HERE. Copy these to E:\Patches folder.

Thank You... Happy Flashing...

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