Friday 10 May 2013

Custom Firmware: Rm- 596 Nokia N8 Belle Refresh Euro1 Multi-Lingual

Nokia N8 Belle 111.040.1511 * Refresh * Euro1 07/03/2013 [Spanish - English - Portuguese] By JHAM2005

Free memory in C: 272MB - 144MB free RAM at startup.

Changes in this release
* Added the Permanent Hack
* Added Digital Clock Screen Saver of N9
* Added the MOD to search images and music on their respective folders C, E, F
* Added Max Battery Life MOD Mod by ivo777 (4.0 updated 19/04/2012)
* Added the MOD to Rename Applications
* Added MOD for kinetic scrolling
* Added the MOD to vibrate when answering calls
* Added the MOD to display the 4 icons hidden (Gest. Conex. - Gest. Avail. - Usb - Wifi)
* Added the MOD to remove the names of the shortcut icons on the HS
* Added the MOD of the 100 home screens in the HS
* Added the Widget, Splashscreen, Avkon2 to E: \ resource \ apps (to change them to suit the user)
* Added Chris MOD Patch for Belle Refresh (To change. Mifs widgets, splashscreen, avkon2)

* Added Task swither MOD (Translated into Spanish - English - Portuguese)
* Added icon Memory Card
* Added Landscape Mode Mod for FM Radio By Chillerhippie
* Added New Conversation MOD (for all devices)
* Added WIFI MOD Sensitive
* Added mod Resume Download
* Added the Premisos JAVA MOD
* Added MOD Rename Apps & Subfolder creation - Belle
* Added MOD Editor's Songs, Music equalizer and Dolby Headphone (Translated into Spanish - Portuguese - English)
* Added Powerful audio codecs (you can no longer complain of sound Bass) Thanks to my friend Walter Perez Ferreira for them.
* Added Unlimited SMS Sending Retries MOD By iExtraX7
* Added MOD Converter App from App ported to S60V5 S ^ 3
* Added MOD Screen Saver Music Player.
* Added the Extras folder with some app (optional installation)
* Added MOD Change the profile name Tone Average (can change the name that you like)
* Changed the icon to 4G or 4.5G 3.5G
* Changed the Jinhao Effects Final Effects without bugs 01/16/2013 (The folder is on E: \ effects if they wish can keep or change them to your taste)
* Changed the color of the battery icon in the notification bar, icon icons Call and Bluetooth, Messaging, SD, USB, etc..
* Changed the Cache from C to E 32MB
* Changed some Widgets by * semi *
* Changed the Widget B & P Refresh widgets pack by Mr. Enjoy
* Removed the Home of the default Apps that start when you turn on the phone
* Removed Belle carrying images by default.
* Removed the default applications that come to gain more space on C: (Just let the photo editor and video editor with their respective Plugins)
* Removed Ovi Registration
* Removed sending two messages to Nokia Home
* Removed Fota permanently to keep 20MB on C:
* Fixed some bugs of the previous version as the data counter
* Increased fluidity in the system and less consumption of the battery (the battery consumption is relative, and that all users use the same apps ...)

* Firmware * Languages ​​in Spanish - English - Portuguese *

P.S. After installing the firmware does not do the hard reset and they will lose all Mods and Widgets.

BRN8 1511
Pass: By JHAM2005

Another server
BRN8 1511
Pass: By JHAM2005

This version is no longer necessary to delete any files when flashing in Dead Phone.

Scandinavia 11.7 - To Perform Downgrade (Thanks for the link to my friends jesusdokingo)
RM-596 scandinava 11.7.rar

Thank You... Happy Flashing...

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