Friday 24 May 2013

Custom Firmware: RM- 707 Nokia X7-00 KazySoft Belle Refresh 1.3 Beta Update

Nokia X7-00 - RM-707 - KazySoft Belle Refresh 1.3 BETA (7.5.2012)

Name: KazySoft Belle Refresh
Version: 1.3 BETA (7.5.2013)
Author: MrKenkadze27 -
For Device(s): RM-707 - Nokia X7-00
Product Code: 059G5P8

Known Bugs And Limitations:
-When Pressing Power Button To Turn On The Phone, The Phone Doesn't Vibrate Or show Nokia Logo. After 5 Seconds, The Screen Turnes Complately White for A Second and Then Starts Loading. Complate Process To Turn On Phone Takes 30 Seconds. But Phones is working fine.
-ROMPatcher+ is Only Available in English Language.

MODS and Specs:
-Euro1 Languages UI
-Euro1 Languages TTS + American English
-36 Writing Languages
-Custom Equalizer MOD
-Beautiful MIF Graphics

-Menu Hack that allows Subfolders and App Rename in Main Menu
-FM Radio Landscape MOD
-MAX 100 HomeScreens
-Nokia Sans S60 With Georgian Language Support
-Few Patches
-Beautiful Menu
-Preinstalled Theme "Fantasy Island HD By Arjun Arora" -
-Preinstalled Theme "Purple Sky"
-Preinstalled "RomPatcher+" in CORE
-File Manager Extender MOD
-Added Application Installer Packages in UDA/Data/KazySoft Folder
-There Are Other MODS Installed Which I Forgot About.
-Added 4 Audio Files In /data/sounds/digital.
-Voice Recorder MOD (256kbps; Max: 12 Hours Long),
-Show Hidden Menu Apps MOD,
-Send Protected Files MOD,
-No Ovi signup required when first boot MOD,
-Music Player Folder Scan MOD. Folders: C:\DATA\Sounds\Music\ ; C:\Sounds\Music\ ; C:\DATA\Music\ ; C:\Music\ ; E:\Sounds\Music\ ; E:\Music\ ; F:\Sounds\Music\ ; F:\Music\ ; G:\Sounds\Music\ ; G:\Music\,

Version 1.3 BETA


Thank You... Happy Flashing...

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