Sunday 19 May 2013

Custom Firmware: RM- 596 Nokia N8 Nightly refresh lite,elte,saline v. final updated

Nokia N8 RM-596 Nightly refreh lite,elite and saline v1.0 Final (6/9/2012)

Nightly Builders Present Lite,Elite and Saline Version of Belle Refresh

download link for Saline added
Dowlonad link for saline super stable
saline is the best Version till now so dont go for other nightly belle elite,lite

older version
Nightly Builder Lite Version less moddy
Download link for elite high moddy

Nightly Builders Presents Nightly Refresh Saline

download link for saline

Complete Change log of saline
-Full Change log

whats new
-maps added to ROM
-quick office
-c:\ phone memory 190+ after flash
-memcheck added to ROM
-keylock added to rom
-adobe reader le

-installserver added to rom
-rompatcher 3.1 with auto and many revised patch added
-custom startup and shutdown animation added
-effects,patches to E:\\
-default font changed by Nokia N9 fonts
-N9 popup clock added
-improved cpu and gpu with better battery saving
-Dolby mod with equalizer d
-default music search E:\music and F:\music
-music player meta data editor mod
-new avkon added for battery,WiFi,Bluetooth signal icon change Grin
-widgets skins change to transparent widgets clock,gallery etc etc Roll Eyes
-high memory on start up
-tactile feedback in calls
-increased heap size and reduce app closing delay
-improved kinetic scrolling mod
-custom logs age mod added
-send protected files over Bluetooth mod added
-save clipboard even after reboot
-restore connection logs of gprs & wlan
-restore connection popup when on data
-allow rename apps in menu & also create sub folders in folders
-task switcher of feature pack 1 added
-home screen can now be added upto 100
-default homecreen can be deleted in presence of other
-Keyboard from belle feature pack 1
-Bluetooth name changed to NightlyBuilders By me
Better camera quality both Photo & Video
-Very IMP- mod including settings for camera as 12Mp (4:3), 9Mp (16:9), 8Mp (4:3), 6Mp (16:9), 5Mp (4:3), and 0.3 (4:3)
-camera zoom extended improved more zoom added
-camera application saves ram fully exit mod
-pics scan location changed will default search as per mod
-camera takes snap silent when silent profile on
-Xcape cache mode added
-resume downloads after restart added
-custom profile Nightly by me
-improved cpu and gpu for game
-theme effects set default on
-font changed to n9 pure fonts
-copy your effects to E:\\effects JIhao meteor Effect 2 added
-theme effects on by default mod added
-default theme wont be changed just will be adding alien theme
-new analog clock ,clock digital etc
-domainserver added in UDA
-new conversations mod by bankai
-wifi notification popup restore
-more symbols added with smileys
-sysapp added with restart
-bookmarks by me

-active bass
-block gprs
-change device id
-change layout size(v0.9)
-high level volume fixed
-installserver log
-key light effects
-loudspeaker high
-Real CPU Clock
-Remove Has Check
-Remove Recording Tone
-Save Clipboard After Reboot
-show Ram and Rom
-Super Program Locks
whats Broken
-you tell me
-My head

whats removed
-f mobile security
-ovi music

now the Oscar goes to
-chris_joshlog for his chris_patch
-strategist for his camera mod
-rahman for his theme
please PM me if i forgot few names



Thank You... Happy Flashing...

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