Monday 27 May 2013

Custom Firmware: RM- 670 Nokia 700 Belle NXT Updated

Nokia 700--RM-670--Belle NxT--112.010.1404[update]

Changelog PR 1.0
*Place iso Mount in E:\nxt.iso which is a back up of connect pc to net
*Tap-to-unlock autorotation mod (200159ed.txt,autorotateui_activate.rul)
*Cache Optimization 8x(ESTARTCOMP.TXT estartmagic.txt ESTARTTEXTSHELL.TXT)
*Increased Heap Size & Reduced App closing delay (sbeconfig.xml)
*Hacked installserver.exe (installserver.exe)
*More Ram for Apps update 6(goomconfig.xml,oomconfig.xml)
*Avkon2 (avkon2.mif)
*DLL mods menurenderer.dll
*Touch vibrations mod (2000b494.txt, folder-10003b20)
*Custom Profiles(101f8798.txt)
*wifi boost
*GPS Edit-faster lock (101f7a7f.txt,101fe999.txt)
*Versions Mod Folder->Resource/Versions/
*Unlocked FileManager (filemanagerengine.dll)
*swipolicy mod (swipolicy.ini)
*Unlimited Homescreen (rootconfiguration.xml)
*tactile feedback in calls (v2) ( tactile.rul)
*Any files sending over bluetooth (10003a3f.txt)
*Download resume on restart (101F861B.txt)
*Special Speed Mod
*Turbo Matrix Menu (matrixmenudata.xml,matrixmenudata.dtd,matrixmenudata.mif)
*Faster Startup {2000D75B}
*Level 2 tactile feedback Fixed {10003b20}
*Send Bluetooth all files {be9}
*Cache moved {be9}
*Folder Harvester for Music and Videos {be9}
*AppsBackground working disabled
*lockscreen auto rotation

*tactile feedback
*New Screensavers
*Turbo no delay
*Popupclock changed
*Equaliser Edit
Song Metadata Edit
*File Manager unlocked
*Cache Enabled All Drives
*FOTA Space =0



Please Enable the following Patch when asked

After Flashing Follow On Screen Instructions..Please Do not Do Anything While the nXt app is Working

*Maps Will be Installed On E drive 
*Store On C Drive
*Nokia Sleeping Screen will be installed on c
*Rom Patcher And Kill me also Installed
*Custom Effects Place in e:\effects\
*You can place a iso in E as e:\nxt.iso
NxT Center (beta)

*Allows Cleaning C
*Allows to fix Widget Skins
*Allows to Change Colour of text clock
*Fix Default Apps
*Choose CPU Power Usage Mod
*Auto Installer
Support Upto 15 Application each of formats .sis .sisx .jar .jad ..Place Apps in e:\nxt\ins\c\ or \e\
Please note to rename apps in the order you want them installed
as 1.sis 2.sis etc.. or 1.jar 2.sisx 3.jad etc

Unlock Core

Download:   mediafire

Other Files:

Please Caliberate Core
[More Screen]


Thank You... Happy Flashing...

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