Friday 3 May 2013

Custom Firmware: RM- 588 Nokia 5230/5235 v51.6.002 No Branding

nokia 5230/5235 RM-588 51.6.002 based on c6v42, No Branding

once again for original feel lovers super fast, stable.
some modifications by me to make c6v42 FW fast and stable
Average free ram ~55 mb
keep pressing '0' on dialler to on/off bluetooth.
Mediabar changes with icon/texts (see screenshots)

replaced Images to settings
replaced shareonline to accelswitch
replaced video to calculator

nokia c6 notifications file provided.
some themes effects if u like.
original ovi maps 3.06 extracted from c6 rm-612 v42 ofw, QT 4.7.3 full
full transparent widgets (see homescreen screenshots).
music player only reads e:\music. Music player 15.2 with lyrics support.

I have 620 mp3 songs(320kbps 6~10mb per song size) with 16gb memory card running flawlessly. (see screenshot)

no vibrations on call/lock/unlock.
conversation icon hidden from messaging.

nokia theme white with anna icons.

original keyboard layout (for properly functioning of swype)
mini-qwerty key combination fixed in landscape mode. (see screenshot)
no lagging on browsing, menu, messaging, songs list.
Tap to unlock added.
UI acceleration improved.
'message' word removed from write message.

applications added
rompatcher, killme, btswitch, accel switch, autoinstaller, memcheck, easy keylock, filebrowser, screensnap, drawing, zip, conversations

applications removed
quick office, adoce reader, welcome, My nokia, about, Phone switch, help, voice commands, message reader, active notes, ovi contacts, ovi sync, ovi music, share online, search, podcasting

core and blank uda


download rofs2


c6 Notifications (if u want)


Swype v2.1.8718 beta official for s60v5


install instructions

1. delete data, private, resource, sys, system folder from memory card.
2. use new core for rm-588.
3. rofs2 118mb size.
4. use blank uda for max space in c drive.
5. 3 file flashing using jaf and done.
6. start phone with (green key+red key+camera key+power key)- shortcut key for preformatting your phone.

Thank You... Happy Flashing...

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