Monday 13 May 2013

Custom Firmware: RM- 625 Nokia 5233 v51 BA Simplicity Alpha Updated

Nokia 5233 l v51 >>Now Updated<<

> BA Simplicity is my own firmware for Nokia 5233 users, I keep this version Simple with more stability and improved Features like Conversation in messaging, QT 7.3 in rofs2, Belle like menu but without navibar, Original NokiaSeries60 Sans font for better reading, Tap to unlock (C5-03) Restyled, pure ANNA Icons plus many more..

Music Player Smartly managed the music player file reading in Affection. You have to put your files in E:\Music Only, and rest the music player will do.

I Created This CFW with my taste to myself but later i think to share it with you guys.. Many thanks to Binh24, 008Rohit, DjRaz, babu.rajiv and ajay inderpure daily mobile's members who made mods & useful stuffs.

NOTE : Please reapply the theme after startup + all patches in rompatcher

Firmware Information : > BA Simplicity alpha is based on Latest Nokia's V51 for Nokia 5233 (RM-625) With
New Web browser v7.3.1.33.
Increased speed.
Stability Improved.
Increased Battery Backup.
Minor Bug Fixes.

> Nokia 808 Sound Codecs added for Dolby surround effect mod by DjRaz.
> Python superpack 2.0 included
> Nokia QT 4.7.3 Included

> Fully Ported ANNA Icons by binh24
> Original FW by Nokia Fully Hacked including special patch for Rompatcher '' No built in error''.
> Nokia-808-PureView-Default-Ringtones Full
> Bluetooth Received Files Mod by 008Rohit
> Based on Nokia's Original v51 firmware
> Most Responsive Touch ever before
> Change Default Music Search Location to E: Music
> CPU Mod by 008Rohit (Boosts the speed of the phone and run better)
> Prevent apps from running in background
> Faster Performance with Better Battery Life
> Smooth Kinetic Scrolling
> Complete Audio Codecs From Nokia 5800
> Special HS Including Basic, Flash Live, Contacts Bar, Finger Use, Full Page, Navigation Bar

General Features :
> Camera completely fixed.
> High fps to for quality shots and video recording.
> ''Camera already in use" Error Completely fixed.

> Camera will not leave in background after close it
> Gallery searching improved
> Share Online removed
> OVI Music removed
> Video Capture predefined frame rate increased
> Music Player will read E:\Music\
> Camera will not eat RAM after closing it.
> Profile "General" renamed to "BA Simplicity"

> Smooth Kinetic Scrolling
> Music Player is now a lot more faster
> CPU mod optimized to get complete stability
> 65+ MB ram at start up.
> Heap Size Increased further to boost up performance
> Increased Application/Gaming frame rates


All Default Themes, , Chat, OVI Contacts, OVI Music, Online Support , Adobe Reader , Default Games, about, Help, Here And Now, Settings Wizard, Share Online, Internet Phone, Dictionary, Search, Podcasting, Shazam

Applications Added : QT 4.7.3 + 1 Light blue theme + 2 playboy themes + MemCheck 0.5 + Rompatcher 3.1 + KillME 1.36 + , BT Reciver + File Browser

Here is the links :

Core files : mediafire
Rofs2 file : mediafire
Password : ba360



Thank You... Happy Flashing...

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