Sunday 21 October 2012

Custom Firmware: RM- 356 Nokia 5800 Doomiyar Final

Nokia 5800 v60 RM-356 base on C6 v42 _N8 Icons_Doomiyar_Final_ Fastest_Bugless

The best, first and fastest Firmware for your Nokia 5800 v60.0.03 base on C6 v42 with N8 icons

New Update change log:
--All Qt based apps will work fine and new qt pack that created by Topaz (very thanks) will added in first post.
--Rofs2 partition size changed from 114 to 115 mb (you must flash with new core re-partitioned by me that is along-with new update)

change log:
-- Theme edited
-- buttery life increased
-- N8 kinetic scroll added
-- screen snap, memchek putted to thinkchange\e
-- lights moded with green light while charging
-- menu structure changed to 4×4 and 2×6
-- music player 15.2 English version with lyric added ( no need to update)
-- equalizer c5-03 added
-- Dolby sound added
--new file manager(access to all drives C,D,E,Z)
-- Speed improved a little
-- sensitive improved
--wifi power increased
and more other change that I don't remember now


-- CPU speed Increased
-- Starter files modded for a faster boot. Now more RAM on startup! C: 79.46 mb, free ram: 56.30 mb
-- Heap Size Highly Increased for heavy loading and Browsing
-- Kinetic Scrolling is now modded. Now you don't have any problems in scrolling at all!
-- Many Speed mods added and CPU speed balanced with Battery usage!
-- No app will stay in background at all
-- System Cache Highly Increased!
-- UI Highly Polished for Performance!


-- N8 icons used

-- N8 Smiles as seen in C6 and N97
-- 6 page symbols added to Symbols
-- New and beautiful font used


-- C5-03 Tap to Unlock Added full fixed

-- Fixed light now work perfect with DZmusicKey

-- Ovi Maps 3.06 with Latest updates! v11wk23 b05


-- Center text
-- Alphanumeric Keyboard
-- modified N8 Qwerty Layout
-- 4 row qwerty

Music Player

-- Voice Recording Quality increased and set to max
-- Voice Recorder will record up to 12 hour now!
-- Music Player searches only E:\Music\
-- Changed Music Player common background
Music player menu edited: you can find TTPod, FoldePlay, DZmusicKey, Musicstopper, podcasting and Radio in the menu after running AutoInstaller in Menu\Tools and install apps

Gallery Modifications

-- Gallery will not search Hidden folder. Store all secret things in 'Hidden' Folder.


-- Nokia Browser (Fastest and Latest Browser by Nokia)
-- New overall Browsing Experience by Nokia!
-- Internet and Browsing Cache moved to E:\
-- Browser Cache increased

Camera Modifications

-- Video Camera Frame Rates Highly Increased
-- Camera image quality set to max!
-- Using Camera RAM mod. Now camera won¡¯t stay in the background and eat RAM after you exit it.

Clock Settings

-- Clock set to 24 Hours by default
-- Digital Clock set as default

Light Settings:

-- new Light added for working with DZmusickey
-- Light Time-out: 15sec

Themes added:

-- Dark Steel id by giulio7g

Other Modifications

-- Bluetooth renamed to ¡®Nokia 5800 XpressMusic¡
-- Profile renamed to ¡®Nashalj¡
-- Extra Sensor: Tapping Controls added
-- Kinetic Scrolling is much smoother!
-- Custom Versions changed! Check *#0000#
-- "Restart!" key in place of "Lock Screen and keys" ! Press the Power button n check!
-- No vibration while Lock/Unlock

>> Messaging :

-- Conversations app added to messaging menu
-- Messaging setting: 999 Sent as default
-- Auto Creation of folders after flash - Hidden, Received and thinkchange


Applications added to Rofs2:

-- ScreenSnap v3
-- Conversations app in Messaging
-- Kill Me v1.36 Integrated
-- BTSwitch Integrated
-- Autoinstaller added
-- RomPatcher v2.3 with AutoStart with useful patches
-- Easy key lock
-- Nokia Notification

Applications added to AutoInstaller:
These apps are optional. Run AutoInstaller after flashing to install these apps. To check the apps before/after install, go to thinkchange folder in memory card.

-- DzMusic Keys v2.00
-- TTPod v4.4
-- Bright-Light torch
--BT Receiver v1.10 fixed
-- ExtraPython v6
-- FolderPlay (based on open source app from
-- MusicStopper
- -Nokia fileBrowser
-- winRar


-- Welcome
-- My Nokia
-- Ovi Store
-- Ovi Sync
-- Ovi Contacts
-- Chat
-- voice command
-- video sharing
-- internet phone
-- share online
-- help
-- image print

>> HACK:

-- Real Hack! Hacked Installserver added to sys\bin folder. Now no QT bugs!
-- Application Policies for all Apps Rectified
-- All Java Permissions removed
-- System File Manager will show all System folders in E:\
-- Nokia Welcome SMS is completely stopped
-- Email edited and added default emails server (see screen shot)
-- super speed in open close app and through phone
InstructionsDelete the sys, system, private, data and resource folders from memory card. You can take the Backup of your phone via PC/Ovi Suite
for flashing:
MCU: RM-356_60.0.003_prd.core.C0r
PPM: RM-356_60.0.003_prd.rofs2.V01
Very important:Don't forget after flashing, turn off your phone and do a hard reset-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Donload link:
Mediafire (thanks to Deeq14)
Direct link

Inform me if direct download don't work.
QT 4.7.3 run-time by Topaz:
Direct link
If you want to move Alphanumeric tick bottom from top of screen to the middle use this:
Add it to to the folder \sys\bin
Alphanumeric tick fix
Test and feedback.
hit +1 if you like this work
All new screenshot replaced


Music stopper.jpg (21.3 KB)

smily.jpg (34.84 KB)

symbols.jpg (28.44 KB)

Fonts.rar (1460.05 KB)

Access all drives.jpg (18.35 KB)

alphanumeric ky.jpg (22.03 KB)

bluetooth.jpg (19.88 KB)

bright light.jpg (24.98 KB)


BT Receiver.jpg (12.81 KB)

call log.jpg (15.96 KB)

Dolby sound.jpg (15.84 KB)

DzMusicKey.jpg (19.41 KB)

Email.jpg (11.14 KB)

extras.jpg (13.78 KB)

Folderplay.jpg (16.08 KB)

Gallery.jpg (29.52 KB)

Home options.jpg (19.98 KB)

Homescreen L.jpg (28.27 KB)

Homescreen P.jpg (27.85 KB)

Internet.jpg (14.63 KB)

Kill me.jpg (18.06 KB)

Maps.jpg (10.68 KB)

Media.jpg (12.13 KB)

memchek.jpg (24.17 KB)

Menu.jpg (23.56 KB)

messaging menu.jpg (20.85 KB)

msg reader.jpg (11.62 KB)

Music menu.jpg (22.21 KB)

Music player.jpg (17.59 KB)

Office.jpg (16.94 KB)

phone options.jpg (15.58 KB)

qwerty key.jpg (24.5 KB)

sensors options.jpg (14.25 KB)

symbols.jpg (28.44 KB)

Tools.jpg (13.67 KB)

TTPod.jpg (16.19 KB)

USb mods.jpg (21.9 KB)

Video.jpg (15.42 KB)

writed msg.jpg (18.67 KB)

Fonts.rar (1460.33 KB)

Theme.rar (836.22 KB)

Thank You Guys... Happy Flashing...


  1. bro can u tell me how to use i download it but dont know how to use it pls upload a video or tell me thanks regards bheem


  2. screen stuck at startup with startup image nashalj, having restarted many times, still same thing..any solution??