Tuesday 9 October 2012

Custom Firmware: RM- 675 Nokia C7-00- Belle Fresh

Nokia C7-00 - RM-675 - v11.030.0609-Fresh Nokia Belle Ultimate

Changelogs :

* Changed the battery indicator and signal gsm
* Fixed bugs
* Fixed a bug with the automatic application aoutostartem
* Added new widgets
* New Fresh wallpaper
* New stylish theme
* New font Sony Sketch
* Fixed bug with autostart patch
* New look of widgets
* New theme effects
* Amended kinetic scrolling for faster
search widget * Added in version 3.39 000
* Modify location of theme effects (E: \ Effects)
* Added option to edit and add new collections of the EQ
* EQ added to the four new collections
* Added modyfkacja galleries
* Added modification of the music player
* Changed BlueTooth (C7-00 Fresh Nokia Belle)
* LED Charge Off
* Added latest installserver.exe
* Added modified heapu player, now it is 35MB
* Changed image compression ratio of 85/75/60 to 100/85/75
* Changed the FPS of the camera with 25FPS to 30FPS and the sound quality from 128kbps to 256kbps
* Browser Cache is 32MB, so it does not crashes
* Added modified at infinity screens
* Browser continues downloading after reset
* Changed wallpaper
* Faster screen rotation
* Disable all notifications by Offline mode switching
* Added widgets fully screen the Polish (By Zuzek)
* Lots of improvements and enhancements
* Improved Nokia Bubble
* Added new patch for the greater effect of bass in the headphones. (Bass.rmp)
* Corrected autostarty RP +
* Camera is turned off and not minimized
* The default storage
* Upłynniono transition between desktops
* Default theme effects enabled
* Faster boot
* New theme Nokia PureView (Default)
* New eye candy theme effects
* Added icons for external applications
* RomPatcher Plus v3. 0
* Nokia filebrowser
* Lock
* Added applications Extra Buttons
* Added applications killme


Thank You Guys... Happy Flashing...

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