Friday 26 October 2012

Custom Firmware: RM- 675 Nokia C7 Belle by 4peace

Nokia C7 RM-675 111.040.1511-Peace™ Belle by 4peace  

C7 - RM-675_111.040.1511-Peace™ Belle by 4peace

Peace ™ Belle Custom Firmware for the Nokia C7 by 4peace released on 22.10.2012
Keep simple as official firmware


Taylor - For Belle leaks.
Il.Socio - Rompatcher, Nokia Cooker and a lot more.
CodeRUS - A lots of mods.
Somin.n,Sklchan,the_one.89,Ancelad,witcher3,freaxs_r_us,kalininvs ,dude2009,iExtraX7,ichris701,strategist,xCape,Lovelas, Shizzls,allstar12345,Jinhao,Missgestalt ,7b & users

Peace Belle Core -Here
Peace Belle Rofs2 -Here
Peace Belle ROFS3-Here
Peace Belle UDA -Here

*Phone_as_modem.iso should be rename mount.iso and put it in F:\Iso\
Rename any ISO you want to mount on your PC and name it as mount.iso and put it in F:\Iso\ then connect your handset in "Use phone as modem" mode and that new ISO will be mounted.

*Conversation with Avatars by cahjoss Here

Put your avatar images in f:/resource/avatars/ with following rules:
- The avatars must be in .jpg format.
- Size of jpg image can be any, but I recommend to 64px x 64px.
- Name the image same as contact name.
- For your own avatar, name it as "me.jpg".
- If you changes the avatar images to new one, restart phone to take effect.


* +450 free memory on C after flash

*All apps and mods will remain after a hard reset

*All widgets will be there even after a hard reset.

*Ability to remove first Home Screen if more than one Home Screen available

*Removed language files for English only

*Apps removed from startup
-phonebook, messaging, calendar, clock, log

*MyNokia is disabled
-no Nokia Account activation at first boot

*Removed preinstalled apps
-Ovi Music
-Quick Office
-Adobe Reader LE
-Microsoft Communicator

*Cleaned up core/rofs2/uda

*Removed unnecessary files

*Rearranged files

*Added Latest Map includes Check in

*Added Nokia Belle FP1 Taskmanager

*Added widget
*Wlan small
*Music player-compact
*Comms Contact
*My Location
*Check in after open the App
*Text Clock Small

*Note-all widget were from Nokia

*4 Homescreen settings with 12 max
-First homescreen can be deleted
-Widget arrangement for 4 default homescreen
-Menu arrangement (matrixmenudata.xml)

*browser mods
-resume downloads on browser-restart
-set browser cache to infinite
-set as default homepage

*music player search E:\Music, F:\Music
*music player heap to 32MB
*increased max. volume for speaker-85%

*"Nokia C7" is sent via RDS

*equalizer mod

*metadata editor
-by coderus

*added screen saver

*Theme effect-Jinhao

*voice recorder mod

*kinetic scrolling improvement
-by ancelad

*hacked by
-installserver.exe (with log)
-by coderus

*disabled active diverts
-by coderus

*gprs/wifi connections in log
-by coderus & iExtraX7

*rename apps in main menu
-by iExtraX7

*create subfolders in mainmenu
-by iExtraX7

*tacticle feedback in calls
-by ancelad

*java permission mod
-by coderus

*more symbols mod (4 pages)
-by contrinsan

*send protected files from default filebrowser

*CPU & GPU modded for better Performance and Batterylife

*heap size & closing delay modified

*improved ram management

*Charger Light Blink on new message

*Theme effect path change to E:\data\
-So put your effect into it and restart.

Thanks to Namit for testing.

Screenshots here

Peace.jpg (506.38 KB)

Peace1.jpg (426.48 KB)

Peace2.jpg (336.04 KB)

Thank You Guys... Happy Flashing...

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  1. hi i install these rom fo c7 i have problems with nokia store install programs i click install any program don't work pls help ;)