Monday 15 October 2012

Custom Firmware: RM- 675 Nokia C7 Inspire v3.0 for v24.1

C7 Anna RM-675 Inspire CFW v3.0 (Advanced) for v24.1 by Zeeshu007 [06-09-11]

HI Friendzzz, here is Inspire v3.0 for Nokia C7 RM-675 Anna v24.1 with advanced features and improvements as many of them requested the same... For details please refer below:

Important Note: Flash at your own risk!!!

Full Changelog of Inspire v3.0 (Advanced) by Zeeshu007:

Available Languages:

1. English
2. French
3. Deutsch
4. Espanola
5. Italian
6. Portuguese

Applications Included:

1. Smartphoneware Best ScreenSnap v3.01(0)
2. BTSwitch v1.00
3. LeGPSData v1.00(0)
4. Digitalfootmark Quick Lock v0.01(0)
5. File Browser by RnB v4.5.2
6. Nokia Video Player v9.23(62) for subtitle support
7. WinRAR v1.01

Mods Included:

1. Latest Installserver with log by Coderus (Create folder in E:\Installserver\ and you can keep a log of what installed and where)
2. ROMPatcher+ v3.1 by IlSocio with the following working patches and autostart (thanks Soni for autostart trick):
   - Block GPRS
   - c2z4bin
   - CRepository4all
   - Installserver RP+ v1.4
   - Open4all
   - Remove recording tone
   - RProperty4 all
   - Short Multi Tap
3. KS improvement – Crazy Speed by Ancelad
4. Fast screen rotation
5. UI Speed improvement
6. Haptic improvements
7. Camera quality 100%
8. Camera sound disabled
9. Videos at 30fps
10. Video call fps improvement
11. Voice recorder 12hrs at 256kbps stereo
12. Voice recognition improvement
13. Music player custom made equalizer presets
14. Music player heap size increased to 30MB
15. Music folder search in E:/Music and F:/Music
16. Gallery will search in E:/Images and F:/Images
17. Browser chache to E:/ and set the amount to 32MB
18. Homescreens customization and presets:
     - 3 Homescreen wallpapers changed (1st wallpaper taken from Delight CFW)
     - Enable default Homescreen delete
     - Upto 6 Homescreens possible (initially only 3 HS is available, additional HS’s can be        added)
     - Profile / clock widget can be remove from Homescreen
19. Removed unwanted apps from startup
20. Startup & Shutdown screen changed
21. Startup & Shutdown sound changed
22. Sysap.exe and splashscreen.exe modded to run splashscreen.mif and sysap.mif from E:\Animations.
23. Bluetooth query disabled in offline mode
24. Bluetooth stays on when switched to offline mode
25. Leave offline mode query disabled to access network
26. Call reports on by default
27. Show call duration on by default
28. Tactile feedback in calls v2 (vibration while connecting / disconnecting a call)
29. Custom logs age (see screenshot)
30. Lock screen in landscape possible
31. Profile customized:
      - Default ring tone changed to DNB
      - Default message tone changed to Message Tone 3
      - Keypad volume off
32. Maximum Volume Mod – Changed most of the apps default volume to 100%
33. Disabled annoying active diverts note
34. Downloads resume on restart
35. Java permission mod (Change the settings from App Manager and no more annoying pop ups in Java Apps)
36. Restart option in switch
37. FM transmitter now sends RDS "Nokia C7" and not just "Nokia"
38. FM transmitter on/off notifications disabled
39. Power saver Mode notifications disabled
40. Database max record count
41. Increased context data object maximum size
42. RoseNic Fonts added with correction in “Minus” sign

Nothing removed from UDA due to time constraint as you can remove wateva u don't want manually after flashing...

How to avoid welcome screen:

When you see the Nokia Ovi screen on startup, press menu key and then press “Yes” when pop-up comes... Call window will appear, just close it, quickly change your profile to Offline…

On next reboot, using Internet register on Ovi services, otherwise that screen will pop-up after every restart…
I am using this v3.0 since last night and till now I didn't have any problems or bugs, if I find any, I will add it in this post, fully working Ovi Store, Social and other apps…

Any suggestions and ideas are most welcome and give your valuable feedbacks, but I will only add it if I like it… :rofl:

Thanks to Sklchan, Soni, Jnx_r, CodeRUS, IlSocio, Ivo and all other modders for their expert guides and / or advice...
All credits to these guyzzz…

For flashing, just paste all the provided 8 files in RM-675 folder an refurbish through Pheonix...

Some screenshots:


Inspire v3.0 (Advanced) by Zeeshu007 - Part1:

Inspire v3.0 (Advanced) by Zeeshu007 - Part2:


Thank You Guys... Happy Flashing...


  1. Sir, can you plz get me NOKIA C5-03(RM-697)symbian anna firmware

    1. Hi. As of now Nokia has not released any Anna- Belle Firmwares or versions for Nokia C5-03. All that is available is s60v5. Yet there are customized firmwares for the phone such as the ones i have posted on this website.They will give better performance and appearance but they are no Anna or belle versions. The latest CFW for C5-03 v23.0.015 is underway and will be posted soon. See you then.