Thursday 11 October 2012

Custom Firmware: RM-596 Nokia N8- DEV Evolve

Nokia N8 RM-596 CFW- Nokia DEV-Evolve final 609

Well well well.

Nokia released the Belle onto our N8, & here I am with the final update of Nokia DEV- Evolve , a CFW that suits your need just like you want it.

I wanted to provide 2 versions this final time - One ENHANCED that has all my tweaks & exclusives- I mean the apps & widgets & extras that are all working fine from the ROM itself; and another BASIC version that has all the tweaks for betterment sans the EXTRAS .

Here's a quick changelog.....

-Based on the Nokia Belle version downloaded from Navifirm ver 111.30.0609.

-Vast system improvements over the previous releases.

-UI optimised in acordance with a Combination of various mods that target the right balance of Horsepower along with Stability, Durability & Compatibility.

-Better Gaming performance, TRY IT & you will Understand

-Better Menu arrangement according to the Usability factor- frequently used apps thing...

-All Latest available widgets in ROM, which remain even after hard reset.

- UDA cleaned & enhanced with only Nokia Store(latest available) & the Photo/Video Editors plugins only,; which means you are free to use your own UDA.
----However all the standard apps which were there in default UDA are included in the UDA itself as installers- Install what you want

-Some extra eye candy themes that are a delight to use & also which are Easy to use.

- Custom theme effects in ROM by JinHao; fully customisable by just placing yur own effects folder in C>resource> rebot & done...

-Best RAM that I have personally achieved till now without affecting the required application & phone performance-; both on startup & on heavy usage.

-Nokia maps (latest build) incorporated in ROM fuly updatable - only in the ENHANCED version

-Some apps Unhidden in Menu, which were previously Classified.

-AND all the other STANDARD Mods that come with my release as mentioned below...

-----Better camera quality both Photo & Video
-----Cenrep tweaks for Easy & Better usability of Features as they SHOULD be & not like how Nokia provides them to be..
-----Latest SysAp 3.1 by CodeRus with all notofications enabled & also Restart on Power Button menu
-----B&W music player screensaver, corrected
-----Extra Mini widgets- I thank Karen & Victor from another forum for all the widgets which are now fully working from ROM..
-----Music player enhancements for better usage-Equaliser presets & edits & player augmentation to Usage
-----Many more which I have now lost track of & which will be shortly available for everyone to download..

However as this is my FINAL UPFDATE for Nokia Belle for N8-RM-596, I decided one more thing that I am dedicating to my son "DEV"; I am gonna release all the mods that are compaible withe the latest version of Belle 609.

All my MODS that have been so very long put to test & have been found working perfectly.

Now all of you people who own a Nokia Belle phone can create your own CFW to your liking; all you gotta do is just Drag & Drop.

BTW I have only tested these with my N8 as I do not have any other Nokia Belle phone, but I feel that they are gonna work for other ones also just as fine.

My parting gift to the community that has given me so much.

And I do not just mean this forum, I thank all the Mobile Phone "PERFECTORS" as I like to call them, who have somehow helped better our mobile phone experience & make it pleasurable.

I bid adieu to Nokia Belle CFW making. However I will still be available for any help that I can render to the members of the forum.

Regards all & may you have a delightful & blisful Nokia experience on your N8 with Nokia DEV-Evolve, my parting gift.

Regards all,


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