Wednesday 3 October 2012

Custom Firmware: RM-645 Nokia C5-00 v2.0 by sam

Nokia C5-00 RM-645 071.005 CFW v2.0 by sam

Nokia C5-00 CFW v2.0 by sam-[RM-645-v071.005]

Hi Guys, I am again presenting an updated version of CFW for Nokia C5-00 users.
Please note RM number and version number to avoid confusions


Phone memory hasbeen extended to 109 MB
Permanent Hack+Rompatcher with Auto
Java permission hacked
Default themes removed and 'Just black' is set to auto
Startup tone changed to that of Win7.
Startup animation,Shutdown animation and splashscreens are changed and shutdown tone added.
5 additional effects added to ROM and corresponding patches are available in Rompatcher+
4 additional menu views added- 3x5,3x3,2x3 and 4x4
system folders are visible in Filemanager.
Filemanager can send all type of files including protected,java,unsignd,etc.
Heap size modded
call and message logs are extended to 365 days
Realplayer settings changed
Menu features enhanced.You can move and rename anything.
gallery mod, enabled Quick gallery
Music player reads files only from E:\Music\
Press and hold of 0 key wil lead you to Phone Torch instead of Web.
alarm setings modded and snooze time changed to 3 minutes.
5800 audio codec added
browser cache moved to E
caller ID displays name
call and sms notifications turned ON
camera sound completely removed.
camera save RAM after closing it.
camera quality increased to 100%.
character encoding set to full support
FOTA disabled.
Annoyil Welcome SMS disabled and My nokia app removed.
keylock time and backlight time adjusted.
MMC icon turned ON
System Cache has been optimised.
recording quality increased.
prodcast removed from music player.
broken downloads are now resumable.
calling time is shown.
sent SMS is extended to 999
summery after call turned ON.
Theme effects ON by default
text size is set to small.
Default Theme effect is changed.
UI accelaration mod.
Mass storage is set as default in USB connection.
Video recording quality increased.
voice sensitivity changed to full.
writing speed is changed.
reject call with SMS turned OFF and Speeddial turned ON.
call volume changed to full
Following apps are already integrated:
Romptacher+ Auto
Oplogo Changer
Restart and Shutdown
Phone Torch
Nokia FileBrowser

Please, dont forget this step while flashing.
Here, before you press ' Refurbish button ', click on Option below and delete files like Rofs2,Rofs3,mmc content and other fpsx file.
There should be only two files, Core and UDA.
See the screenshot below:

Ok guys, Don't forget to leave your results,suggestions,complaints,etc here or via PM.

Thanks everyone.

Nokia C5-00 CFW v2.0
pas : sameer

see the Screenshots here.

Thank You Guys... Happy Flashing...


  1. thank you very much

    but the link is dead :(

    can you upload it again. please?


    1. haii friends the new download link for CFW c5-00 v.2.00

  2. giv me correct password

  3. hei bro what is the pwd

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  5. Fake...only theme changes...And phone memory get extended....And nothing is changed...!!!!

    1. hello.. didn't u see the change log or features??. Those may not be directly visible. But will be in performance. And more phone memory is not silly. Is it????

    2. Bro...der is no any better change which is needed...
      Camera performance is still poor...
      Call log only shows 30 days log...
      And der is only one theme..which is just black only...
      Rom patcher+ only shows 2 options...
      Video recording is not changed..still giving 15 fps...

    3. Make sure you flashed it right. You will have to refurbish in order to get all the changes...

    4. Ya i had refurbish it...
      But not enough changes made which is given in the list....
      I mainly need only camera upgrade...
      but nothing happened...!!!!

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  7. just...wastage of bandwidth....and wastage of time....

  8. your links are go overed bro it has only 10 downloads @ 1 week...