Friday 19 October 2012

Custom Firmware: RM- 670 Nokia 700 FP2 Simple

Nokia 700 - RM-670 - FP2 113.010.1506 Simple v2 by somin.n

Hi all! Here is my CFW for FP2, based on 059G2N2 113.010.1506 OFW.

Changelog (CORE):
- remove some rsc from private\101f875a\import - less startup apps -> for this doesn't work cameratroch (long press lock button turn photo LED on). If you want to use this, navigate to z:\sys\bin and run camaratotch.exe file (have to be done after each phone start)
- calibrated

Changelog (ROFS3):
- new splashscreen by me
- long press on power button will restart phone by me
- camera off after exit - looks, that doesn't work each time
- remove all rss feeds, added feed for daily mobile
- gallery search mod
- by default are set on only two home screen
- added possibility to have 100 home screen + you can delete all home screen
- notifications of new messages and missed calls are turned off, it is only in pull down bar
- changed font to Nokia Pure
- added power menu icons for all euro3 languages
- sms delivery report is set on by default
- music player metadata editing
- kinetic scrolling mod
- send protected content mod
- disable ovi signing at startup
- menu mod 4x5 (rename apps, folder create)
- music folder search - search only in E:\music and F:\music
- prevent running backgrounds apps
- added RP+ with new icon by me
- remove apps from autostart
- changed startup sound and animation
- theme effects are off
- tactile feedback by me - 2x when answered, 1x when disconnected
- hacked with installserver
- moded avkon2 file - if you are on 2G net, there is no icon before signal strange, on 3G is there common icon
- disable active diverts for en a cz language
- single contact widget without name
- changed digital clock widget skin
- changed notes widget skin
- in czech language is search button on home screen changed to xplore
- new set of equalizer

Changelog (UDA):
- cleared UDA from all unnecessary apps (store, maps, video editor, phote editor etc... are gone) and languages, if you want you can install it or use original UDA
- only 9MB size

Possible F.A.Q answers:
- you can use your own calibrated CORE
- you can use your own UDA
- you can use your own ROFS2, but you will loose some benefits of this CFW
- you change startup animation and sound in e:\startup
- How to remove menu icon text
- How to change HS search button

Thanks to all modders.
UDA was cleared with UDA App Cleaner

This CFW has been created with NokiaCooker.


CORE you can use original BUT CALIBRATE it before flash


Thank You Guys... Happy Flashing...

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