Friday 21 September 2012

Custom Firmware: RM-596 Nokia N8 DEV-FREEDOM



Update to DEV - FREEDOM- FREEDOM Reprise....

2 versions available - Basic & Enhanced.

The main ADVANTAGE of this release is that it has the new CORE with NFC completely removed - YES!

As Nokia N8 doesnt contain the NFC chip, there is no use of the NFC resources & files & plugins present in the N8 Core file.

Alexander aka Necy from another forum has been kind enough to share his remade CORE removing the complete NFC related files which surely optimizes the battery/power consumption & enhances the overall efficiency of the mobilephone.

Coming to the versioning -


-Freedom to use your own language rofs2.

just replace my core & rofs3 with your region core & rofs3. Let other files be as they are.
While flashing use the dead flashing mode & edit the files to look at the replaced ones. Remember to use only REFURBISH
No more relying or waiting for Language/Regional specifics.....


-Completely revamped Core,Rofs2,Rofs3 & UDA.

This version is completely based on Customizations along with the tweaks that are present in the Basic version.

So to say an enhanced version of the Basic version. However this is completely only in English language only.


Major changes over the official include the ones listed as below....(I am listing the changes of the Enhanced version as the Basic version contains only the performance & needed tweaks & modifications only & not the extras.)

-Completely removed NFC related files which has lead to better battery & RAM management. TRY IT! - Thanks to Alexander aka Necy for the original files.

-Old Anna Video Player perfectly working- Enjoy the good old Anna video player interface with a lot more video support.

-Based on the Nokia Belle version downloaded from Navifirm ver 111.30.0609.

-Vast system improvements over the previous releases.

-UI optimised in accordance with a Combination of various mods that target the right balance of Horsepower along with Stability, Durability & Compatibility.

-Better Gaming performance, TRY IT & you will Understand - GPU now tweaked & working fully

-Better Menu arrangement according to the Usability factor- frequently used apps thing...

-All Latest available widgets which remain even after hard reset.

-Best RAM that I have personally achieved till now without affecting the required application & phone performance-; both on startup & on heavy usage.

-Some apps Unhidden in Menu, which were previously Classified.

-AND all the other STANDARD Mods that come with my release as mentioned below

-----Better camera quality both Photo & Video
Very IMP- the Camera mod posted contains the never posted anywhere mod including settings for camera as 12Mp (4:3), 9Mp (16:9), 8Mp (4:3), 6Mp (16:9), 5Mp (4:3), and 0.3 (4:3)

my own personal edits carefully remastered as special for new Belle.
works flawlessly for Crisp n Sharp photos with better noise cancellation in any mode.
both for pics n vids.

Try it n feel the power of the best mobile camera that is N8, yet.

If you are using this mod in your CFW please credit me, I had flashed almost around 60-70 times alone for this camera mod testing.

-----Cenrep tweaks for Easy & Better usability of Features as they SHOULD be & not like how Nokia provides them to be..

-----Latest SysAp 3.1 by CodeRus with all notifications enabled & also Restart on Power Button menu

-----B&W music player screensaver, corrected

-----Extra Mini widgets- I thank Karen & Victor & Kalininvs & Lovelas from another forum for all the widgets which are now fully working from ROM.
-----Music player enhancements for better usage - Equaliser presets & edits & player augmentation to Usage

-----Many more which I have now lost track of & which are now available for everyone to download in the S^3 Modding Section..

or can be found here - as a complete collection.

Just go ahead & achieve your FREEDOM of Performance, Power, Speed, Stability & above all the absolute feeling of pleasant usage without any lags or hangs or even incompatibility of any specific thing....

My best regards to especially my fellow CFW Creating Members here along with the admins & moderators & above all YOU - the Users of my CFW who have  supported & helped me learn a lot along the way to BETTER & BETTER and finally achieve NEAR PERFECTION.

Just Go Ahead & Reclaim the POWER that's Nokia N8 on Belle.

Dont forget the Thanks Button.

Regards & Good Luck.

BTW the flashing guide for this is here...... - guide compiled by jnx_r

If in any case you do not like this CFW then you can either flash with any other CFW or even the original Release by Nokia or if you consider downgrading then follow here....... - guide compiled by jnx_r

Warm Regards All

FOR CFW Creators & All the members alike here's the CORE with NO-NFC by Necy perfected by me here

Now the links for FREEDOM Reprise--

Basic - click here

Enhanced - click here

Flash with Phoenix

Thank You Guys... Happy Flashing...

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