Saturday 15 September 2012

How to flash your Nokia phone

To flash a Nokia phone you will need certain soft wares and files.

Instructions and Easy Flashing Guide
For First Time Flashing Guide

Step 1:
Download and Install Phoenix 2011 here.
Phoenix 2012 Download
Download Navifirm here

Step 2: Download firmware files from Navifirm or custom firmwares from third party sites.Open firmware or CFW Archive, Locate correswponding RM-xxx(find it by dialing *#0000# on your phone) Folder and extract it to C:/Program Files/Nokia/Phoenix/Products/ 

Or create a folder RM-xxx in above directory and copy the firmware files. There will be normally 7 files with following extensions:


The above are the necessary files. In case of CFWs they will only provide rofs2, core, uda files. You will have to replace those in firmware folder in phoenix software interface according to CFW instructions.

Above all you have to make sure that the firmware version is the current one on your phone or newer because only upgrading is possible in normal conditions.
Step 3: 
Extract and Install Phoenix
Step 4: 
Open Phoenix
Click File > Open Product > Select RM-xxx (Better type RM-xxx in type filter then select it)
Step 5: 
Go to Flashing > Firmware Update

Step 6:
Open Product Code and Select RM-xxx <the respective variant you downloaded> (eg: RM-697 CTR INDIA Aluminum Grey) and Click OK
Step 7: 
Check Dead Phone USB Flashing Then Click Options

Step 8:
In Flashing files and their parameter option, you can see the files loaded for flashing.

Step 9:
Turn Off Phone (Make sure its disconnected from PC) >

Click Refurbish >

A Dialog Box will appear, Press Ok >

Connect Phone to Computer in switched off state>

PC will Install the drivers, and phone will boot to Nokia Splashscreen > Remove USB >

Wait for phone to turn off >

Connect USB flashing will resume

Step 10:
Wait until a pop-up message appears saying that flashing is complete. Done. The video tutorial for further references is provided here.

................Happy Flashing...............

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